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  • IMT. Evolved from the need for world class Business School in Hyderabad. We recognize that the rapidly changing business landscape would require young entrepreneurs to learn and understanding comprehensively the changing and evolving economies with global perspective. IMT is committed to create such through its innovative programs, multi- faceted faculty with quality? as motto and thought provoking global leadership for present and future. India in recent years has emerged as one of the leading destinations for investors from developed countries and has strengthened its financial and social systems. India's newly acquired status as a nuclear power, IT hub and a booming economy has thus brought us under international limelight.

  • I'd cope.

    Took me 'till about 2004 to consistently internet.

    Shit, I really don't watch TV much anymore. In fact when I play video games I turn on my old NES.

    Maybe devote some time to shaolin, maybe put a little more time in on my garden, cuz I do grow some of my own food. I'm a mountain guy. Neglected my face these past couple months and now I have my beard and 'stache.

    I'd be a little pissed that I couldn't play my Collector's Edition SWTOR. when I finally got my new computer up and running…then again since I haven't completed it anyway, guess it'd all be a moot point.

  • Actually, there was a TED talk about this, by Danny Hill

    Turns out a lot of vital infrastructure is dependent on the internet these days. (An example Hill mentioned was Hospitals being able to order fuel oil to keep their emergency generators running).

    Hill suggested there could be an emergency alternative that would allow vital infrastructure to keep operating, and that we should be thinking about what that would look like and how to implement it.

  • I stumbled across this link the other day pertaining to the question. It's quite humorous:

    I think about that question all the time after being in situations when my internet really did go down for an extended period of time due to malfunctioning computer, ISP working on lines (longest time was not having it for a week), blackouts, etc. That's why I do things like try to get off-internet contacts with my friends I met online and download media and back it up instead of streaming. Being an 80's baby, I'd probably return to the things I used to do or increase my activities with the things I already do before I got the internet in the mid 90's like single player gaming, buying anime, buying comics and manga, and outdoor activities. Though I'd probably be pissed off too because I'd have to buy porn… lol.

  • I'd be hosed. My work catalogs and order system is all based on a functional internet. :/

  • Don't worry I hear they got lots of internet in californee ;)

    Back to the question….Guess I'd have to start paying for things like music, movies and porn again

    Other than that, I wouldn't miss it that much

  • hmmmm idk that is a tough question. wow ummm probably start playing more videos games then usually single player of course. i'd be very sad tho.

  • undust old pnp rpg books & call up friends…
    hike the countryside...
    maybe hide from the collective panick you mentioned.

  • I guess I would use the telephone more and go back to the mailbox days :)

  • Damn good question mate, um… get really pissed off that I'd lose some close friends that don't actually live in the same country as me, visit brothels way more, since I can't view porn I'll just do the real thing lol.

    Um go into withdrawals and get even more pissed off.

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