How to install or re-install McAfee Livesafe on your PC or Mac.

  • Just because when you are attempting to introduce Mcafee Livesafe on your gadget, you need to enroll for McAfee Account. While Registering for the McAfee Account on the register window you will be approached to impart your some close to home data to Mcafee Community. On the off chance that you pick this default alternative, the Life safe item will get naturally set-up on your gadget with the typical procedure. In the event that you didn't pick that alternative you can activate the mcafee activate Livesafe later by picking the McAfee board and create or by signing in to your McAfee account
    On the off chance that you are a Mac User, Before Starting just opens the Download box, and affirm that the envelope doesn't have the past adaptation .dmg document of McAfee. In the event that you see any record there, simply rename that document. In the event that any past form of McAfee arrangement document is available in the downloads envelope it can make the Mac mount the wrong Setup record of McAfee and that will stop the item to Activate effectively. See the More Information area of this page for more data.
    Open the program and in the location bar simply type in their home, from the additional PC or macintosh you are attempting to introduce.

    1. On the upper right corner, click on my record at that point sign in.
    2. Type your McAfee login qualification i.e Your McAfee email and secret word.
    3. On the off chance that you don't have the McAfee Account, click on would you say you are another client? After that click on Register 4. Now, and follow the on-screen prompts come to follow to make another record, and afterward sign in to your record.
    4. On the off chance that you need the site treats to keep in the framework information of your client name later on, Select Remember me.
      Snap on mcafee account.
    5. Pick the privilege Livesafe item membership, and afterward click on download.
    6. Peruse the Complete End User License Agreement (EULA) and Select I Agree to acknowledge the terms and standards and proceed the download and establishment process.
    7. Adhere to the On-Screen Instruction to introduce and arrange your Mcafee Antivirus

  • @'miro':

    first and last couple well done, great lighting :)

    Thanks Miro :D

  • administrators

    first and last couple well done, great lighting :)

  • We got some new pics ready at last :rolleyes:
    The delay was mainly because of me though, Morfium got the poses ready pretty much immediately :)

    Finger licking good :D

  • administrators

    lalis bits looking nice from behind :D
    also nice boobage image2!

  • Got 3 new pics, we're working faster now. Also, we'll try to make more progression before posting new pics now.

  • @'miro':

    very nice, looks like the girls are getting frisky :D

    Thanks! They'll get even more frisky with the next images, which I hope to render much faster than before ^^

  • administrators

    very nice, looks like the girls are getting frisky :D

  • So, here's a new pic, I know the hair of the top girl isn't exactly the most realistic, but I didn't want to cover her face with it. Enjoy!

  • Great work, hope there's more to come :)

  • Thanks everyone! I used a single HDRI image probe to light the scene.

    Also, Morfium seems to have a nack for posing, I really like his ideas :D

  • With miro…like the lighting and composition.
    Nice renders.

  • administrators

    like the lighting in this one :)

  • @'hzr':

    Alot better than the first one. Expressions should be a little more complex, but I wont complain, my expressions arent the greatest either :D

    Thanks! About expressions, I need to work on these in ZBrush because standard V4 expressions are pretty bad for asian girls :(

  • Alot better than the first one. Expressions should be a little more complex, but I wont complain, my expressions arent the greatest either :D

  • Here's our new work :)

  • Ah! when collaborating you don't trade the "characters" per se, just a "fixed shape"? I didn't know that.

  • Exactly. We didnt share morphs or anything, just exported .obj files. The control over these is almost non-existent because they are just geometry without any rigging. Morfium created the poses, exported his char, I posed mine and did the same. Then I imported them to 3ds Max and adjusted the material and render settings in V-Ray :)

  • I weren't so worried, because we only trade obj.'s so the things he could do with her, were very limited.

  • from what i experienced nobody i can't really render Lana like Supro does. idk it's just different when you render someone else's character. an artist sees their character differently then the other person. and most people respect each other. i was worried at first but not anymore.

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