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  • It's been awhile since I've posted anything but I've just finished a story and I like it so I figured I'd share…

    Also since it's not posted anywhere here I posted another story on here that isn't in this thread over in this thread but there wasn't much interest so I never bothered posting the rest.

    This newest story is called The Event, and apparently it's too long to add in one post so part 2 will come shortly…

    ! Chapter 1: The Event
    ! The human civilization's first contact with an alien civilization was far from what anyone had ever expected that it would be like. On October 7th 2050, a seemingly otherwise obscure day, a small object roughly the size of a Volkswagen broke up in the earth's atmosphere over North America. It went completely unnoticed initially as these types of things happened all the time. This time however was different. When the small object broke up in the Earth's atmosphere it released a retrovirus, a very advanced very nasty retrovirus.
    ! In two weeks time mankind had ceased to exist. The virus was designed to remain initially inactive, but spreading and replicating itself, until approximately the time that it would have dissipated throughout the entire world. By the time it was discovered it was too late. The virus, once active, was extremely aggressive. On October 20th the changes had began to manifest. By October 21st mankind was no more.
    ! Across much of North America the virus activated over night with the majority of the population waking up the next morning after the virus was initially thought to have completed its life cycle. On October 19th the world's male population numbered at roughly 4.5 billion. On October 21st the world's male population was non-existent Yes, mankind was no more; in its place was womankind.
    ! The virus had effectively transformed the male population into a female population, or so everyone initially thought. The female population however was not unchanged. While the male population was made female the female population would undergo significant changes in their biology. The previously male and now female population would mirror these changes as well.
    ! First and foremost the virus extrapolated the most beautiful possible female variations and the changes were reflected as such. That is to say that over night the female population became as beautiful as their genome could imagine. Before the events of October 21st there existed a profession on Earth called models. These models were thought of as the most beautiful of the species and their career was based around capturing images of their appearance for various adverts and other purposes. After October 21st however the entire female population vastly exceeded the beauty of the models of the previous age that had been regarded the most beautiful of humankind. Even these models had their flaws, which were largely corrected via photo manipulation before their media was released, but the new female population did not. There was nothing left to correct.
    ! The new human population had pouty lips, large breasts, small waists, perfect physiques, large round posteriors, medium-thick thighs, perfect tans, flawless skin, and completely glabrous bodies. Aside from these rather obvious changes, the female vulva was changed significantly. The structures previously known as the clitoris and the labia minora ceased to exist entirely. The labia majora, often referred to as the mons, remained. The vulva would now appear almost as two small plump little butt cheeks with a deep crease between them. Along the inside of the crease itself would be smooth, slick, and pink. It would also be extremely sensitive to touch far beyond that of the previous external female genitalia. External and internal vaginal climax also became significantly more intense and more easily achievable Menstruation also completely ceased, though we will cover reproduction later.
    ! The immediately obvious however were not the only changes. The female rectum, and anus, had changed in function entirely. While once for bodily waste removal in the form of feces they were now completely devoid of any relation to their previous function. They now were more akin to secondary vaginas, more sensitive than the primary vagina and growing progressively sensitive the deeper therein. They also now possessed self lubrication and the commonly darker skin around the anus had resolved to a normal skin tone. The anus and rectum while clearly intended for sexual pleasure appeared to have no function whatsoever in regards to procreation. The rate and intensity of orgasm from stimulation however had become significantly higher than that of the vagina. In addition to this, the seemingly benign butt crack – that is, the crease left between one's butt cheeks -- had gained a sensitivity matching or exceeding that of the vaginal slit, and becoming a new highly erogenous zone.
    ! The new butt crack, now called the butt slit, would however not be the only new highly erogenous zone. In relation to the butt slit it is first worth mentioning that of the newly erogenous status of the buttocks themselves, each individual cheek now providing pleasure when stimulated by touch. While unable to climax like the butt slit, both the butt slit and butt cheeks would share a commonality in that their unique form of pleasure would signal an intense desire for being on the receiving end of anal intercourse.
    ! The female breasts would also gain a newfound sensitivity, each capable of individual climax. The breasts themselves were also now markedly larger than they had been previously, much like the buttocks. The average breast size for this particular fitness level of the female population would have risen from roughly a size 2 to 3 up to an average of 5 to 6 but with a significantly minimal percentage of the population with sizes lower than 5. The vast majority of the population now sported 5's though with a good number in larger sizes ranging up to 11. It is also important to note at this time that letters were dropped for cup measurements as they were often confusing and changed per manufacturer. In their place were numbers indicating the inch difference from band size to indicate the cup size. For quick reference, the distance from band as per pre-event measurements would be as follows: AA = 0, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, and while the following lettering would largely change from manufacturer to manufacturer it now progressed as one would expect. With the sudden increase in brassier wearing population the change was quickly regulated, largely thanks to the previously male population left completely and utterly confused by the old system. The movement also received support of the previously female population as they agreed it had previously been rather confusing.
    ! Despite the increase in sizes the breasts have very little sag and there is no reported back pain, even from women who had previously reported back pain. The lack of breast sag is likely due to a decreased weight factor of breast tissue despite the size increases along with the increase in muscle tissue strength. The breast gasms as they have sense become referred to are less intense and frequent than the new vaginal orgasms but are reportedly at roughly around the levels and frequency of previous vaginal orgasms.
