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  • in my opinion a real life tranny (dude with fake tits) is a huge turn off for me. wouldn't want to get with, or be one.

    in fantasy a sexy girl that happens to have a thick juicy cock and balls would be a great being to be. would also be cool to have a dickgirl as a friend to "high five" while we're tag teaming some chick.

    i think dickgirls (cock+balls) is best followed by futa (vag+cock) getting it on with females.
    having all three, the vag is covered in balls. i hate seeing a vag where the taint should be behind the nut sack.

  • Can't really seem to make up my mind. I am of the opinion, though, that they must at least have a cock and pussy to qualify as futa –I don't mind the inclusion of balls.

    I didn't vote because it isn't multiple choice.

    Without getting too far into it, if the fictional character is just cock and balls for genitals, I call that a tranny. However if the tranny is obviously just a woman with a male set of genitals, I don't have a huge problem calling 'her' a woman for the most part. Same could be said of real life counterparts though I have some nuanced caveats for that--like I said I don't really want to get into it. Not here.

  • I did already.

  • yes before Tiffany comes to school you… Nuke i suggest you read up on how, and where semen cu comes from.

  • Actually sperm is what fertilizes the egg, and semen, generated by the seminal vesicles, carries the sperm out the urethra. Since sperm cannot survive in semen, you could state that Futa produce either only semen or so much that it kills the sperm.
    But, even though there is Pregnant Chick Porn, the concept of getting that way typically isn't addressed in porn.

    It depends on how detailed you want to get with the storytelling. Shirow Masamune would sometimes devote an entire page to give a technical explanation of how something that he designed worked (i.e. a tank or other mechanical construct) in the Ghost In The Shell manga.

  • Before tiffany will tell you in every detail that the most of the fuild of the cum don't get produced in the balls, I will do that in a short form only the sperms get produced and stored in the testicles. Which mean a Futa without balls would be able to cum and shoot a fluid out of her cock… but she wouldn't be able to make a girl pregnant.

  • La Blue Girl featured clits that could grow to the size of cocks.

    But definitely Bible Black was the best in that regard. I know most guys like the thought of bouncing their nuts off chin, ass, or vagina, and seeing it done, but I don't get it - yay, you went all the way in. For G4E it's impressive because Sayako's cock is silly-huge (and Tara's teeth retract, and for some reason the nasal passages at the back of her throat are not obstructed by Sayako's salami), but since the average male has a 6" pecker, the only way it's not going all the way in is if you're fucking through a chair.

    Now, the next logical question becomes "where's the cum coming from if there are no balls?" - the answer to which is simple: you could say that Futa have no ovaries; instead, they have testicles where their ovaries would be. This would also be used to explain/justify spewing/streaming orgasm from the vagina and penis.

    Alternatively you could say that Futa have both testicles and ovaries (or one on the left, the other on the right where the other ovary/testicle would be).

    As a third alternative (though largely reserved for alien species with custom internal arrangements to preserve some sense of believability), the breasts contain very large testicles, and during extreme climax, their nipples spew jizz as well as their penis and vagina. Or not.

    In all 3 cases, the generators are tucked inside the body, thus you don't have Harry Paratestes blocking the view of "the goods".

    But, that's the beauty of fantasy characters - you can set them up any way you want :D

  • guys i remember the first hentais with futas all of them only had cock and vagina, none of the had balls, in fact the most famous futa hentai that i remember bible black series the one that catapulted the futanari trend didnt have balls and it was the best, so why change what is perfect? :D

  • All of the above/Don't care…so I won't be choosing an option from above.

    Like Ecto, I like variety...

    Supro....Pussy+Balls doesn't sound all that appealing, but I'm game to give it a shot LOL.

  • Yes, one can't say that this is really "decided". (Maybe it never will.) I guess this is why the discussion in the G4E DLC thread comes back every few weeks and never really seems to end …

    I'd also second ~ArgonCyanide777 and say that a "All of the above / Don't care" option -- or a possibility to vote for more than one genital configuration --- would make it more transparent. That would illustrate best if you are interested in seeing different versions, maybe something new.
    Less black and white, more diversity. That's (one of the things) I love dickgirl porn for.

  • But how do you decide on this then if Futanari gets the most votes with 40%?

    Cock and balls has 20% and cock, vagina and balls has 38%?

