So like you all know i lack the hardware power at the moment to complete sluts & spies… After the set was made public i got alot of reactions to it and a few people said i had to go the patreon route... So Gunde and me started looking into what we could possibly do...
I just decided to make a patreon page and make a visual noval based on interacting and choices... It's a concept i'm thinking of... It wil be more of a game with changing side images so no huge scenes... But i'll give it a try

It will be based in a nightclub and you're a mutant who wants some action... (That's the short story :P)

This will be the protagonist:

And these are two new girls i created for this game…

Valkyria (The bouncer):

Cow-wow Betty:

Bryci, angela, Raven and Rose should also be in it…

Let me know if this would be something you would like to play