Did i use 2 Gmail accounts? Contact Gmail customer service.

  • Gmail never bound you to create more than one email account. You can create any account anytime via providing the correct user’s credentials in a correct format. Keep in mind one thing that you can access only one account on your smartphone at a time, you have to switch from time to time to use another one. If you are confused that you can use 2 Gmail accounts or not. So, yes, you can use it. For further queries, contact Gmail customer service.

  • Reiq DA/Net, Ann Stokes DA, Patrick aka Butcher20 DA/HF, Anasheya HF and lots, lots more.

  • Rômulo "Melkor" Mancin

    Awesome stuff, you probably all know of him already though.

    Check out his site: http://melkormancin.wordpress.com/

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