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  • I am using mostly genesis for a while, but I usually shift between preferences. V4 with fixes is very nice but so is genesis with some fixes and the morphability of the figure is unmatched.

    Using the GenX plugin really opens things up although it has its limitations of course. You wont be able to transfer detailed crotch morphs from V4 to Genesis simply because the base genesis mesh doesnt have as many polygons in that area. Which is not surprising since DAZ has made it quite clear that they dont want to be seen as the producers of porn meshes - which they pretty much are - since I havent really seen much use of the figures outside of 3dx and some fantasy themed pinups on deviantart to be perfectly honest :)

    But back to the topic, I think that all three generations of figures are good enough to find a place in our runtime and renders. Each has their own advantages over the other and none is really the absolute best for everything, so I find myself using a mix quite often.

  • I use DAZ Gen4 figures. My primary figure is V4 with Lali's bits and a combo of bend fixes from Xameva and corvas plus the bend fixes that Ero includes with Lali, plus a metric fuckton of boob morphs from a variety of sources. If I need a pecker, which I usually do because I'm weird like that, I use Adz HiroGen with all the morphs from Channing, Adz, and Jepes. I tried DS, I could not get used to the interface since I've been using Poser since version 4 in 2000. I have the DSON importer but with everything I have invested in V4 both in time and money, I can't see myself really getting serious with Genesis.

  • I use Genesis in Daz 4.6, because no matter what small tweak or morph I use I can count on clothes adjusting and smoothing as long as certain things aren't too extreme. I love the limitless combinations which are possible in body design. I can seamlessly combine V5, V5, S5, Julie, an elf or alien race, or whatever else I want and clothing and hair will still work. Of course this has practical limits with body shape but that isn't really a problem for me. Poses can be meant for any specific Genesis figure but work just fine for all of them with a little tweaking.

    My biggest complaint is that most Genesis clothing comes from Daz, and most of it can be fairly boring. There are a few sexy clothing figures but most have no morphs for unclothing. Also skirts and dresses usually have no controls most of the time and I don't know if it is due to laziness or technical issues. I think a lot of the more unique and talented artists are still making clothing for V4. Auto-fit is awesome but definitely has its limitations.
    I also wish someone would make something at least as good as Lali's Bits for Genesis. Geographting works so well and it would be possible to have a very detailed genital figure, but I haven't seen one yet. There are some ok morphs for the Daz female genitals but they seem pretty weak.

    I was excited by the hype about Dawn coming out, but I wasn't impressed by the preview images at all. In the future I'll probably start using Genesis 2 once there is more content; the expressions and bending seem to much better then Genesis 1. So far I haven't seen any characters I really like, either. They seem to have a similar "genesis" looking face, if that makes any sense.

  • working with Genesis.

    i love V4, got plenty of stuff for her but i'm also learning some UDK and from my experimenting, the only figure that seem to work across is Genesis.

    i was reluctant to use Genesis but i get to like it more and more. I guess Genesis2 is even better but it doesnt transfert to UDK.

  • Genesis was the first thing I got and I just sort of stuck with it. When I get around to it I'm most likely gonna go over to genesis 2 and redesign my characters.

  • For most intent and purposes, I still use Gen4 figures (V4 and M4). Though, of course, not default ones.

    I got V4 and M4 (including S4, G4, A4) for free when DAZ was giving them away. Only bought the Morphs++ package, which was sold very cheaply back then (I think it was US$ 15 without Platinum Club savings).

    I didn't migrate to Genesis because:
    The bends are not that much better overall.
    The included evolution morphs are not always optimal for a female shape.
    Although there's Gen4 (and other legacy) shapes, they still have that 'Genesis' look when the limbs are bent.
    The fixes available couldn't account for all available shapes.
    It's tied to DS4, which I can't render with since I'm still using 2 GBs or RAM (at the time).

    I am considering upgrading to Genesis2, because:
    Some of the limbs bends better.
    The fixes I've made so far work with most included morphs.
    I like the idea of a separate female/male base. It means the morphs are generally tailored to each base (rather than a universal one like Genesis).
    There's still a backward compatibility option for V4 (though not free like Genesis).
    DS4.6's AutoFit and the smoothing modifiers have gotten better.
    DS4.6 actually renders much faster than DS3 (about 30 to 50%). And with new hardware, render times have dropped way down that it's more than adequate to render an animation.

    Plus, the features planned for the next version. I'm really looking forward to this one in particular :
    "Significant improvements to viewport display; currently implemented as the “Texture Shaded 2.0” DrawStyle. This DrawStyle implements per-pixel lighting, rather than the vertex lighting used in earlier versions, with improved specular, normal maps, bump maps, reflections and gamma correction. Viewport display of the default distant, spot and point lights now match 3Delight results much more closely. These improvements are hardware dependent."

    I'm hoping that means previewing the effect of specular, bump and normal maps in the realtime viewport, much like game engines of today. That alone is a pretty big step. Don't know whether or not there will be realtime shadows (or ambient occlusion). If that's available, the quality might be good enough to skip 3delight altogether for rendering animations.

  • V4. Lali bits. BOOOM!

    Really the amazing amount of support and products behind her. The big name vendors still make products for V4. DM / Alphaseed / i13 etc.

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