    Still 58% wants to keep the balls, but futanari still has the most votes…

    A 2nd round between the top 2 is clearly needed I feel...

  • Bump!

  • Why not have an "all the above" option?
    Or full package too.

    I guess I'd go mostly for vag+cock, separate and the vag has a clit too in addition. Or it sprouts out from in the vag like on one hentai (angel blade I think) but then also have the clit outside on top of it…maybe balls flip out of it too.

    ...aaaand this topic, awhile back, is one of the hints I got that I'm mildly bisexual. Doesn't bother me.
    I like watching 'em fuck anything and anyone.

  • Interesting fact: a clit is just as large as a dick. :D

    I think that I prefer cock+balls. "Odd" combinations like cock+vagina or vagina+balls weird me out. And as Dilias wrote, mouth & ass are enough penetration options for a dick-girl.

  • I don't. I never liked the "clit is a dick" futanari. I'd rather a girl have a clit and a dick. My favorite kind are where the dick is about 1/2 inch above the clit of the magical variety where it can emerge from the mons pubis or disappear into it completely at will.

  • Well I prefer 'women' with large clitorises above their va-jay-jays. Unfortunately, whenever I see such an idea represented, the base of the clitoris is usually impossibly small, and that ruins it for me.

    On the other hand, in the near future guys like me will be the happy ones, when medical technology allows for safe clitoral growth on women, while still keeping them 'womanly'. :P

    I wrote a Twilight Princess story a couple years ago, with Princess Zelda and Midna looking like this:

    Who doesn't think this is hot? Anyone?

  • First:
    Personally like to see experiments with all "set-ups". Each of the "configurations" could be just right to emphasize a certain character. If the storyline has some ideas how to incorporate them, each genital configuration could contribute to a certain hot story.

    When asked to vote for just one genital configuration – after some wavering -- I came to the following order/preference:

    1. Cock + Vag
    2. Cock + Vag + Balls
    3. Cock + Balls
    4. Cock only

    Hence I ticked the radiobutton for Cock+Vag, but with a different voting system (with multiple votes or submitting an order), it would probably look less strict.

    Something that I'd find really innovative: If an artist manages not just to somehow add all selected parts together but find a way to blend them in – so that it was not just one, two, or three parts and an anus but rather a single, unique, sexy ano-genital compound. (*)
    I was suggested sometime, somewhere in the G4E DLC thread; I assume it is just a lot of work for the artist to make it work, regarding all necessary aspects. However, it could help creating even more remarkable characters.

    (*) For instance, given a cock+vag+balls config, it could be not just an isolated scrotum before a completely separate vulva. I could image it was possible to e.g. give the scrotum a custom shape, so that it is not just dangling before the vulva, but allow the skin to uniquely "join" those of the labia etc…
    Or a cock, which underside blends into a distinctive, bulging, and visibly strong perineum (that may signify a powerful cum-stream on its own terms), whose raphe transfers into the similarly strong anus...
    Difficult to describe examples but I am absolutely conviced a skilled modeller would find quite some ways to create unique parts, that serve the overall picture/motion/story, "work" (regarding 3d-technical issues such as poligon collision, deformation etc.), and look appealing.

    [Update: Typo corrected.]

  • No balls is way better. You can actually see the pussy instead of big flappy balls that nobody really thinks are sexy. It's just some kind of contrived masculinity thing. I have never once watched a porno and gone "Wow, look at those balls flop!" It's more like "Wow, this is totally ruining the shot" or "Why the hell is the camera pointed at this guy's hairy ass?"

    As a girl I can attest that balls are not attractive nor sexy. I don't know of any girl that fantasizes about balls, well alone really big balls that some people around here seem to want.

    With the balls it's pretty much just straight porn with boobs. Without them it's actually futanari and you can see and play with the pussy without anything detracting from that or obstructing it.

  • @'miro':

    I added the same scene to G4E with and without balls so I could work out the difference for myself as well

    I like both a lot to be honest, but the version with balls a bit more, I think it's because you've got another something to play with and the dick girl still has the potential to get fucked if she keeps her pussy

    the no balls version with pussy is nice as well though

    personally not much into the no pussy at all option, love pussy :D

    If there's no pussy then they're simply a trans female (male parts + boobs).

    I suppose the no-balls option is OK (basically girl with BIG clit :rolleyes: ), but if we're going for fantasy here anyway, the both-parts-full-set is the way to go.

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