Best b schools for finance in india

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  • @'PervisMaximus':

    lolwut, you still with us?

    Yeah, been away on holidays.

    Thanks jbtrimar. Ive got things looking a lot better now.

  • @'fredfred5150':

    I use paint shop pro personally, but jb i'm filing your info away for future reference (I'm planning to make an "elena" futa ;) )

    No problem. I have only been doing porn since 2009, but I can sometimes help when it comes to Poser things.

  • lolwut, you still with us?

  • I use paint shop pro personally, but jb i'm filing your info away for future reference (I'm planning to make an "elena" futa ;) )

  • that is even better, thank you for your advices.^^

  • I also use the Patch Tool to clean up the overlapping models at the hip.

  • awesome tip jbtrimar, it works very good. I have to overwork my two futa models now.^^

  • still messing with basics but i was wondering this myself.
    welcome and thanks for starting this thread lolwut.
    and thank you jbtrimar for providing a solution. :)

    i don't have photoshop but i should be able to do this with SAI or GIMP.

  • Well, unless you want to spend all day trying to get skin maps made specifically for the gen to match, you should stay on the path you have chosen.

    Open Photoshop and open the torso file of the skin you are using for V4. Open up one of the RealGen skins and, using the magic wand, click on the area outside of the gen texture. Select the inverse and copy and paste that onto the V4 skin of your choice. Flip that layer 180 degrees so that you can place the hip of the gen right next to the labia of the V4 map. Using the Magic Wand again, do the same thing to the RealGen layer that you did to get it over to the V4 texture (select inverse and all that jazz. Now, go to the V4 layer and COPY.

    Now, paste that selection back over on the RealGen texture (not the layer on the V4 texture). You probably need to rotate that layer 180 degrees now. Once that it done, fit it so that it covers the underlying RealGen texture on the layer below. The glans will probably be covered now, so use the Eraser (hardness set to zero) and erase the skin over the glans. I do this right up to where the glans and shaft meet so that I have a nice gradient.

    Now, save the file as a hi quality JPG and name it something other than the name of the RealGen texture you just used. Now we are done with Photoshop.

    In Poser, go to the material room. Using the eyedropper tool (should be the default mouse cursor), click on V4's hip. This will choose 2_SkinHip. Right click on the Poser Parameter main shader and choose Select All. Now click on the RealGen model and delete the shaders you find there. Paste the hip textures from V4 into the RealGen material. Change the Diffuse map to the texture you just made. At this point, you should be able to change or add the Bump, Specular, and Displacement maps as you see fit.

    I know it seems like a lot, but I can usually do this in about 5 to 10 minutes now.

  • I don't do futa really, so I haven't tried to fit the RealM3 Gens onto V4. For M4 I just usually apply one of the textures and then toy around with the diffuse settings on the gens, it's pretty easy to get a good match fast. For V4, if you don't want any of the hair in the way and it has to be "cleaner" I guess you'll have to remove that in PS. But there are plenty of futa experts around here, I bet they have better answers :D

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