    ! Continuing with newly erogenous zones, the lips, tongue, and throat all became highly erogenous with the throat becoming capable of climax and the lips and tongue appearing to lend to that but not be possible without throat stimulation as well. The throat gasms are significantly weaker than the breast gasms but are more easily achievable via oral sex and deepthroating. In mentioning the tongue however it is worth noting that tongue lengths have increased to around 5 inches from lip to tip on average, an inch longer than what was previously a world record. It should be noted that while 5 inches from lip to tip is roughly the average there are those with longer tongues though tongues are rarely much smaller. The current world record at the time of writing this was approximately 9 inches from lip to tip. Roughly 60% of the population is around the 5 range, with 10% within the 6 range, an additional 10% in the 7 range, and around 20% within the 8 range. Lower than 5 range and higher than 8 range total less than 1% of the population.
    ! In addition to the lengthening of the tongue, the basic biology of the tongue has changed a bit in that tongue actually rests a few inches down the throat which allows it to retract normally. The composition of saliva however has also changed becoming slightly thicker and a significantly better lubricant. The tongue and throat have also become self lubricated at all times with additional saliva produced as would be previously expected.
    ! Across the entire population strength appeared to increase fairly significantly to about 500% its original capacity. If an average woman could bench press a bench press bar alone at roughly 40lbs roughly 2 times that would have been upped to around two reps of 200lbs. Running speed also increased proportionally, with world records previously around 30 mph being pushed to around 150 mph. Averages however were much closer to 14 mph for sprinting and 10 mph for running longer distances. Their modern equivalents have become around 50 mph for running longer distances and 70 mph for sprinting.
    ! Along with strength and speed, eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch also increased significantly, though with touch and taste at much lower levels. The majority increased to roughly 500% of previously perfect values, with poor eyesight, bad hearing, and poor sense of smell all seemingly being completely corrected, even for the blind and deaf. Touch and taste however only increased to about 200% of their original levels, aside from erogenous zones which exhibit significantly higher levels. Intelligence also rose significantly among the population, resulting in a vastly more intelligent general population.
    ! As previously mentioned the viruses transformed the human population to perfect physiques - around what one would have previously expected from underwear and swimsuit models, albeit a fair bit more voluptuous While increasing muscle tone and mass is possible to an extent there does appear to be a limit. While females can achieve a sixpack they are very mild compared to what was previously achievable. That is to say that they are no longer capable of becoming as leaned and toned as before and muscle mass tops out much earlier than previously, all of which also holds true for the remainder of body. Having said that, it appears virtually impossible to become out of shape beyond that of the original perfect physiques conferred by the virus regardless of poor diet and lack of exercise. Muscle tone, leanness, and muscle mass however can be lost to return to the "perfect physique" normal levels due to poor diet and lack of exercise.
    ! One of the greatest changes for humankind however came in the form of a virtual immunity to most viruses and diseases along with an aging population returned to youthful appearances of those akin to the 20's. Furthermore, aging for all intents and purposes appeared to cease all together bestowing an eternal youth to the human population who all looked as if they were in their 20's or younger.
    ! In regards to reproduction, menstruation had completely ceased but the humans had become induced ovulators. That is to say that rather than eggs being produced at regular intervals they would instead be produced by prolonged vaginal stimulation and it would require quite a bit of dedication to the task at that. Those that were pregnant when the virus hit did not lose their unborn children nor immediately go into labor. Though, they did give birth at a much accelerated rate. Much to their surprise however it was not newborn babies coming out of their vagina but soft shelled eggs roughly the size of goose eggs. The mothers to be were quite surprised and it left doctors scratching their heads unsure of what to do.
    ! Modern pregnancy is much different from pre-event pregnancy. The gestation period was reduced from 9 months to 2 weeks and rather than a sign of vomiting and lack of period the soon-to-be mother would instead experience a vaginal sealing. That is to say that her vagina would seal completely, leaving no way of vaginal penetration - the body's own self defense to let the mother and potential suitors to know that she is child bearing. Once the egg was ready to be laid the vaginal opening would unseal. The act of egg laying itself is painless and requires very little supervision unless the egg does not pass for some reason in which expecting mothers should seek medical attention should the lack of egg laying last for a period longer than 12 hours. It would be impossible to ignore however as, while the egg will initially come out very easily for most girls, if the egg is not laid soon intense vaginal contractions will start and force the egg out on their own in short order.
    ! Though there were a few instances of child death due to premature hatching with doctors and parents not knowing what to do much of the world decided to adopt a "wait and see" approach. The eggs that came out soft shelled and the size of goose eggs would go on to rapidly grow larger after laid for a period of around 2 weeks, roughly to the size of a 2 year old in the fetal position, before becoming thick and hardened. Once hardened they are not at all easy to get into, featuring a very hard crystalline self regenerating membrane. The membranes regenerate faster than a jigsaw can cut and they appear to be very good at kinetic force dissipation. In other words, dropping them down a flight of stairs or even kicking them would not damage them though it is not recommended for obvious reasons. They exist in this hardened state for an additional 2 weeks before their shell softens. They will instinctively push their way out but at this point it is safe to remove them as they are fully developed for hatching.
    ! Human hatching is quite a bit different from live human birth pre-virus. Babies, which for all intents and purposes no longer exist among the human species, are instead hatched at roughly the equivalent of age 2 with a full head of hair and do not require nursing. They are also quite intelligent and very developed for their young age and pick up speech and other skills much more quickly that traditional human youths. Speech should develop within hours of hatching with complex speech and conversational skills to be expected within a few weeks. It is extremely important to note that as babies are now born at roughly the equivalent of 2 years of age that all ages have relatively been subtracted by 2. In other words, an 18 year old equivalent pre-event would be 16 years old post-event. The girls do mature mentally and physically much faster though. While smaller physically, in terms of mental and sexual maturity, age 7 is the new 12. The caveat to this however is that must and futa emergence does not start until 12 to 14 which is roughly the equivalent of the mental and sexual maturity at around ages of 17 to 19 pre-event. Most girls will not seek to have sexual intercourse until the ages of 12 to 14 when the sex drive begins to fully kick in. When must begins sexual intercourse is unavoidable and encouraged as healthy to one's sexual and emotional development.
