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    Let us comprehend what is Microsoft Office?
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  • It's probably related to your render settings (being WIP in all), so you probably already know about the pot plants. It also seems like the leaves are not reflected on the glass table and her toes sink too deep into the carpet in the third shot.

    The necklace in the first shot probably could use fiddling too. Right now it's too paralel to the body (should fall slightly to the her right side I think.

  • I realy like to enhance details. Make em more sharp. Its always easier to blur down then to sharp up.

  • Nice to see you're posting again.

    Those are pretty slick renders for a work in progress. I'd probably tone down some of the bump/displacement a bit, but I do like the sharp/crisp feel.

  • Nice renders, l like the pose in the last one. And as HZR said, the plant in the first picture looks really good. I'm looking forward to the final pictures.

  • I love her! The dildo licking as she looks at the computer was just so hot. I say more of her. :)

  • Anna is a test name.

  • She's sexy looking, have you given her a name yet?

  • hzr I specially reduce subdivs cause its vip. Surely I increase em on final renders. I'm planning to replace hair, found more naughty look hair :)

  • I like the shots. Most of the materials look really good, especially the plant has some good realism to it in that one image.
    The skin looks good as always in your renders and the backlight gives the whole body a nice shine.

    I believe you got a good understanding of how things work with v-ray so I wont start trying to lecture and sound like some know-it-all but I noticed some noisy reflections and light leaks. So perhaps raising subdivisions on these surfaces and going for a prepass rate of -4/-1 would make the whole render look even better, by adding a bit more render time.

  • Very nice. It looks like you are going the HZR/Matthacker route. You may want to talk to them about skin shaders. These look nice, but if you are going for a bit more realism, then you should really talk to those two :D

    Great job so far!

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