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  • Re-reading The Prince By Machiavelli

  • the latest stuff I finished
    novel: Song of Ice and Fire vol 05 (well that one is still in progress) - George R. R. Martin
    textbook: Javascript the Good Parts - Douglas Crockford
    about games: Dragon Age - The world of Thedas ( I'm such a Dragon Age nerd lol ) - David Gaider (?)
    … I even buy these guide books for games sometimes... still salty I couldn't get my hands on the Bayonetta Prima Guide...

  • just finished the Blind Owl for the second time. Amazing book.
    now reading Gilgamesh epic. ah, those ancients had imagination all right.

  • well that would be from Licia Troisi - the Dragonfighter, if I translate it right and Dragonelves written by Bernhard Hennen, here it is the same I don't know, if this is the right english name, I have both in german. There were a lot more, but these are last ones resp. the dragonfighter I'm reading atm.^^

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