    ! With human offspring no longer requiring breast feeding it was initially unclear why the species still had breasts and indeed why they had grown so much larger if that were the case. It would turn out that the breasts would produce milk year round from the time that they are formed, which can be sucked from them. The milk is much different than what had previously been human breast milk, being described as akin to eggnog in taste and thickness. Its purpose however remains unclear.
    ! As for the previously male population, they would gain an additional biological feature which would not be immediately obvious, which the originally female population did not obtain. The previously male population while now appearing completely female, even under close visual and physical inspection, and indistinguishable from the female population, could grow rather large penises from just above their vaginal slit. The penises could be extended and retracted at will but would be devoid of foreskin and exist only within the erect state. Penis extension would be only possible in an aroused state and would emerge totally erect. The penis could opt to be either retracted at any time or not extended all together. Once arousal is lost and the penis begins to become flaccid it automatically retracts back within the body, which appears to be unpreventable.
    ! While visually the penis appears to grow directly from the skin of the mons pubis above the vaginal slit there is in fact a much more complicated biological process that occurs within the lower abdomen and stomach. The new human penises are much larger than the previous male population with 8 inches in length being the bare minimum and roughly 10 inches in length being average but only exhibited by about 50% of the population with the remainder widely ranging from around 11 to 15 inches with about 10% of the population at each of the respective inch range. Exceptionally large individuals within the population exceeding this range however do exist but make up less than 1% of the population. Penises with lengths greater than 8 inches but less than 10 inches constitute less than 1% of the adult population but are common among young adults with still growing penises.
    ! Penises are not capable of being extended until around the ages of 12 to 14 and it is very difficult to determine, even scientifically, if one is dual gendered or female until it does. The dual gendered members of the human species have become known as futas, short for the Japanese word "futanari" meaning dual form, as the term was already fairly popular among popular culture. Thus, henceforth we shall refer to human genders as females and futas.
    ! Futa penises ejaculate upon achieving climax, much as you would expect a male penis to -- that is, if the penis is extended and it was stimulated to climax. Stimulation is very much area specific in that a penile ejaculation could not occur from vaginal, anal, oral, breast, or butt stimulation. The same can be said for each individually. It should be noted however that the ejaculate produced by a futa penis is in much higher volume than that of formerly male human penises. If one were to allow a futa to ejaculate into one's mouth then one would have to swallow a total of 3 times to swallow the entire volume of ejaculate without the ejaculate overflowing from the lips. This figure is only true however for the first ejaculation, the second ejaculation is at half volume and the third is at a third volume. That is to say that the second would require swallowing twice and the third once – though it would still be a mouth full of cum. All subsequent ejaculations would follow the volume of the third ejaculation unless there is an extended period between ejaculations. It takes about 2 hours between ejaculations to reach the volume of the previous tier. That is to say that once at the third tier it would take 2 hours to reach the second tier or 4 hours to reach the first tier and if at the second tier it would take 2 hours to reach the first tier. In other words, two swallow volume is possible after two hours of non-ejaculation once the third tier is reached and three swallow volume is possible after four hours of non-ejaculation once the third tier is reached or two hours of non-ejaculation once the second tier is reached. It is also important to mention that a futa can ejaculate an indefinite number of times and experiences no after refractory period. Their dick will stay solid as long as they're aroused and they'll cum as many times as they can stand.
    ! Unfortunately, with no way to stop the massive volume of cum condoms became completely ineffective over night, even if made to the exceptionally large sizing standards necessary. Anal sex became the new standard for sex if one were to have a significant amount of intercourse without risk of pregnancy.
    ! The makeup of futa ejaculate has also changed significantly in that it is somewhat thicker than it was previously and while the sperm remains similar the seminal fluid that constitutes the other 95% of volume is vastly different. Aside from being a bit thicker the most immediately noticeable difference is the taste - futa ejaculate is commonly said to taste very similar to sweetened condensed milk.
    ! It is also worth mentioning that the vagina and rectum have become very adept at absorbing the increased levels of ejaculate without leakage. Ejaculate is absorbed very quickly within the vaginal and rectal walls. The vagina and rectum have also become much tighter than previously though they are much better at stretching to accommodate large sizes while maintaining an incredible tightness. The lengths of the vagina and rectum have also significantly elongated and are capable of reaching depths of around 20 to 22 inches. The throat will also similarly accommodate such lengths and is separated from the stomach. As previously mentioned the rectum grows progressively sensitive the deeper one goes but the vagina and throat remain at a fairly consistent level of sensitivity within. Due to this, climax can be very easily achieved from anal intercourse and should be expected instantaneously with roughly 40% of the futa population of whom exceed 11 inches in length. At 12 inches in length orgasm will be achieved instantly once the length is fully inserted. Beyond 12 inches the intensity of the orgasm will increase dramatically. With 12 inches each stroke is said to cause climax but it is said that with penises of lengths of 13 to 15 inches and 3 to 5 inch strokes that orgasm will be constant and intense. More than this, along with the constant orgasms a much stronger orgasm will build which is frequently described as completely earth shattering and induces very strong euphoria with the intensity of both increasing as the size of the penis increases. Even more intense orgasms are achievable with the less than 1% of the population that have penises exceeding 15 inches.
