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  • @'fredfred5150':

    My Princess character gets along with most people, but shes from 2500 years ago and none of your characters have time machines :D

    My character has a time machine. And a shark with a laser attached to its head.

    Come at me bro.

  • @'fredfred5150':

    My Princess character gets along with most people, but shes from 2500 years ago and none of your characters have time machines :D

    Eolie is 49000 years old, so she lived already in that time, I'm not sure about my other characters but some are in the range of 3000-5000 so they could also join^^

  • My Princess character gets along with most people, but shes from 2500 years ago and none of your characters have time machines :D

  • Bump :D. because i feel it's a interesting topic lol

    hopefully someone post something

  • Well, I have 1 OC I'm working on to be my logo girl who will be up for posing and pinups (sorry fellas no porn of her).

    2 Others in the works who probably might be willing to do a little more. They're the first OC's support.
    They are to me like Supro's Lana, I'm particular how I'd want them to be portrayed.

    Then what I plan to have are a whole bunch of others which I let you all vote on who become my naughty digital nymphs. Well, you people, DE, and DA. For reasons of necessity, there will be a limited number of them (don't want to make too much work for myself). You all might wait for them, actually.

    Aaaanyway. The three…

    1. Logo girl/assistant (no least in FRONT of the camera, I'd be willing to let it be strongly implied, though)

    Xenon: Bluish white hair (undecided between about four different styles), blue eyes. Obviously a "perfect 10" type of build, slightly on the toned side. Since my username is of chemicals (Reference to the type of lasers in the game Descent), I figured it only appropriate I had one to follow suit. She's roughly about... say 5'8"...maybe 144 lbs.

    Though she is athletic and active, tends to be calm. While preferring to dress conservatively, has no issues with showing a bit of herself or wearing form fitting clothes. She is going to be my clothing model afterall.

    Personality: Assertive, teasing, occasionally playful. Forthright, she likes calling people out on bullshit occasionally. Helpful. She has a sarcastic, witty sense of humor. Sometimes even raunchy. She (like myself) is a half combination of extroverted and introverted.

    A sort of heroine without hubris. Just the right combination of patience and forwardness. She's good at channeling her anger in a positive way. For example, if she were a lightsaber duelist, she'd be a Juyo form VII master able to play it calm on the outside while having immense pressure inside which she expends through action. And yet, she also has a view of life similar to qui gon jinn's view of the force.

    When a guy is nervous or not confident (let's face it, guys tend to get the "uhh" bug when talking to an attractive woman and their IQ goes down several points as they stare and try to overcompensate), she has this tendency to figure out and bring to light what the guys are probably nervous about before giving them a sarcastic backhanded compliment and disengaging them. Usually they're left either accepting her sarcasm as a compliment or fumbling for something to say after she's already walked away. Either case they go home kicking themselves.

    She's straight and very selective...well, ok maybe bi curious. If she found a girl she was comfortable around, maybe...
    When it comes to girls, she is neutral. It would take the right one to be able to get close to her. Tom (mentioned below) tried to seduce her but failed. She'd get a little nervous if one was to be forward with her in a way which wasn't crude (like Tom). She's never done anything really sexual with another girl. Too aggressive and she'll blow it off.
    Sure she has her camaraderie and closeness with other women, typical of females but she rarely lets it go beyond that, unless it's a ticklish ribcage or under arms or something with another girl. Can't resist a ticklish ribcage or abdomen. She isn't really ticklish herself, though.

    She might consider more girls if her first time is good.

    Any female OCs here willing to get to know her? :D

    I imagine if she were to allow herself to be pictured with this particular other girl, it would look something like this (with her In Kallen's place, but making a different face):

    and for further reference

    I can work on drawing up Xe if there's sufficient interest.
    HINT HINT: Would even be willing to pay for ONE commission of her in this pose with another OC. But on top of looks you have to show her what kind of girl your OC really is.

    1. Tom W.I.P.

    Short dirty blonde hair (but still sexy), emerald green eyes. Cute face. Thin, wiry, athletic build. 5'10", 155 lbs. Fair butt and B cup tits.

    A tomboy (if the name didn't already give it away). Ever since she was little, she has played rough and been a scrapper. Competed against boys. Not shy, played sports, and has had more than her fair share of fights. Aggressive, and curt and occasionally outgoing with you if she knows you. Sizing people up all the time. Rather forward. Can hit brutally hard, grapples, and is no stranger to "fight like a man, get treated like one". Direct, pragmatic, concise. Dominant.

