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  • administrators

    As you're likely aware the first winner has been announced on the front page: takumin8
    Congrats! How winners will receive their prize will be announced the week before the release.

    Well, it's been lots of fun running this thread for… 300+ pages Wow! And I hope some of you have had a little fun as well on this little journey of ours :D There's been tons of valuable feedback from you guys, that's helped me improve greatly, which I'm thankful for and I'll hopefully be putting to good use in this and future adventures!
    Big thanks to everyone who's participated and hopefully some of you will be rewarded in some small measure with a freebie via the long-termers giveaway!

    On that note I'm going ahead and closing this thread. sniff

    Go ahead and continue the discussion here - and be sure check for updates frequently!:

    I will either re-open this thread or a new one around the release time of the DLCs for a post discussion. Until then see you on the DLC page! :D

  • administrators


    Not much experience in video editing, but hell, I'll try anything to win stuff. Track record of winning is zero, but still gotta try.

    that's the spirit! looking forward to it :)


    Question Miro, when are you going to post info on how to "redeem" our free DLC?

    we're going over the logistics but likely you'll just download a new version of G4E with the DLC1 already included, but all the new clips are marked so you know which is which :)


    Hey Miro,
    Look all this is fine…good marketing and all that. But I did pay you with the expectation of receiving an expansion, in a semi-timely manner. So if you could just post a link to my email when it's actually done that'd be great. As it stands all of this stuff with contests and "release events" is just confusing and somewhat maddening.

    sign up to the mailing list on the front page and you have your wish :)


    I'm Trying to download but I don't remember my password I am trying to use the forgot password but it's taking to long to load..

    is this to your store account? email [email protected] if you're having issues


    Since this thread is about to close, I guess now is a good a time as any to share some of my final thoughts:

    Miro, you are an incredibly talented and devoted digital artist and developer, and I think I can speak for the majority of the people here in saying that we very much appreciate the long, hard hours of work that you spent to bring us this labor or love. You have truly set a new bar of excellence for this type of thing, and I'm excited to see what you'll bring us in the future.

    Thank you for taking the time that you have to answer questions and discuss things with us in this thread. The fact that you took the time to do that really impressed me, and is part of what drove me to keep coming back here, and even join in the discussion myself from time to time.

    Just as important as your skill and devotion was the fact that you identified and admitted to some of your shortcomings, especially time management. I hope your process streamlining can help you develop and complete another project by year's end :)

    Though I may not be posting and visiting the site as much as I have over the past several months once the DLCs release, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on things from time to time. Though the length of this release event is going to take some of the wind out of my sails (I really hope you reconsider the length of these things in the future), I'm sure what you are bringing us will be worth the wait!

    well comments such as these make it all worth worthwhile, much appreciated! … and yes of course always looking to improve, I'm sure we'll work it out!

  • administrators


    Just tested the original G4E Flash App (in fullscreen & maximised) and it seems after playing one cinematic/transition (MP4 video) scene, the video resizing always renders in low quality for the rest of these scenes. Changing the quality settings at this point has no effect on the MP4 video, ONLY on the player GUI.
    [This does not affect the looping scenes (SWF) which resize correctly, you can change the quality setting as normal in those and see the effects on both video & GUI.]

    You can easily see this by starting up (set Quality to High & go fullscreen/maximise), clicking Play then skipping to the next scene, most obvious are the jagged edges on our girls' curves and Sayako's dark dress.
    Now restart the program and open the 2nd scene 'Select Scene' > 'Sayako Tara Chat' and it resizes in High quality as it should.
    Here's a side-by-side comparision clipped from the intro scene (view at full size; Correct HighQ Resize on Left, Bad Resize on Right):

    Has no one else noticed or experienced this?

    You might want to test this yourself Miro.

    no, don't get this issue, have played it myself and others tested this countless times and I haven't heard of anyone reporting this issue, start with reinstalling the latest version of the flash player I'd say and also test it on another computer


    Hey Miro , on the main page I did'nt write that comment ??? How in hell did that happen ? …. yesterday at 6:54 PM

    When you leave a comment on the front page you can use any username you want, and any e-mail address you want too, really.

    It sucks to be honest but nothing you can really do about it.

    claim your username by registering:

  • administrators


    So just to clarify, we're talking about the more dynamic scenes like the cumshot that are separate and distinct from the strict sex animation loops right?