    ! When a futa penis first emerges at 12 to 14 years of age it is often at the minimum of 8 inches for most of the population and will grow over the next 2 to 4 years to achieve its mature length. The penises will usually increase in size by about 25% over this time period. In other words, a futa destined to reach 15 inches will likely start out at 11 inches.
    ! Similarly to the penis situation, breasts and butts also grow over time. Breasts begin to develop at around 7 years of age and will reach their maximum size by 20. Butts start growing a little earlier in that the girls will always have a bit of a bubble butt though they really start to develop at 7 as well but will reach their maximum size a bit earlier than the breasts at age 18. The rate of breast and butt growth will depend on the girl's potential maximum. A girl destined for 8's would have 2's by 8, 5's by 12, and although 8's would be achieved by 18, the breasts continue to slowly grow a bit fuller for the next 2 years.
    ! Tongues will also grow with age but will usually start out longer from birth based on how long they will eventually be though they appear to grow randomly with no clear pattern. The size of one's tongue however often indicates how large their penis will be if they turn out to be futa. Futas of 14 and 15 inch lengths will tend to have tongues in the 8 inch range with 13 inch futas at the 7 inch range and 12 inch futas at the 6 inch range. Futas smaller than 12 inches tend to be within the 5 inch range. As for the 1% of the population with even larger penises, they may have longer tongues as well. It is unclear however what tongue length reflects among the female population as females that never become futa also have a wide variety of tongue lengths which match the same percentages of that of the futa population. Tongue lengths generally reach their fully mature length by the ages 12 to 14.
    ! In regards to human sexuality it must be mentioned that after the event there was a significant rise in libido among the population. More than this it was discovered that every 3 months humans would now go into heat which would be known as must. This cycle begins at around the ages of 12 to 14. The average length of must is around 8 to 9 days but some can must for a 16 to 18 days. During must the libido is absolutely off the charts. During a prolonged must one's libido will reach such high levels that sleep will be foregone entirely for the remaining duration of their must. The reason that it is called must is because of secretions through the skin that occur during must.
    ! During this must period when a girl is aroused her skin will appear to "sweat" but it looks more like she is oiling her body up than sweating. You can tell a girl is musting if her body is shiny and glistening exactly as if you'd drenched her in massage oil. A girl's skin will have a slight shine to it as if her body had been lightly oiled up. It could actually be missed if you weren't looking for it. But during must when a girl becomes aroused her body will appear more and more oily until she is practically dripping all over. It doesn't have an odor but it does taste lightly of strawberries and sugar.
    ! Additionally, when aroused the lips can also become wet but it's not like other arousal. Lips when lubricated look much like one is wearing lip gloss. However, it's a little more embarrassing than that as it means undeniably that the girl is thinking about sucking someone's dick. There is nothing else that will cause a girl's lips to lubricate. So for a futa if a girl looks like she's wearing lip gloss then chances are she's more than a little interested in you. Way more than a little.
    ! There also appear to be some racial differences in regards to most of the things mentioned thus far. First and foremost the fertility rate is much higher for girls of Scandinavian descent. That is to say... girls with golden hair and green or blue eyes. The fertility rate decreases for the remainder of the Caucasian race and decreases further for those of Latin American and Middle Eastern races. The fertility rate is very low for the Black and Asian races with the Asian race having an especially low fertility rate. Due to these new fertility rates the populations of all but Caucasians of Scandinavian descent are slowly decreasing as the rate of new births are lower than the rate of deaths, which are now largely accidental deaths, suicides, or conflicts such as war which account for the majority of deaths. Populations of Scandinavian descent however are rising as their fertility rate is significantly higher than the others.
    ! Racial differences however did not stop at fertility rates. While the Black race historically had larger penises overall this was no longer the case, as was also the case with larger posteriors. Asians remained the least endowed of the races but were now followed by the Black race. It is generally said that Scandinavian girls have bigger penises, bigger tits, bigger asses, tighter pussies, tighter asses, and longer tongues. They are followed by the remainder of the Caucasian race and then by the other races.
    ! Unfortunately along with all of these changes human society had to change a great deal as well. Our new bodies although no longer producing feces and requiring less food now required much more sleep. In fact, 12 hours of sleep a day is the recommended minimum. Fortunately though, motion appears to build energy. It won't make you less tired but it will make you less hungry. As such, world hunger is much less of an issue now than it was before the virus. Food costs have also went way down as people are eating less. Rather than three large meals a day one large meal a day will do, or three small ones, two medium ones, or various snacking.
    ! Aside from the event that took place on October 7th there was never any contact made with an alien species, no message received, and their intentions unclear. We were sure however that the virus could not have occurred naturally. It was far too advanced and far too specific to have occurred naturally. It was without a doubt engineered.
    ! Chapter 2: 200 years
    ! In the 200 years following the event there was a World War 3 which actually consisted of four different sides due to two separate but simultaneous conflicts.
    ! China and Korea entered into a war with Russia and Japan and was suffered heavy casualties in their defeat, losing over half of their population with much of China being split among Russia and Japan.
    ! India launched a large scale nuclear attack on the United States of Europe. Most of the missiles were shot down and India suffered heavy losses in the retaliatory strike by the USE, losing over half of its population as well in the aftermath of the war. India surrendered, keeping its borders, but paying heavy penalties and losing significant geopolitical influence.
