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  • this is really good stuff. i'm not much a reader myself….. have erotic book at my house that i have yet to even get half way in :(.

    but i glad to see that there a writers here :D

  • Wow Ally! Awesome stuff babe! Makes me wanna write some "horniness" of my own. ;)
    :heart: Suze x.

  • Ok, part 2. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

    She stopped sucking and squeezed her juggs around my shaft, a huge smile on her face "Fuck yes. Cum for me Ally! Christen these bad boys!"
    I barely managed a grunt of pleasure before my cock pulsed and erupted a thick rope of girljizz. Cal made an “oooh” of pleasure as it arced upwards, before splashing back down onto one of her enhanced orbs. It was followed by another squirt and then another, each causing Cal to gasp in appreciation and still beg for more.
    ! “Wow! Fuck there’s so much! Yes..keep going! Empty this huge dick all over my titties!” she demanded, watching each eruption.
    ! All I could do was groan in pleasure and look down as I literally coated her; after what felt like minutes (but was in reality probably closer to 15 seconds) the eruptions had reduced to dribbles and Cal pulled back, letting my cock free to slap against my abdomen and press against my own juggs.
    She looked in a nearby mirror to see what I already could; her boobs were coated with cum, a deep pool of it in her cleavage and even dripping off the sides to the floor.
    ! With a smirk, Calli licked some cum from her right boob and took a second to savour the taste, before sucking up everything she could from her cleavage
    ! "Mmmm yummy. Got anymore in there?" she asked, a look of hunger and desire on her face.
    ! I nodded, breathless and still recovering.
    ! "Good, because I wanna go upstairs” she replied, dropping to her knees and licking up my soaked shaft, sending shivers up and down it a she stared at me "We need to see where his thing will fit, and I have a few places in mind!"
    ! I lowered my arms down to her, my hands sliding all over her inflated, cum coated spheres of flesh before pulling her up and closer to me. Immediately we were kissing and groping each other as much as we could, my hands exploring her wetness while hers stroked me back to full hardness and teased my own soaking hole
    ! “Mmm..I know that I should stroke and kiss and grope this thing some more” she breathed , licking a lil cum off my boobs that had dropped from her own “but I just cant wait!
    “There’s only one thing I want to do with this thing, and that’s put it right here…” she said, almost standing as she guided my monster tip to the entrance of her quivering pussy.
    Slowly, Calli impaled herself on my crown until the entire head was inside her pussy. She groaned in pleasure, relishing in the sensation of my girldick filling her so completely.
    ! “Hmmm…this thing feels sooo good!”
    ! I could only agree – her pussy was a perfect glove of tightness and wetness. After a few seconds she slid down a couple more inches into my shaft, evoking another shiver of pleasure from both of us. Her slow descent continued for what felt like a week, stopping occasionally as she had her own mini orgasms, until finally our pubic bones met as Calli had taken all of me inside her.
    ! I looked down, surprised when I felt her thighs meet mine “You’ve…you’ve taken it all?!” I gasped, a little shocked at how easy it had been in the end “Normally it takes a littke more ahhh effort!”
    ! “I’ve practiced on a lot of big toys!” she said with a smirk, gyrating her hips a little, causing us both to shivver with pleasure “Just incase…”
    ! I could only nod, bucking my hips a little to cram yet more into her, as I used one free hand to rub Calli's mound vigorously and the other to grope her massive juggs. She bounced up and down on my lap for a few minutes, both of us moaning and gasping at the exquisite pleasure of being so deeply joined.
    The combination of my oversized length inside her and my handiwork on her clit soon brought Calli over the edge; she exploded in a guttural orgasm so loud that even I was surprised. Of course, it only encouraged me to buck more rapidly and to push my fat cock even further up her pussy, making her pleasure continue
    ! “Oooohhh, mmyyy God!” she cried as she ground hard against my waist, her pussy gripping and milking my shaft as she came “Fuck, soo good Al! I can…I cant stop cumming!” she gasped.
    The indecent orgasmic screams of Calli and the massage her insides were giving my cock were getting too much for me, and it was a matter of seconds before my own orgasm kicked in…
    ! “I’m…I’m cumming…too!” was all I could moan as I felt my girlcock begin to pulse inside her. The blast of girlcum exploded deep up inside her, hosing her pussy for several seconds.
    ! “Ohmygod! It feeIs…like you’re a fucking…HOSE!” Despite my previous load, a magma of sperm was filling her hot pussy as I screamed out and unleashed one huge spray after another deep inside her. On my fifth or sixth ejaculation, Calli lept off me quickly, sliding my still-erupting length between her juggs.
    I felt the overflow of my cum pour from her gaping pussy over my legs as I continued to shoot; a total of six…seven…eight…NINE massive shots of cum firing into the air and splattering back down onto our faces and crushed-together tits.
    ! Eventually the my huge unloading once again reduced to a dribble, and Calli started scooping cum from her face.
    “Holy fucking hell, Ally! She exclaimed, swallowing some cum from her fingers “Where did you keep all this load? Its unreal!” She looked down at our drenched melons. “I can’t believe I made you cum that much twice!”
    ! “What can I say?” I smiled as I massaged her soaked tits “I like your new boobs!”
    ! We soon leaded to the club’s shower, and after another rather steamy session cleaning each other, but that’s another story…

  • @'allyd':

    Woo..a fan! As long as someone likes it, I'll keep going! :)

    Do it Babe!;)

  • Woo..a fan! As long as someone likes it, I'll keep going! :)

  • @'allyd':

    Really, nothing? Okay then… :(

    Hi Ally,
    Just joined and checked out your story. Very good, I would love to read more of your "naughtiness". Love big cock shemale stuff!!
    Luv Suzy :heart:

  • Really, nothing? Okay then… :(

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