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  • @'fredfred5150':


    I rendered this all last night:

    Get used that, and most of the following morning….afternoon....early evening :D

    lol, I can sleep on that time, cause I do nothing anyway :)


  • @'GumpOtaku':

    I rendered this all last night:

    Get used that, and most of the following morning….afternoon....early evening :D

  • 48 Hours on A New Frontier…

    Okaaay, I am back with a update on my own thread. As most of you have known (well one person maybe :) lol) I have bought Luxus for DAZ Studio. Luxus is a plugin for DS which allows the user to render using the the free LuxRender engine. I have heard about Lux for a long time, and have dabbled in Lux for a brief time last year, but this is the easiest translation to Lux I have experienced.

    Now then when I first bought Luxus, I went to work, after several minutes of prep I have done this quick and dirty render:

    But then I noticed that the lips were transgressing right. After looking up for the quick fix, I rendered this all last night:

    It came out a bit better, after I found out that in Lux lighting was king. I am now on the way of doing another test render. Glossy Skin baby!


  • Yep, remember its not all about Octane, Titans, and overclocked i7's :D

    Make the best with what you got atm, and leave the rest for the future ;)

  • Fred again is being the eternal noob. That's why he's good atm :D

    A low-powered pc is all I have at this point. I need to get a new one. But I may delay that for another three months or so.

    ~ GO

  • I can't reccommend the standalone 3delight engine highly enough, it's a life saver if you have a low powered pc.

  • Hi all, my first post of 2014 :D

    This is not a lesson, simply a request for sum criticism.

    I have completed this pic in the 3Delight standalone after observing significant improvements in rendering time compared to DS. I am also testing some specular settings that i have been working on. The question laid before you is simply this. Are my settings good enough for a starting point? :)

    Here's the render:

    Thanks in advance,
    ~ GO

  • _Shoot from the Hip [\i]

    When posing your character the old fashioned way, one good rule is to rotate the hip to the point you want to start, and work on down. Doing so will provide a great deal of realism. For example, say I wanna do a scene from a doujin
    title page.

    Step one is to rotate the hip to where the hentai girl's hip is in the reference pic. Draw an imaginary circle over the hip in the ref pic if you're stuck. Next is to mold the hip like you see in the ref pic. The parameters tab in DS is good for this. Once you have posed the hip, pose the other body parts as you see them in the ref pic. Finally after a lot of work a finished render is your sights.


  • 3 point and your enhancer

    Using uberenvironment and the three point light system will draw some great results. It has to be tweaked for indoor scenes, but it shouldn't be that hard to tweak.


  • If you want to have more props etc and don't have the memory to render it all at once you can render it all in passes. Looks like Daz supports it, not sure how well it works though. If not, what you could do is; render the environment, then render all the props and have the background for the props as an alpha, then finally render the characters with their background also as an alpha.

    Then you can just put it all together in Photoshop or whatever you're using for that sort of thing. However this way you won't be able to get shadows from the props/characters hitting eachother and the environment. But this might be useful knowledge anyway :)

  • From what I learned so far… more RAM = the more characters, props, environment, textures, lights and overall higher quality settings you can use before the programs crashes.

    But none of that pretty stuff necessarily means a better finished picture

    I've pretty much reached the limit of what I can use with 2GB RAM, 2 characters (one with subd enabled), a few small prop like a chair or some jewelry, 3 primitive shapes to "fake" a room, and a half decent number of lights.

    Gump is right, speed equals not a good render, but it will let you see your mistakes quicker, and therefore try again faster.

  • Gamers' Paradise

    Like Supro, I entered 3D art because of my extensive gamer history. It is often great if you play games. That will give you some awesome inspiration.

    It's Not the Fastest Who Always Wins

    This is an response to Fred's front page editorial.

    If you don't plan on opening up your PC, think twice about a space or ram upgrade. Speed equals not a good render, but it helps. Look at the specs first an be prepared for the worst.


  • Yeah GumpOtaku referred to me though, but we cleared the air. It was just a simple misunderstanding.

  • My post was all about 3delight, omnifreaker, and realism vs hotness

    None of what I wrote was related to or referred to you or your art hzr :)

    I respect and admire all the artists on this forum who push the technical boundaries to create as much realism as possible.

  • Edit: hzr expressed to me in his confidence that I may or may not have rubbed him the wrong way in my last lesson. I mean no harm to him, or his work, and I have sent a pm to him reflecting this. I have failed in giving enough hints that I was kidding, and that is something I will remember going forward.

    Back to the flapping, then…

  • Just to clarify, I stated before that you can do some amazing quality renders with 3Delight. Its just way more work to get to that point. However, the easiest route to amazing renders is Octane. Ask just about anyone that has tried it. I bet that miro is very fond of it now, Haneto, the artist now featured on affect3d has used this for just 4 months and look at what he came up with. Very nice blend of realism and artsy look and also hot looking characters.

    And maybe I have just misinterpreted this, but it was never my intention to come across as a 3d workflow nazi that wants to tell ppl how to do it. I am just a tech geek that loves to discuss about all those things, heck I dont even consider myself as an artist but rather a craftsman lol… as you may have noticed in my thread where I mostly post test stuff and not always very hot stuff. And I agree with you fred, realistic looks are not automatically hot looking. If you ask me personally, I dont consider most of the stuff I post very hot looking, but I always try to improve it and tinker around. Maybe some people like it, who knows...

  • Again I agree %100, if you're using 3delight you NEED as many of omnifreakers products as you can afford.

    As for realism its awesome to see, but realism doesn't automatically equal hotness, hotness equals hotness.

    Think of it this way, theres thousands of people fapping over 2d hentai right now, and none of that looks real ;)

    Realism combined with hotness is terrifyingly hot! but thankfully thats a rare combo :D

  • Pick Your Poison

    Sooner or later, you will see one of hzr's 'experiments' and you will be compelled to do what he has done. Unless you have the money or the free time, it is not advisable to use any unbiased render engine. You will get lost on the first run, I assure you. So what's a pervert to do?

    Thankfully, there is an answer. Many people have found success with 3delight and omnifreaker's shaders, including ubernvironment2. Although its not the realism in hzr's stuff (and I double dog dare him to remind you of that) it is a good start, and in many cases, your only render enhancer.


  • I'm pretty sure I posted from my very first pic that I rendered…I doubt thats your first :P

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