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  • I have an FB, but I barely use that (just when I need to like something to enter a contest or something).

    I just got me a Galaxy S III yesterday, so I now have a phone that's smart. Time to watch Netflix on the toilet! :D

  • I'm on none of the social networks, and while I have a mobile phone, I almost never take it with me

  • I use my home phone and I don't even have a cellphone, which everyone automatically assumes everyone has. Pretty annoying for all the SMS verification crap online.

    I don't use any of the social networking sites either except twitter, which I just 99% use as a science news feed so it's not even like I really use that.

  • Still use the fax. Businesses still live and die by that here in So Cal.

  • Yes, using mail and home telephone and not yet caught by FB.

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