    ! At around the same time the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, and the member states of the United Kingdom joined together to form Utopia which would be based on a new form of government called Geniocracy. The primary reason for its creation was to address criticisms of the inability of majoritarian consensus to provide a reasonable platform for intelligent decision making for the purpose of solving problems permanently. They felt that the institutions of democracy had become more concerned with appealing to popular consensus through emotive issues than they were in making long-term critical decisions, especially those not immediately relevant to the electorate. They asserted that political mandate was something far too important to simply leave to popularity and that the critical decision making required for government could not be based on criteria of emotive or popular decision making. The proposed system established thresholds of 50% above the mean for an electoral candidate and 10% above the mean for an elector.
    ! 50 years after World War 3 the United States of Europe, Russia, and Japan joined Utopia. The official world language became English and the official currency the Utopian dollar. Despite much discord the Imperial system of measurement was chosen over the Metric system for every day use while the Metric system was solidified for educational, scholarly, and scientific use. While not perfect, the compromise satisfied all parties enough for an agreement. Calendars were changed and the months were dropped. In their place there the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter would be used, each respectively starting on the Earth's two celestial Solstices and Equinoxes - March 21st, June 21st, September 23rd, and December 21st. Calendars would also start weeks on Monday. Time itself was also changed. Neither a 12 hour clock nor 24 hour clock were used. Instead, time was divided into two cycles: Light and Dark. The moment the sun rises would be 0:00 Light and the moment the sun sets would be 0:00 Dark. Times would vary heavily per region but it would be much more intuitive.
    ! With the newly formed Utopia largely dominating international politics the rest of the world would largely follow, forming their own super nations. The South American nations all the way up to Mexico would form Hispania, also commonly known as Latin America. The Arabic nations would go on to form the Arab Union. India and what was left of Asia would form the Asian Empire. Africa would not form a nation at that time though they would form a coalition of nations that they named the African Union after the now defunct European Union. These mirror super nations however would largely not follow Utopia's example of government.
    ! 25 years after the formation of Utopia there was a large Aryan movement and many Utopians moved to Antarctica which had been thawed by global warming, forming a new Aryan only nation which they would call Paradise. Following the ideals of Utopia, Paradise kept the Geniocratic system of government as well as many of its other sweeping changes. Paradise, unlike Utopia however, would be a Communist state rather than a Capitalist state with strong social welfare.
    ! There were many criticisms that a functioning Communist state was not possible but Paradise endeavored to achieve this by automating its workforce using robotics and advanced programming or artificial intelligences to make up the majority of the workforce. Their entire economy would be based around achieving this goal and it would be done gradually over time with more of the workforce being phased into automation with only an absolute minimal human workforce necessary for a working economy.
    ! Much of the world was greatly concerned over Paradise's adoption of many of World War 2 Nazi Germany's flags and insignias. The swastika however would be left facing rather than right facing and square rather than diamond. For their flag the red background was used as well as black and white colors but the symbols would be different. Rather than the black swastika being within a white circle it was instead within a white pyramid with the top cut off and forming a circle shining out beams of light to all four corners of the flag as well as straight up and each of the white symbols heavily stroked in black.
    ! Paradise even adopted similarly styled black and gray uniforms. The reasoning that they gave was that while they did not condone the events that occurred in World War 2 they acknowledged that a great deal of thought had went into the symbolism and design and that its original purpose to represent the Aryan people and an ideal Socialist state. It was their goal in doing this to remove the stain of the symbols and words from history by showing that they could be used for good and that they might come to represent the shining beacon of hope for humanity. It should be noted however that the eagle was not taken as a symbol as it was already the symbol for Utopia. Instead, the nude visage of the goddess Venus was chosen.
    ! Of course, there was the concern that Paradise would only allow Aryans within their nation but as there were immutable provisions within their constitution against genocide as well as an outright ban of religion in its entirety, only to be taught for cultural history, many of the concerns were put at ease. Paradise would be the first nation in the world to adopt Agnostic Atheism as their official religion.
    ! Despite much of the world's misgivings about Paradise in the beginning it quickly became respected as one of the world's greatest innovators, inventors, humanitarians, the most advanced, and also one of the wealthiest nations in the world which despite its relatively small size compared to the the massive Utopia was saying quite a lot. This success was largely due to the success of Paradise's Communist state and automated workforce. This allowed a much greater focus on the arts and sciences which would lead to Paradise becoming the first nation to begin asteroid mining. A single relatively small metallic asteroid with a diameter of 0.99 miles would contain more than $30 trillion worth of industrial and precious metals. With dwindling resources on Earth Paradise would become the beacon of hope for humanity and the largest economic powerhouse the world had ever seen.
    ! The now lush and green land previously known as Antarctica composed a continent roughly the size of the nations previously known as the United States of America and Canada, combined. In 125 years Paradise has done well in populating its continent as well while most other populations around the world have steadily fallen. This is no doubt largely thanks to being a purely Aryan nation. Aryan, of course referring to girls of Scandinavian descent with golden hair and blue or green eyes.
    ! In Paradise children aren't actually raised by their parents but by the government to forgo any potential issues with childhood indoctrination to religion or forms of hate and prejudice. They are raised in dormitories separated by age groups. Despite not having the standard family unit like the rest of the world they're taught to see everyone around them as their family. The Paradise child rearing system is really quite nurturing and provides proper home environments and socialization for all children. The classes are massively reformed from the archaic models used in most other nations.
