PGDM Course in Hyderabad

  • The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is suitably designed to take advantage of the emergent financial sector. The course prepares you for relatively new finance-associated jobs that are finding their way in the new digitized world. IMT HYDERABAD provides the best PGDM Course in Hyderabad. We train our students to master both the technical & management aspects of the business. IMT is Imparting contemporary subjects and contents with a special focus on analytical and research skills for better decision making. Visit our website for more details.

  • I have to agree - he's been at it since 2007 (I think). Even back then, the quality was pretty much above average than most.

  • Best quality renders ever posted on Renderotica tbh :) Those scenes looked professional and he did these years ago where most of us were probably still figuring out how to set point lights in poser :D

  • Wow I had no idea, they have been around for quite some time. Such a shame. Maybe something in their life changed things. Whatever the case, they really brought out some creative designs

  • administrators

    omg, I was huge fan of InverseKinematics, will have to check that out!

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