    Got a little concerned with the wording there that some of the stuff in the original green list might be split between DLC 1 and 2, but I'm assuming that's not the case based on the earlier post in here.

    Sounds like maybe 2 for each DLC: Intro and cumshot for DLC1. Intro and….hmmm another cumshot for DLC2 possibly?? Damn! I'll hold off on any further speculation but that's exciting.

    yes, each gets an intro and cum shot :D


    So did both actresses change? New actresses for both? I thought it was just Sayako. Or is Sayako the same and you just adjusted the pitch?

    yes correct on both accounts :D


    Sayako seems so young, innocent and submissive in the trailer..especially with her new softer voice. That's not a bad thing by any means but I know many people have different tastes.

    For future titles, I think it would be awesome see a new character that has Sayako's, umm..physical characteristics but with a much more mature and dominant personality. I guess this is maybe what Miro has in mind for the Evil Tara/Lyvia/Evil Nuns series.

    One of the (all too?) common tropes in hentai anime, manga, and even 3DX erotica and text stories is … the bigger the dick the more dominant the owner of that dick. It's such a basic assumption, because Bigger Is Better™ ... whether it be sex organs or economies of scale in commerce. Big dicks are doms, and small (or no) dicks are subs, and that's the way it almost always gets played, whether you're talking straight porn, gay porn or futa porn.

    Women, of course, get the same thing with respect to breast size ... with the operating assumption that the bigger a woman's (or futa's) bust line the more of a sex object she is. This holds true both in real life and in fantasy/fiction. It's just one of the tropes.

    The humor value, naturally, is that the bigger a woman's breasts are the dumber the men around her become … but that's a different conversation. :s

    So it's kind of refreshing to have Sayako and Tara playing against typecasting here, with Big Cock Sayako being the "shy" one, and No Cock Tara being the seducer. It also allows for a different "spin" on how the scene plays out here for their first time together.

    The beauty of it is, of course, that Tara and Sayako don't necessarily have to STAY in their current configuration of dom/sub (admittedly VERY mild!) for all of their relationship into the future. Heck, even within the sex acts depicted in G4E there's a bit of "turning the tables" on Tara going on with the missionary and anal sex scenes, where it's Sayako humping and pumping Tara … but then in the amazon and handstand scenes Tara reverses the dynamic and starts "using" Sayako for her own pleasure. Heck, even the blowjob scenes in G4E get played both ways, with Sayako "submitting" to Tara's blowjob at first, but then "taking charge" and forcefully skull fucking her and using both hands.

    So there is already a sort of "exchange" going on between Tara and Sayako in which they each get to "take turns" doing stuff to each other ... even in G4E as released. I'd fully expect that dynamic to continue cropping up in future releases for these characters, simply because it makes their relationship to each other more interesting to watch, rather than just turning Tara into a meat puppet and Sayako into a self-absorbed egotistical rapist who fucks anything that moves (and if it isn't moving, she'll fuck it until it does).

    So yeah ... having Sayako play against type here is kind of fun to see, because it isn't often you get to watch a Big Cock Futa play the "innocent" like Sayako is here. But this way, we get to SEE the "first time for everything" sort of play out in front of us, so … no complaints here. :P

    this actually a very good description of what I had in mind, very nice

    I often being with… "So, what would the typical porn script look like in this situation? ... good... now lets scrap that and start with the exact opposite!" :D


    the site is getting bogged down i assume from all the DLC1 teaser downloads.
    wouldn't it be better to host such things on MEGA, or Dropbox, as well as torrents?
    need to conserve all the bandwidth you can when you roll out DLC downloads.

    actually the teaser was hosted externally, but there was load on the CPU or DB or similar, in any case we're moving soon and optimizing, so taking care of this


    The only thing I don't like about the whole "moving stuff to the front page" thing is that the front page front end just isn't really designed for discussion. It's not full featured like a forum is, it's just a very basic commenting system so it makes it much harder to keep track of anything aside from the page's updates themselves because the comment system just becomes a total mess. It's just really hard to have any kind of meaningful discussion or even critiques and stuff with the very limited front end over there.

    in some ways the front page comments are easier, cause you can directly reply to a given comment and there are some basic formatting options described right underneath the comments box, try them out :)

  • administrators

    let me respond to a few questions before closing this thread!