    ! Dorms are generally assigned with 25 children per grade with four grades per dorm for a total of 100 children. Dorms begin with one grade level and add one lower grade level as an influx of younger children become available until all four grades are filled at which time the grades will progressively grow. While initially with children 0-1 years of age, 1-2 years of age, 2-3 years of age, and 3-4 years of age as the children age the grade levels of the dorm itself would increase. It is in this way that the children would continue to have a sense of community throughout their lives. The dorms themselves effectively exist as living centers and small communities and will continue to house the residents even after their education has completed, though some may seek higher education for years to come. New residency can of course be requested at any time as long as alternative housing is available.
    ! Citizens are of course not relegated to their dorms as there is a vast nation filled with things to do. One could however live out their entire lives in their dorm as they tend to have all of the essential necessities, especially with the advancements of 3D printing capable of manufacturing just about anything from one's dorm - if not from one's own room then from the larger industrial 3D printers available within the dorms for larger items.
    ! Food can be printed as well but such a wide variety of basic raw components are necessary that it is not available in one's room and generally takes place in larger dining areas.
    ! Personal computing has since moved into cloud computing and is no longer accessed via a physical interface but rather from optical implants where one can browse the holonet, a holographic version of its predecessor the internet. While, strictly speaking, the holonet does not consist of holograms due to the direct optical interface its name is still coined from a time when it did utilize holograms. Thanks to the optical implants a complete augmented reality experience is possible.
    ! In regards to holographic technology however as the entirety of Paradise is equipped with holotransmitters holo clothing is projectile, customizable, and readily available anywhere within Paradise. This has essentially set the need for actual clothing to a minimum when coupled with Paradise's advances in climate control. Many do still own articles of actual clothing and wear it from time to time despite the widespread availability of holoclothing. This is despite the fact that holograms can exist in either a solid or photonic state so one could feel as if they are either wearing nothing or as if they are wearing heavy clothing and they are indeed able to retain warmth. The weather in Paradise does not become cold during winter as it is largely maintained at a static 73°F but idealic room temperature holosnow is projected during the winter seasons. The holosnow features a vastly softened impact when thrown as a snow ball as opposed to a real snow ball, making snow ball fights much more fun with less chance of injury. Along with augmented reality there are even numbers displayed above one's head among the participants during snow ball fights with their scores, green for a positive score and red negative numbers for a negative score.
    ! Holograms however are not the extent of fun things of the virtual world. Thanks to neural implants a true virtual reality was made possible and many spend much of their lives playing games or fictional scenarios within the virtual world. These technologies largely only exist in Paradise as much of the rest of the world is still far behind the technology curve, with their technologies still requiring physical hardware and being nowhere near as sophisticated
    ! The nation of Paradise grew rapidly after its formation despite only initially consisting of less than 100 million Utopians. Everyone was encouraged to reproduce and with new children able to emerge in merely a single month's time the nation's population grew very quickly. It was relatively difficult to keep up with the demand for housing and education in the early years but everything turned out well in the end.
    ! Chapter 3: Tiffany
    ! Our real story begins 200 years after the event in the form of a young 14 year old Paradisian girl named Tiffany. She's a very cute but shy and innocent girl despite being very well endowed. At 14 she's already a 9 cup and she has a 40 inch ass with a 20 inch waist. Given those numbers one could assume she would grow up with 11 cups, the absolute largest of size. Tiffany also has a 9 inch long tongue but she hasn't told anyone because she already gets enough attention as it is due to her voluptuous body and she's sure that she's a girl instead of a futa because she's shy and emotionally more sensitive.
    ! Of course, all of that was about to change as Tiffany was laying in bed one morning thinking about one of the cute girls in her class when suddenly her mound started feeling really warm and she watched in total disbelief as a massive thick 12 inch cock rose from just above her slit.
    ! Tiffany surprised: W-What?!
    Tiffany embarrassed: Omigosh!
    ! She immediately sat up.
    ! Tiffany (thoughts): It's so big… omigosh it's so big!!!
    ! Tiffany knew all about dicks. Every little girl thinks about dicks and they all like big ones. But Tiffany also knew that no matter how big a dick is the very first time it comes out for a futa it will eventually grow to be 25% bigger than that even. For her, with a thick massive 12 inch cock in front of her meant that she would have a huge 16 inch cock that would be among the largest in the world, a size less than 1% of the population had.
    ! Tiffany embarrassed: I-It's huge! Holy crap!
    ! Out of Tiffany's dorm there were two girls that she really liked and she also happened to sort of be friends with. One was a 2 year older futa girl named Veronica with 8 cups and a 15 inch dick. She had been making passes at Tiffany for months now and she was very strongly considering it. The other was a 2 year younger girl named Monica with 7 cups who had also eagerly expressed interest in Tiffany. While both of them had expressed interest however their interests were quite different, as were their approaches…
    ! Veronica was a very confident futa and she often told Tiffany that she'd love for her to suck her dick and to slide her dick up Tiffany's ass, that she'd make her cream all night long. Each time was met with Tiffany blushing because her lips would get wet thinking about it. This, of course, only made Veronica even more interested because she knew Tiffany was into the idea.
    ! Monica on the other hand was very horny for her age and wanted Tiffany to have her way with her in every way possible but she definitely wanted to be on the receiving end of it with the voluptuous Tiffany doing whatever she wants to her. Monica was actually the girl Tiffany had been thinking about when her massive boner emerged. Monica had quite a big butt and Tiffany was definitely thinking about it. Unlike Veronica who would tease Tiffany every day when she saw her and talk to her during meals Monica was practically always tagging along with Tiffany and hanging out in her room.
    ! It was at this particular moment however that Monica had decided to visit Tiffany's room unannounced The sliding door opened, the left and right panels going into the wall, leaving Monica a clear view of Tiffany sitting on her bed completely nude with her enormous cock right in front of her.
