Did I get Cash app without phone number for the transaction?

  • Cash app offers you to make transactions with the help of card money, debit card, credit card, account balance, etc. You can also load money for payment at Walmart, Walgreens, etc. It doesn't say to use mobile numbers all the time for transactions. You can also use a live chat option to get Cash app without phone number to know about the transaction. Here, they will guide you properly in brief.

  • Colouring, freckles, blemishes, wrinkles etc that match your subject as closely as possible will make a big difference. There is no 'shape' with textures per se, unless you use some shading / displacements to create the illusion..
    so as long as it is UV mapped to the figure you are using that is enough

  • Do you mean a "suitable/similar texture" in terms of colour relative to the subject being used? or a similar shape?

  • I've seen it used before and it looks weird with low-res textures. A little funny too.

  • You're also better off with good hi-res images of both front facing and side-on angles for a decent result… Still it's not a 100% accurate generation but as matthacker said it is a good base and will need a suitable texture for more accuracy.

  • I used it, once.

    Bottom line, it will give you a nice start, but you will still need a texture that's very similar to the face you're aiming.

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