Best b Schools for Finance in India

  • IMT PGDM Program aims at developing leader-managers grounded in Indian Ethos. It offers an interactive learning experience. Case method, simulation and experiential learning supplemented by concept building lectures, programmed reading, story-telling, meet the mentor-manager, fellowship, and industry visits are part of pedagogy that the faculty adopt. Also, the faculty bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience from global academia and industry.IMT is one of the Best b Schools for Finance in India. IMT curriculum offers a healthy mixture of core courses aimed at fundamental understanding of general management theories and techniques, electives which target specific skill development in-line with the industry requirements, and a three-month Summer Internship Project(SIP) with reputed companies to offer exposure to real time management.

  • Hey, sorry for a double post after long but I think you all might want to check this out.

    I really think this ROMhack does the old franchise a lot of good. It is so well and extensively done. This game is badass. Definitely worth the time and download.

    BTW, if you can manage to not take damage at all until the last stage, similar to finding Akuma in a street fighter game, you get a special bonus near the end of the game. Don't spoil it by seeing the YT video "the real final boss of 4mi". Of course I only find out because I stumbled across the video when it was first uploaded.

    Future versions will have english translations, complete and operable special mode and a higher than 96% maximum completion rate possible.

  • Loving this–So I take it you people here are also MM fans like me?

    I doubt if Capcom will die. It isn't hemorrhaging money yet anyways. Though you can bet they'd probably sell to someone like Namco Bandai--they have more than enough money to do it. Capcom would not sell to a hardware game producer.

    I am a fan of the franchise. Capcom is throwing it away, sadly. There's a whole lot of the MM franchise they could have done better in all their various series. Sure you played one you played them all, but even long running as the series is you'd think or hope they'd have invested in storyline a little more.

    If anyone would pick up Mighty No. 9, I would say Nintendo, given the history between the predecessor character and the consoles. MM is going to be in the next Super Smash Bros.

    Ah, memories going back.

    Is anyone else here a connoisseur of MM rom hacks by any chance?

  • Good news this game may get greenlit, and Capcom is in trouble!

  • Wow, Mighty No.9 look's amazing!

  • hope this game actually goes well. capcom really wants to erase megaman ever happened.

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