    ! Monica surprised: Holy shit! Your dick is huge!
    ! Tiffany looked up at her like a deer caught in headlights. She hadn't even noticed Monica come in. Monica walked towards her.
    ! Monica: How long have you–-
    Tiffany: Just now.
    Monica: Right now?
    Tiffany: Yeah.
    Monica: So your first must is starting.
    Tiffany: I-I um… I don't know...
    Monica: It always starts when a futas dick first comes out, that's what triggers it. You may not feel musty yet, but… you will pretty soon.
    Tiffany: What should I do? It's so big!
    ! Monica grinned at her and started taking her clothes off.
    ! Tiffany embarrassed: W-What are you doing?!
    Monica: You're going through must. What were you thinking about when it happened?
    Tiffany embarrassed: W-What?! N-Nothing!
    Monica: I know girls that are futas. You were fantasizing about something and whatever it was it was enough to trigger your first must.
    Monica happily: Tell me.
    Tiffany embarrassed: N-No. I-It's… personal.
    Monica grinning: It was about me, wasn't it?
    ! By now Monica had completely undressed and walked over to the foot of Tiffany's bed.
    ! Tiffany embarrassed: I-It…
    Monica grinning: Was.
    Monica happily: What was it about?
    Monica excitedly: Ohh, I bet it was about my big butt!
    Monica: I have a really big butt.
    Monica: You're totally into girls with big butts, aren't you?
    Tiffany embarrassed: I-I, um…
    Monica: Yeah, it was definitely the big butt. You're always checking out my ass.
    Monica giggling: You like it when I sit on your lap, too.
    Monica grinning: So, do you want me to sit on your lap with my big ass?
    ! Tiffany's instinct was to say be embarrassed about what she'd just said and say no but she her body was starting to must and she was losing all self control and inhibitions.
    ! Tiffany: Okay.
    Monica excitedly: Really?
    Monica: Ohhh, you are musting! I see it!
    Monica: Hold on…
    Tiffany innocently: Hold on for wha–
    ! Just then Monica jumped up onto her bed, both feet at once and crouched down lowering herself onto Tiffany's enormous dick. It was already sliding in Monica's tight ass before Tiffany could say a word.
    ! Tiffany surprised: Holy shit!
    Monica grinning: Hey, that's my line.
    ! Monica continued slowly lowering down onto Tiffany's huge cock.
    ! Tiffany embarrassed: M-Monica…
    Monica: I feel your dick pulsating inside me. This is what you were thinking about, isn't it?
    Tiffany embarrassed: Yes…
    Monica: Ohhh, good girl. You're more honest when you're musting. Me likey.
    ! Monica slid down further still, now at around 8 inches up her ass. She couldn't help but let out a soft moan.
    ! Tiffany: Your ass is sooo tight… I feel it squeezing around me so hard… Your insides are sucking on me and massaging me all over.
    Monica: Yeah… your dick is huge.
    ! Monica stopped.
    ! Monica: You have to do the rest.
    Tiffany surprised: What?
    Monica: Push me down on your dick.
    Monica: I'm going to cum, and… there's no way I can do it. You have to. It already feels way too good, my legs are feeling weak.
    Tiffany innocently: Well… We can do what I was really thinking about...
    Monica: Yeah? And what was that?
    ! Tiffany turned them around on the bed, lifting up Monica just momentarily from behind her knees and then tossing her down on the bed in front of her along with herself. With the sudden weight of her body Tiffany's dick went straight up Monica's ass the rest of the way causing Monica to let out a super erotic moan. Tiffany could tell that she'd just came, her entire rectum tightened up and her insides began to pulsate wildly. Tiffany's skin was starting to look even more oiled up all over.
    ! Tiffany grinning: Anal missionary.
    Monica embarrassed: Holy crap! A-A little warning!
    Tiffany grinning: Okay. I'm going to fuck your brains out.
    Tiffany happily: Warning enough?
    ! Before Monica could even answer Tiffany began pumping her ass hard. Tiffany was doing 4 inch strokes, 8 to 12 every time. Monica was cumming with every stroke and Tiffany was loving watching the cute girl squirm beneath her as she pumped her big round ass.
    ! Soon Tiffany's body looked completely oiled up and there was nothing holding her back from Monica's tight ass beneath her. All inhibitions were gone, it was like she was on a rampage. She was pumping as hard and as fast as she could. Monica's lewd moans were loud but Tiffany knew that every room was sound proofed for this very reason and didn't hold back.
    ! Monica's big ass truly was tight though and despite Tiffany's excitement she didn't last more than 5 minutes before exploding up Monica's ass. Monica had never had a futa cum inside of her before so she was very surprised by the volume.
    ! Tiffany didn't stop going. She even started groping, licking, and sucking on Monica's large breasts which were tiny compared to her own but still nice and big and squishy. She sucked on them enough to even get milk to come out which to a girl feels like ejaculation.
    ! Soon though Tiffany grinned as an idea came into her head. She began to kiss Monica who was completely unaware of the length of Tiffany's tongue. And then suddenly Tiffany extends her entire tongue down Monica's throat which made Monica's eyes open wide in total surprise. Tiffany was still groping her breasts like crazy but now she was also throat fucking her with her tongue. She thought about it while pumping Monica's ass and she even lifted Monica's hips and angled her own just right along with the movement of her hips so every stroke would squish Tiffany's lower abs and mound against Monica's pussy and work it as she pumped her ass. It was Tiffany's goal to make Monica cum from her ass, her pussy, both of her breasts, and her throat all at the same time. What's more, with the way Monica's big ass was getting pushed down into the bed she was betting she was working Monica's ass slit too. So, if she was lucky and got it just right she could make Monica experience 5 or 6 separate orgasms all at once.
