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  • Thanks again.

    I've actually gone with the lower one. FYI, they're both gamma corrected. This is the original.

    I've settled on a value that's actually lower than the first render, but very close.

  • Yes the image is brighter…but what hits you is the background (white). Chuck that into PS and get those backgrounds the same so we can see the true contrast between the skins. For a whiter complexion, it could work.

  • Looks like the tint is rater green than red.

  • Thanks Morfium and hzr.

    Switching through the color profiles of my monitor, the bright one did appear washed out. I think it's safer to go with the less bright one.

    Btw, does it look greenish or reddish?

  • Looses a bit of colour contrast but thats to be expected. You need to counter this by reducing the gamma for each texture in the same amount that you raised your gamma for the whole image and it should balance out.

  • Mhmm, I would say no.

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