WARNINGS: Animal genitalia, transgender, religious symbols, desecration.

This picture was set up in Second Life, then post-worked in PaintShop Pro 14 for effects such as depth of field, lighting, framing and signature. The signature is "Rhiannon Tamerlane", the name of my avatar in Second Life.


(1024 x 567; click on the image for the full-sized version, 3260 x 1805)
Skin, tail & tail textures by me
Ears from Mephitis Jezebel's AVentity Anthro Equine, re-textured by me
Breast are Lolas! Tangos deliqc, retextured by me
Penis is Scara Starsider's Realistic Horsecock; Jacob's Ladder made by and added by me
! Outfit:
Boots are CD Queen Bitch by Candy Dollinger
Riding crop by Ely Mode
Wimple is Bombard Wimple by Maryiah Lefevre
Demon skull necklace by Cilly Spirt
Demon skull nipple covers & belly button piercing made by me from a copy of the necklace (item is copy/mod)
Shoulder cape by Jadye Glenwalker, retextured and glow effects by me
Crosses on boots by me
! Sim:
Church of the Sacrificial Virgin