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  • Sayako!
    Tara looks so cute and sexy, i wanted to fuck her again and again in all holes with Sayako's enormous cock and cover her beautiful body with huge loads of hot cum.
    And also i don't mind to let Tara enjoy watching me (Sayako) do autofellation of my huge hard cock and share my cum with her after orgasm. Looks like Tara wants to see it so much… :)

  • Sayako and maybe Tara as well. I admit I'm a little curious about what it would be like from her perspective getting penetrated by a gorgeous futa like Sayako. Oh dear…:blush:

  • Definitely Tara!

    I'm assuming most of us here are guys, so we've already experienced male orgasms many times over. Wouldn't it be more fun to try something new? I'm sure having a vagina would be fun… we've all seen vaginas that just look so inviting... they're wet, open, and pink... almost as if they were hungry, just aching to be filled.

    And Tara doesn't just have any vagina, hers is special. She can take it DEEP, up to her diaphragm! We don't know what it feels like to be penetrated at all, let alone that deep. I know in some of the scenes, Sayako keeps her vagina, but if I'm going to get the genuine female experience, I'd rather not have a penis and balls flopping around. Yeah having a penis feels good, but having a nice, smooth, flat crotch feels good too.

    Plus, you don't want to have both a vagina and balls, cause every time you get penetrated your balls would smack against your partner, and that shit hurts! I'd much rather not have balls, so Sayako would be free to ram me as hard as she wanted without me worrying about pain.

    I mean could you imagine what it would feel like to have Sayako's giant cock 1.5 feet deep inside you... just stretching you open, making your insides move around, poking through your belly... and when she pulls out your pussy feels big and hungry and empty, just aching to be filled again... she plunges deep into you and you can feel her cock pulsating inside you... after building pleasure for what seems like hours, you both peak at the same time and you feel her release her hot load deep inside you while your vagina convulses in ecstasy around her throbbing cock....

    Damn I gotta change my pants.

  • Without a doubt Sayako! Too pretty and too big not to be!

  • Sayako all the way. I would fuck so much pussy and ass with my huge hard cock.

  • Just to post a dissenting voice … Tara, definitely.

    Actually, to be perfectly honest, I'd rather be a little slimmer than Tara, but I much prefer her over Ayako or Sayako.

  • I'm with NightFall on this. :P I would definitely want to be Sayako.

  • Definatly Sayako, big tits, a huge cock and the beauty to hook in every straight and lesbian woman on the planet.
    Man that would be almost heaven.

  • I'd pick Sayako, because I would have more to play with, and more importantly I'd get to fuck Tara!

  • I think, I would choose Sayako, because there you have everything, big tits, huge cock, balls, pussy, and asshole.
    So you can check out everything.^^

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