Best Business school in Hyderabad

  • IMT is leading Best Business school in Hyderabad The college provides good placement opportunities. Many good reputed companies visit the campus to offer placements in their companies with pretty good salary packages. faculty are also there to provide the industrial exposure to students in order to make them know about every skill that is required to master the industry. It’s a very good institute for those who are aspiring to fly a successful career over a strong Launchpad.

  • Guys, its pretty much a storm in a tea cup. A good ol' fashioned moral crusade is always good for a government's approval ratings. I doubt it will actually become legislation

  • Well my advise to British people is to use VPN and all this Porn Blocking aka Firewall can go away :P

  • Some dude in school in the land of logic ended up in prison after he joked online about staging a school shooting.

  • I live in the UK, and I'm more worried about PRISM, than the latest scare-mongering. besides everybody knows the stuff that the government wants to stop people looking at is on the dark net, upon which these new legislations that are being talked about will not have an effect.

    The most ridiculous thing in the uk atm re: online stuff is people being arrested for sending offensive tweets :D

  • It is quite depressing to see all of this happening lately. The NSA affair, UK trying to push through with this now, germany also has some politicians trying to get laws through that cut away more and more of the personal freedom.

    It is happening slowly but steady. At some point, people have to stand up against this. The people in the UK should actually do this right now, or the way is free for even more censorship and stricter "regulation" of things.

    The whole reasoning for this filter is a joke anyways. All of a sudden its all about the fight against child pornography? While all those years you never heard a blip from any of those muppets about it? I am just assuming that they want this law as the first step for more, and you can always sell this best to the public by saying "we want to save your children from harm". Also, as others already pointed out in various articles over the web. This filter wont stop the real thugs behind this shit and those fucked up enough to be into this stuff. I am pretty sure anyone who really wants to see this, knows how to get to it and is also fully aware that this is illegal and they wont be stopped by some website filter.

    What Cameron wants to do now is the same bullshit like putting copy "protection" on computer games that requires the user to jump through dozens of loops to activate and whatnot and costs alot of money to make. Then some crackers break it open on release day or a few weeks later and only the buying customers still have to bother with the mechanisms, while the guy playing the cracked game just dont give a shit about it. It is shooting at birds in a passenger mile with battleship cannons. Yeah, you will hit a few of them that dont fly away after the first shot, but mostly you just hit the people and not the birds…

  • At least my government just wants to record everything I do online, not stop it (yet :P). Seriously though the UK is on the fast track toward becoming a totalitarian nanny-state.

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