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  • Another try at close up. :P

  • Hey LoChrome: yeah it is a new hair that looks amazing just up in the ally i was looking fore. :P and thank you happy you did like the renders. :D

  • Great work with the hair—it really brings the pic together.

  • thank you :D

  • Your renders are improving, Keep up the good work.
    The new girl looks great!

  • More Renders.

  • Here is a couple of more pictures for you all. :)

  • the new Girl large render 1500x2500 hope you like it.

  • well here is somthing new, my first time ever trying to wright a pornographically act.

    Hope you enjoy it. some feed back would be awesome.

    The man turned to his partner and say, am horny!
    The female looked at him and say; well I can help you with that!
    The man turned to the female and lifted here up and carried here to the sofa and gently putted here down.
    He looked here in the eyes and said to here; Lean back and lean you head over the armrest on the sofa,
    She looked at him and was triggered to comply as she was wondrous about what he was going to do.
    She asked him with a soft and gentle voice, okay but what are you going to do! She asked.
    Then he answer as he pulled out his cock, am going to put my cock in your mouth and gently push it all the way down in your throat, he replied with a soft but gentle voice!
    She pauses and looked him in the eyes as she lay over the armrest on the sofa, Am not Shure about this she told him!
    He looked at here and answered here confident, there is nothing to be afraid of honey, I will go slow and be gentle.
    As he also pointed out to here that she would not be able to breathe as he pushed his cock down into her throat.
    She paused for a moment and told him, Okay I’ll try this. (she was a little scared about this as she had never don this before.)
    She open here mouth and he started to close in to her mouth with his cock, as it touched here lips she took a deep breath and open here mouth wide to let the cock glide easily to the back of here moth.
    As the cock hit the back of here moth she started to gag a little, then he genty grabbed here neak and told here to do a swallow motion, she did this and he then used a bit of force from his hips to push the cock down into here throat.
    He started to moan almost instantly, she hear min moan, Ooooh the feeling of your warm throat around my cock is wonderful.
    As he continue to push it down it Is almost all the way down in her throat now she can feel it warms inside her throat.
    She started to relax a bit now as it was not as bad as she thought it would be,
    He starts to do some fucking motion going a bit faster inn and out only pulling it out about half way, then back inn, all the way to the base of his cock so that his scrotum is pressing around her nose.
    He continues with the motion, and only pulling it all out to let her get some air from time to time.
    After a while she start to notice that his cock is getting harder and harder as she know he is about to explode, she also feel the motion in the scrotum that his body is about to let go of the sperm.
    And Shure enough, shortly after he explode in there moth she can feel the spray of warm salty sperm filling here moth.
    He gives out a heavy moan as he start to push his cock down her throat again, she feel that he ejects some more sperm directly down her throat.
    He does a couple of fast fucking motions as he then pulls his cock out of her mouth. Se giggle with enjoyment as she see how this has been a big plessure to him. Then she swallow it all down and smile to him, satisfied she asked him and he smiled back and told her that it was the best throat fuck he had done.

  • New one. fast and dirty one :P

    Good Old-fashion mouthful.

  • kully00000: thank you. :) hehe i strive to make them as believable as possible. but it is hard to get it right sometimes with all the different poses and all. :P

  • I love the poses. The renders you have done in Octane look superb!
    I also like the angle in which you render your models, very realistic.
    The render where the model is leaning back on the red sofa is the one I like the most.

  • Thank you :D

  • Nice looking blonde.


    Here is the orginal render i used to make the "Christmas picture with"

  • hey folks, well i know it have been silent on my thread here but that is because i am all out of creative idea's. so i turn to you folks what do you wanna have here. More of the same as i have been making or new things. let me know and your wet dream might come true here. :P

  • Some new stuff :D

    To frames from a new sequence am working on. :)

    As always hope you like the renders and the quality of them and as always comments are welcome.:P

  • loking better and better

  • @'solarie':

    Side note: u must get up close weary close to the actor to get the skin effect.

    So this is really all that is behind it, if you or any other need more help with this PM me and ill get back to you as soon as i can.

    BTW, I've been trying to push through a bunch of renders for the next chapter of Poses, so I haven't had a chance to play with the tips you gave me, but when my render queue empties out, I'm going to see if I can push Syd's skin farther. Thanks.

  • Chace hair is pretty good, although if you're not careful with the sides, it can look painted on. This uses the included material settings (you can pick different side and top colors). It's pretty adjustable, too.

    windows screenshot
    I'm not sure if I've used Selena hair without OOT's shaders, but it works pretty well in a variety of lighting situations. Most other hair I've tried (Genesis 2 or 3) has turned out well with the OOT shaders. Lucia (the dark-skinned Hispanic woman in my Poses thread) uses SAV's Twingo hair with OOT shaders, and it's a V4 hair prop (albeit, with fits for Genesis 2).

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