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  • It was getting later into the evening with two events left. A hasty conversation between the presidents and our pledge trainers resulted in the instruction to all of us Pi pledges to combine the night wear event with the dildo blow-job demonstration so, while us girls were changing, a card table was brought out and a long flesh-like double-headed dildo was put on it. This was going to be a solo performance with the first girl doing her presentation while the others waited in our dressing room for our turn. After her presentation each girl would not be returning to the dressing rooms but would remain in the room to watch the rest of the performances. Therefore, we had to bag all our stuff before we were individually summoned out.
    Daniella was the first to flounce her baby-doll pajamaed self into the chapter room and do her thing. Audrey, decked out in a chiffon knee length semi-transparent gown sans bra, followed her with Nancy going in third wearing loose shorts and a crop-top over her big loose tits. Sarah was fourth and Julie fifth, both wearing tight chest-hugging tee's and bikini briefs of different colors. I had been timing the duration of each "presentation" and, with only Suzanna and myself left, I was feeling the presentations had been less than inspiring. Suzanna's black lace see-through and oh-so short nightie left damn little to the imagination and her time was longer by two full minutes, so I thought she was the one to beat.

    Finally, it was my turn. I had on a short, very short, one shoulder bare tunic I had copied, and hand sewn from a Roman Era porn movie I had been exposed to by one of Mom's movie industry friends. She was the actress who wore the original one-piece tunic in the movie and had told me how sexy and turned-on it made her feel. My body measurements were the same as hers and so was my reaction the first time I wore it! The bottom of the tunic went a quarter of the way to my knees and the top was loose enough to let one of my boobs slide out of the top as I walked or bent over. Of course, if I bent over, my pussy would have been on display to anyone behind me, so I didn't intend on doing that during my presentation! I did want to put on a "show" though, so I slow walked into the chapter room in bare feet with my back and shoulders slightly arched, chin up and pelvis proudly forward! My audience was seated boy-girl, boy-girl all around the room with only the Beta pledge trainer sitting alone. I swear, I could smell the sexual tension in that room.

    I went slowly passed each pledge, bending slightly to give a quick kiss on a cheek to each male judge and brushing each girl's face with a caressing, teasing hand. One of my boobs slipped out of the tunic at each kiss and, after the second time of covering up, I just ignored my exposed tit and moved to the next judge. Two of my sorority sisters groped my ass as I moved by and one tickled the inside of one of my legs. The last judge, another good-looking guy about my own age, held up a hand as I bent to kiss him, and my hard nipple landed squarely in his palm. Julie, who was beside him, quickly fingered my asshole, too! He managed to pinch that nipple and she got a surprised squeal from me before I moved over to the Beta pledge trainer. I sat on his lap with my arms around his neck, my bare and leaking pussy directly on his crotch and a bare tit pushing against his chin. He was so surprised! He finally got his right arm around me to hold me still as I reached to steady myself on the table by him. However, instead of letting me stand to move over to the Beta president, he gripped my hip hard and kept me on his lap. I looked over at the Beta president and finally realized that his cock was fully out of his shorts and about to enter the mouth of my sorority sister, Susanna. She was on her knees between his legs and seemed totally absorbed in the task at hand. Suddenly curious, I looked for my sorority president and saw that she and my pledge trainer were behind me, locked in an embrace and the president was reaching for that dildo.

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    No they don't use a 3D engine like in a game engine.

    They just create animations using Lightwave or which ever program they use, render them as videos and then assemble them most of the time in Flash example. Double Cream Soft.

    Umemaro uses some weird properietry video player, but really should use Flash cause it's a lot more user friendly, depending on the creator's ability to create user interfaces of course.

  • Oke basicly.. i am pretty sure DSC Flower Charm uses Flash player to run there game…. And Umemaru 3d games basicly does the same.. But on a unknown exe.player with more functions buttons like "quick exit"... But basicly just a player none the less... Cool, good to know.. i wonder if i could rebuild such a exe player... Probably but need to find out more info, (Lets see what i can do with a Flash player game in the mean time :))

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