    The front page says "G4E DLC Release Event is Live! so head on over to it’s new home at "

    That "it's" is bothering me… It should obviously be "its," believe me it would make it look all that more professional… :)

    fixed, better late than never :P


    One criticism of the trailer that I do have is at 0:28 when Sayako shakes her head to indicate that she never thought of sucking herself off before. My sense is that the pacing of Tara's reaction to that little head shake (beautiful nuance with that, by the way) is a little too fast, and that you (miro) would be better served by having Tara wait a beat or two longer before saying her next line of "Really?"

    The pacing that you've got simply rushes through this ever so sweet moment too fast to savor it, and the way that Tara jumps ahead to her next line carries overtones and implications that she "knows too much" in a Read The Script sort of way. It has a sort of steamroller feeling to it where Tara is just going too fast, in a way that I consider to be a net negative.

    So ideally, I'd want to see Sayako do her embarrassed little head shake, but then have a beat of a second or two to let that sink in for Tara … and then do more of an indrawn breath of shock followed by a "Really??" that sounds more incredulous than the current tone of simplistic disbelief.

    Dunno if you'd either have time or want to do such an adjustment before DLC1 release, but that's my recommendation of feedback to improve upon the Trailer. I may have other recommendations later, but right now I'm out of time for more typing.

    a flow change like that would set me back a couple of days at least, it's difficult to explain but it's a lot more work than simply inserting some additional motion, so the only changes feasible are expressions and minor motions that don't extend the duration of the animation essentially - at this point in the process


    I consider this a missed opportunity because I want to FEEL that sense of bonding between Sayako and Tara in that exact moment and that if I can't see Tara's eyes … even if I can imagine the look in them ... that I'm somehow missing the point of what transpires in that instant.

    So the "problem" that I see here is that Tara's hair is in the way of the camera's view of her eyes watching Sayako in the moments before Sayako "loses her oral virginity" to her own cock.

    Tara can be quite careless with her hair :) … good point though, I often pick up on little details like that even after the final animation is done


    Sayako seems so young, innocent and submissive in the trailer..especially with her new softer voice. […] Sayako's, umm..physical characteristics but with a much more mature and dominant personality.

    Hi sayakofan, I see your taste. And since there is that future projects somewhere beyond the horizon, there is indeed hope, you'll find more of that, eventually.

    Having said that, I still think we should wait and see what happens with Sayako in the DLC(s). Somehow, I believe, Tara will raise something very powerful in Sayako (again)… And since miro's latest two-DLC announcements, I think there is reasonable expectation that this something -- once unleashed -- will either strike Sayako herself as well as Tara materially... Which might resemble the dominance you're looking for...

    if it's unexpected, than that's a good thing :) … she's not a 1-dimensional 'yes' girl (not that EctoRider was implying that) and behaves differently outside of sex, before and during sex... she gets excited :D... her voice may be slightly high though, will examine that


    To clarify that not was a trailer that was a teaser ….so if the teaser was with so much hype i don't want to think about the trailer :')

    Good clarification. If the upcoming trailer is like the G4E trailer, it will show quick cuts from the various scenes of the 2 DLC's plus build up anticipation for a few surprises or features.

    If I remember correctly, Miro took some flack for showing too much in the G4E trailer. Some people were letdown because they were expecting more content once they finally got their hands on the actual G4E.

    yeah, I'll see about keeping a better balance of showing enough but too much, tough since I have a tendency of showing a lot :)

  • I'm not so sure about the video editing. Damn.

  • @'starfirefeet':

    , I'll definitely be keeping an eye on things from time to time. Though the length of this release event is going to take some of the wind out of my sails (I really hope you reconsider the length of these things in the future), I'm sure what you are bringing us will be worth the wait!

    Certainly a fair assessment.

  • Oh, that's how. Awesome.

  • @'miro':

    oh and before I forget I'm planning on giving away 10 copies (5 DLC2 and 5 full Affect3D 2015 bundles) to 10 long termers specifically :D (I'm thinking 6+ months registered with 10+ posts)
    so check out this thread just after the start of the event before we close it, little something for some of those who've been around for a long time

    The winner is for the long termer giveaway.

  • Wait, did I miss something? How is there already a winner for something?

  • It has been swell lurking on this thread, and even posting a few times. Guess I'll see y'all on the front page.

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