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  • i have much time read this project of the evil nuns from miro i read in these days from the g4e dlc actually and maybe i have to wait this future project from the evil nums of tara and the other girls

  • @'togan':

    So is this the 2nd DLC Miro is talking about,or is this a seperate project…

    This is one of the future projects that Miro has planned for after the G4E DLC.

    Its not know if this will be the next project, or if there will be something else between then and now (Miro hinted at some male-on-female pieces a long time ago, before G4E was originally released) but its definitely something you will see in the future.

  • @'togan':

    So is this the 2nd DLC Miro is talking about,or is this a seperate project…

    Separate project that was started a while ago

  • So is this the 2nd DLC Miro is talking about,or is this a seperate project…

  • @'moejangles':



    I see you already have to dick girls modeled (Tara and Sayako). Thought I might suggest #3 come equipped with a horse cock herself.

    With all due respect.

    Fuck no.

    +1… to the "Fuck no" I mean.

    lol, I quite like that Affect3D, specifically Miro hasn't gone down the weird route. Hot babes, yes, hot futa yes, anything other than that hell no. It's kind of nice that Affect3D is making a dent into making Futa more mainstream. Not sure about weirder niches.

  • I know this is still in the early stages, so would like to throw out a potential outfit for Sayako (or one of the other DGs). Love the large slit up the side … I would make the front more transparent/sheer to be able to see the girls massive member.


  • All i have to say is….Secret Beauty has the best and hottest titties i've ever seen in a CGI Render.
    You have more titties that look like her's,then i'm a fan for life.
    That's like TAKING OVER the NWO type
    You should realy look into bigger nipples too.
    So i vote for her 100% for life,she is the most awesome women you have created.

  • More man power and more ideas could speed up his work.
    I mean it could be marvelous if Supro, Miro, Zzomp and someone else join together. 3DX avengers

  • Do you think the experience you acquired in making "girlfriend4ever" was very usefull and will help you to make faster the evil nuns project?(don't worry take the time you need).
    The quality of your work is impressive and thinking of what "evilnuns" could be make me crazy.
    Very impatient for watching the girlfriend4ever DLC and very very impatient to see evilnuns.

  • I don't usually post in this thread but I was listening to music at work today and it came to me that I think it would be appropriate if Evil Nuns had a shift in sound from G4E.

    I really liked the club music sound with heavy bass for G4E and felt it was very fitting since it was sort of a glamour model sort of scenario project.

    Obviously Evil Nuns will have a much darker edge to it and was thinking something in the neighborhood of White Zombie's second album (actually third album but second major release) would be more appropriate.

    It still has a very technical sound to it and still carries a wallop as far as bass, but has a very hard and intense edge to it. Definitely could do without the vocals of course, no offense to Rob Zombie. The guys a genius, but all we are interested in is a style of music. Not recommending adopting ACTUAL White Zombie tunes either, just the style.

    I think it could make a great overtone to some lead ups and very intense scenes.

    What do you think Miro?

  • @'mike1234567':

    Sorry if this was answered, I'm new to the forum. Is this going to be a picture set or an animated video like GF4E?

    This will be animated like GF4E

  • Sorry if this was answered, I'm new to the forum. Is this going to be a picture set or an animated video like GF4E?

  • although i also would enjoy DG Evil Tara, a completely fresh face wouldn't be too far off this late in the game; everyone seems to have that "girl next door" feeling about them

    i say make a new character that has NO "good" side/alternate ego

    make the new character a DG (with pussy&balls like Sayako IMO) to show off that masculine-feminine flare, and have the personality be complete Dominatrix <3 - - - the other girls won't know what hit them

  • can u link me that video of the blonde girl pls ? :D

  • @'junctionboy':



    I was going through the G4E DLC thread recently and had an idea that I think would be a great scene in Evil Nuns.

    It has to do with adding to the autofellatio scene. So, the scene would be Sayako and another dickgirl. The girls are in sitting on a couch in reverse cowgirl … Sayako is taking a cock in her ass as she sucks her own cock.

    At the point when Sayako is ready to explode, she stops sucking her cock and starts stroking. She turns her face to the other dickgirl and they start to kiss. Sayako starts cumming and as they continue to kiss streams of cum splash off their tongues and lips ... as Sayako continues to cover them both in cum, their mouths start to overflow with cum and run down their chin. After Sayako finishes cumming, they continue to swap cum while the other dickgirl gently strokes Sayako's semi hard cock.

    Or perhaps having them grind their cocks together for a more explosive effect. That would be a turn on.

    (also, junctionboy, I know I sent you a message, but where's the avatar from? I'd love to know the artist)

    Sounds interesting … how would they be positioned?

    This is what I envisioned for the reverse cowgirl where the girls kiss as Sayako covers them in cum. So, in the pic Sayako would be the girl and the other dickgirl is the guy. As they they kiss, Sayako strokes her cock and covers them both in cum.

    I was thinking another interesting scenario could be at the moment Sayako is about to cum, the dickgirl fucking Sayako's ass pulls out and positions her cock so it is next to Sayako's … they would still be in reverse cowgirl ... something like below, but her cock would be much longer of course and probably resting on Sayako's stomach ... There would now be two cocks now ready to blow ... as they kiss, they stroke each others cock spraying cum in their faces!

    can u link me that video of the blonde girl pls ? :D

  • nice work rikolo. do more!

  • @'rikolo':


    In Miro-quality, with Ayako, Sayako and Evil Tara

    Holeee shit, I don't know if I should feel angry or flattered, that's actually my work O.O

    Haha wow!!!

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