    Wears anything she wants.
    Bisexual, pure and simple.

    Tom, unlike Xe, is constantly on the prowl for submissives, though. Or the occasional stud. …Or the sweetheart nerd to leave heartbroken. devil grin

    Admires how Xe isn't a slouch, and can hold her own. For all her prowess, Tom can't seem to land Xenon in bed with her. Frustrating, isn't it Tom?

    1. Goldie W.I.P.

    Darkskin blonde with styled hair and some locks with golden eyes. Occasionally wears glasses. Voluptuous and curvy but somehow avoids the bulge.

    A chill gal. Calculative and analytical. Sometimes pretends to be dumber than she really is to sabotage others. Quiet and reserved. Tends to keep to herself. Still, a bit of an optimistic type. Confident and intelligent. Shy in person but warms up quickly.

    Bi-curious. She was broken in by Tom, but isn't sure about the whole girl on girl thing. Has an assorted dating past. If she knows someone likes her, though, she tends to use that to her advantage.

    Loves hot tubbing, the gym, cooking, horseback riding, art, getting dressed up in sexy attire in private, going to reniassance faires, war reenactments and conventions. Even just perusing electronic stores. Likes places of natural beauty. Likes antiques. Even a bit of tech and athletics. Likes spicy food.

    At the end of the day, though, just wants to curl up with a nice read. Or maybe go out and break things, too.

    While Xenon was scouting for a management team, Goldie's warm personality and resilience set her apart from all the others. Goldie is the type one could confide in. She plays good cop while tom plays bad cop.

  • Mine would just quietly observing from the corner of the party, thinking things like "look at that fat bitches ass, hasn't she heard of a stairmaster?" or "everyone only likes her because she fucks monsters" :D

  • Ok, I think I thought enough about it.^^

    Although every of my girls are very open minded, and friendly they have their peculiarities when it comes to the game of love.
    So my Lumia wouldn't come together with Evo's Lir, I think that is clear.
    She also a fan of biting her partner and drink some blood while haveing sex with them. She is able to inject something over her teeth that can make someone go crazy. So OC's which are not fan of this should stay away from her.^^

    Rayleen is a fan of bdsm, she is very submissive, and with the right whip or something similar you can maximize her pleasure.

    Elaviel is the real opposite of Rayleen, she is a fan of bdsm as well, but she is more on the dominant side and likes to use the whip which quite a few times hit Rayleen, but she also can be very gentle, only she hates to be the submissive part by such a meeting.

    Selene is relative shy so she has to be pushed a bit, but she is also more for the gentle fun. Perhaps she is the right mate for jbtrimar's Cassidy.

    Ok the last I will tell you about is Eolie, she is open for everything. with her 49000 years she has a lot of experience and if she is in her Dea form, every touch with her skin bred a soft prickling by the toucher.

  • My OC Cassidy is a fairly nice girl. She is a gentle lover and has an outgoing personality. She is not a big drinker and she doesn't smoke. I think she would have no problem with Miro's Tara, but Sayako, there may be issues there as Sayako gets a little…rambunctious when she is horny.

    Cassidy is not into receiving anal. She has tried it a couple of times with partners and it didn't go over well.

    Supro's Lana would be fun and Zzzomp's Maria would definite be a playmate of Cassidy's. Longyyy's Sarah is someone Cassidy would not mind hanging with.

  • Interesting topic… To some extent I think it would depend on the situation if even feasible. Considering the drastically different background stories and universes that the majority of our characters exist in...

    Generally speaking, any and all of my characters would probably get along with another OC... so long as there was sexy time involved. Now... if the sexy time is going to be gentle or not? That is another story altogether :D

  • @'Evolluisionist':

    idk i felt like posting something that was on my mind.

    We all have original characters and we all give them personalities(wants,likes,dislikes attitude etc…) my question to everyone is which artist's OC do you tthink your OC would get along with and which one they wouldn't get along with and why.

    for example my OC Lir would have know problem with Supro Lana. While Lir probably wouldn't get along with Morifium character Lumia

    Simple because lir is a demon-hunter and lumia is a demon :D

    this was just a thought that jumped into my head out of know where :P

    Should I be worried about Lumia, now?

    mhmm that is a hard question.
    I have to think a bit longer about it.

  • I would think Lana would get along with miro's Ayako and Erogenesis' Lali (though she'd be careful to choose her words around her :D). She'd probably wouldn't get along with Gazukull's Jessenia for various (and violent) reasons.

    And Lana and Lir get along pretty nicely. So nice that we might see more of those two. :D

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