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    All up I did about 5-6 Gladiator animations. I think I posted 2 or 3 on the G4E page, might have to bring the old page content back :) But there was no release attached to those animations just something I did on the side.

  • @'sbnewsom':

    So I was looking around for some new porn. Saw the affect3d page over on an imageboard. Thought they were the best 3DX animations/images i've seen in a while.

    Send a PM to me, miro or supro with a link to the image board you are talking about. If it contains pirated material we want to have it removed :)

  • You can't find it because, there are not much more than the two renders. The first full animated title from miro is G4E.
    So the other animated renders are more tests. Or ideas for future projects.^^

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