Diffrence between MBA vs PGDM

  • The difference between MBA Vs PGDM is known as PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is offered by autonomous institutions as they cannot offer an MBA. Today most of the students are in confusion about whether to opt for an MBA or a PGDM. The major plus of the PGDM course over MBA is that the curriculum of PGDM is more flexible. It will get updated from time to time. Whereas the curriculum of MBA won’t be like that, as an MBA course is offered by institutions that are affiliated to universities, the curriculum will get updated once in 3-4 years or maybe more. The curriculum of MBA is more exam-oriented and covers the theoretical aspects, while that of PGDM is more industry-oriented and covers the soft skill aspects. In fact, PGDM makes you industry ready and prepares you for the market. An MBA course is for those people who would like to get a comprehensive view of the program, whereas, a PGDM course is for those who would like to specialize in their areas of interest, it’s more like having in-depth knowledge.

  • Um actually no, no game engine (and any easily accessible computer, for that matter) at runtime is ever able to make use of the DAZ or Poser figures right out of the box.
    It has to be decimated to a certain amount of acceptable polygons before the game can run smoothly, and there definitely will be more geometry that requires the resources to run as well, so not everything should be spent on just the character models. There are better ways to make use of the resources.

    As for ideas, everyone has their own, but depending on the work group not a lot of them are reasonable or can fit in.
    Not to be too harsh or anything.
    If you have some determined people I say go for it, but plan well beforehand and everything.

    PS. What's your definition of a "good" game? Because there's quite a few out now, some better-looking than others.

  • I recall a few rpgs implemented the "love" config, depending on choices made that would determine your characters partners (and possibly outcome of children). And they continue the journey years later. Phantasy Star surprisingly pulled off the design well, and didn't have any scenes. Curious what an A-RPG version of it would be like.

    Oh, I forgot Devil Summoner also adopted the ability to fuse / mate two demon types together to create hybrids. I can only imagine what would it be like for the human counterparts to um.. connect with them. Could be interesting and kinda frightening O.o

  • Take a gladiator browser game approach.

    Player gets a character that he can customize at the beginning. The character will have certain attributes (intelligence, physique, looks, charme, empathy, and so on). The player will be earning and spending money and experience depending on the tasks he performs, and the attributes will determine the outcome of those tasks.

    Those can be stuff like buying new clothes, to boost your looks, visit locations like bars, clubs, maybe even bordellos and so on.

    The game itself should just play out relatively interactive, GTA type of controls for the character and being able to just walk around the different locations, with the ability to teleport to a new location by using your cellphone.

    Engaging in tasks will be done by approaching key figures inside the game world and then you can slowly move your way up to new locations, unlock sex positions and naughty toys etc etc.

    I am relatively sure that a determined group of ppl could achieve this without a million dollar budget :) And it would be something unique to porn games. I am just not sure if theres ever going to be a group of ppl who try to do this when it is unsure if it sells well enough :)

  • Here's some ideas, complete a mission (obtain x+artworks as a reward)
    **note:Queen of Opala pulled this off in a solid fashion. Its sequel is going to be something else)
    If an rpg, art pieces are scattered, but in fragments. By doing battle, you obtain them as gifts.
    ++several a-rpgs give the option to connect with other characters + the dirty dance

    I don't think involving sex as an objective makes it interesting. Make it something you have to push the player to obtain, not as a chore (or just watching but interacting).

  • See, the big issue for me in a lot of the porn games is that they're basically just porn that I passively watch. It's not interactive like a game should be. Sure you can press a button to push in/pull out, but that's usually about all the interaction I'm given. For me, this is an even bigger issue than the uncanny valley. I want to play a game, not a simple sex simulator.

    I've got a crazy-ass idea for a porn game: a game where you have to be either a male or female to complete certain tasks.
    If I have a female character, she has obviously has certain parts the male doesn't have, so give me something to DO with that. Same thing for a male character.

    Some examples:

    • A thief mission I can only complete as a female because I need to smuggle something in my vagina
    • A firefighting mission I can only complete as a male because I need to pee on the fire to extinguish it
    • A fighting mission I can only complete as a female because the enemies attack my crotch and I need to not have testicles
    • A carrying mission I can only complete as a male because my hands are full and I have to carry something using my penis

    Yeah these situations are ridiculous, but it's a goddamn porn game, it's meant to be riduculous. It's a game that uses gender as a game mechanic, , as a mechanism to showcase gender differences. It gives me things to do that necessitates one gender or the other, in a way that highlights their anatomical differences. What if in Tomb Raider, Lara Croft grabbed a relic and had to keep it in her vagina? Wouldn't that make her glad to be a girl in that situation? What if a precious necklace was falling down and a male character caught it with his erection? He'd be glad to be a guy. That's the goal, to make you, the player feel good for having chosen the right gender.

    I dunno.

  • i think you could get some really high quality renders going in cryengine2 or cryengine3, and like unreal, it is free to use non-commercially.

  • That is one nice looking game, i will see if i can get the time to test it later in the week. :)

  • @'solarie':

    Well i was thinking about this and am no programmer expert in any way or form.
    But i was thinking of the unreal game engine a very good engine that is entirely free of charge as long as one don't use it commercially.

    The engine is also strong enough to use the models used in poser or daz so the idea came as using the engine and characters from either program.
    to make perhaps the best porn game to date.

    what are you' r thoughts about this is it doable or would it be an immense job to accomplish.?

    "possible time frame" weeks/months/years?

    What you are describing is really similar (I think) to what they are doing with the x-storyplayer
    You could check that out

  • someone (and prolly more) is on it:

    i have udk loaded but so far only managed to transfer a genesis character. lots of things to learn…

  • here is a link to the engine, well i do belive the engine is strong enough. :)

  • Everybody wants a good porn game :D

    I havent played videogames in a while, but I've never seen "in-game" graphics good enough for porn. so I think at the current time we're limited to pre-rendered movies.

    just my 2 cents

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