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  • I'd like to give the client value for their money in a timely manner. One problem is that for non commission work I will often put a project down for a few days/weeks/months and then come back to it later. That doesn't bode well for the customer, and it's where things get to be a bit of a drag on my end (i.e. staying motivated to get things done).

    Other than that, it's all about managing expectations and clear communication. Here's what I will do given the cost, here's what I won't do because it will take too much time and I'll have to charge extra, etc etc.

  • I overall have grown to dislike the few commissions I did, mainly because of the person changing what they want in the middle or wanting to add things. Also trying to create a character based off a real person, I learned that I do not have the time, skill or desire to do that. I did learn that I really don't like doing 3DX if it's not something I feel like doing. I did a couple of weird "demon merge" commissions for pretty cheap but it just wasn't something I cared about doing and it was a drag to finish them. Money helps a little as motivation but I don't need it, and I would have to ask much more than a fair commission price to do something I don't care to do.

    Maybe I just didn't get commissioned with the right work, and I may try again someday if I have the time.

  • ok some of them really really got on my nerves on the simple fact the person wants very very specific things. but for the most part they have been real easy. not really fun per say but not difficult.

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