    ! It seemed that Tiffany was naturally skilled as within seconds her devious little plan had started to pay off and within a few minutes she was getting every single one of Monica's pleasure zones off. They weren't at the same times because each part would orgasm independently and at different rates but she worked on her timing and her movements, her tongue fucking and her breast work, and soon she was getting it pretty spot on. She was making Monica have 4 to 6 orgasms at a time and more often than not Tiffany was managing all 6.
    ! Monica was cumming so much she could barely stand it. What Tiffany was doing to her on her first time was the epitome of futa sex. Any girl that could do what she was doing was the absolute best. The only way it gets better is a bigger dick and soon Tiffany would have one of the biggest of them all. Monica was totally smitten with her. She really had it bad for her before but now there was no stopping her.
    ! Monica: Oh I am sooo your little fuck toy!
    ! Monica: Omigod… gasm gasm gasm gasm gasm gasm... holy shit!
    ! In Paradise relationships, much like the family unit, tend to be quite different.
    much more open relationships... carefree sex... less commitment.. more sexual...
    ! Tiffany: Clothes set Ritual 1.
    ! Instantly Tiffany's short white silk Ancient Greek style dress vanishes with gold forearm bands, shin bands, and upper arm bands appearing. It is customary in modern Paradisian culture when one enters must and wants to offer herself to another to adorn a ritualistic set of clothing that symbolizes the intense desire for sex. The most bold of these which also delivers the strongest message is the Ritual 1 set and its variations which you see Tiffany wearing now that only features gold jewelry on the arms and legs. The sets become more intricate and less scantily clad as one progress in number. The ritual set in Paradisian culture however means only one thing: I am in must and I want fucked.
    ! Tiffany opens the door to Veronica's room, standing in the doorway with wet lips and slightly glistening body as Veronica looks out from her room at her.
    ! Veronica grinning: It hit… So, are you ready to suck some dick?
    ! Tiffany nods, unhessitant in her resolve.
    ! Tiffany: Yeah. I am so ready.
    Veronica giggling: Cute.
    Veronica: Okay. Come suck on the big girl dick
    Veronica: Oh and Tiffy… you'd better not have any plans tonight.
    Tiffany: Just your big dick up my ass making me cream all night.
    Veronica grinning: Good girl.
    ! In modern human culture accepting to suck a dick, regardless of whether you are girl or futa, means one thing: You want her to fuck you in the ass for an extended period of time making you climax over and over on her dick.
    ! Offering to suck a dick however is different from being offered and accepting. Offering confers little social responsibility with no promises of sex afterwords. It is more along the lines of a very friendly greeting. The small caveat of these is that the clear sign of wet lips displaying that a girl is thinking of sucking a dick does not count as an offer to suck a dick. One does usually receive an offer to do so shortly after the lips are noticed however.
    ! Veronica however had always went much further in her pursuit of Tiffany, not merely suggesting she suck her dick but also what would follow as well. This left no doubt that Veronica's goal was to intensely fuck Tiffany up her ass and was bold even for modern Paradisian culture. It also very strongly meant one thing: Veronica wanted Tiffany to be her sexual playing, always on the receiving end of her dick. It was an offer for a long term intense one way anal relationship.
    ! For Tiffany due to her extremely voluptuous figure she was often the center of attention and was frequently offered a dick up her ass. A romantic proposal to Tiffany, unlike most other girls, almost always included an offer to suck their dick. This was standard affair for the most voluptuous Paradisian girls. While most girls would pursue more normal romantic relationships this was not the case with the most voluptuous They are in very high demand sexually due to the rise in libido and lack of self control during must.
    ! Veronica, as it would so happen, had the largest breast, butt, and dick combination in the entire dorm. Girls with 15 inch dicks, being the top 10%, generally have their choice of sexual partners. This was even more so the case for Veronica due to her large breasts and ass as well. Tiffany was by far the cutest and was destined to be the most voluptuous of the dorm which made her especially sexually desired.
    ! Veronica for the past several months had set her sights on Tiffany and would ask Tiffany to suck her dick every day but she was the only girl so bold as to tell her she wanted to slide her dick up Tiffany's ass and that she'd make her cream all night long. Even though it was assumed with an offer of dick sucking, to actually say it was extremely bold. In fact, Veronica often went even further saying things like…
    ! Veronica: C'mon, my big dick up your ass every day… you'd love that shit.
    ! Which made it abundantly clear that Veronica was looking to actually establish a long term relationship rather than a heat of the moment fucking, which was rare in Paradisian culture. Girls as cute and voluptuous as Tiffany would be were also rare. Veronica clearly wanted to lay claim to her ass now before she was fully developed and keep it that way after. The girls like Tiffany were often in such high demand that if you didn't get them early you'd have a hard time later on. Veronica knew that.
    ! When Tiffany started sucking Veronica's dick she completely wrapped her long tongue around it like a corkscrew and was completely coating it in her saliva.
    ! Veronica: That's a nice tongue, Tiffany.
    Veronica: You're going to love my dick down your throat.
    Veronica: They say the sensitivity doesn't increase the deeper you go in a throat or a pussy but I'll let you in on a little secret…
    Veronica grinning: The pleasure does.
    Veronica: More surface area's reached with a longer dick. Even if it doesn't get more sensitive it still feels better.
    Veronica: Take 10 down your throat and see how it feels then take the full 15 and compare.
    Veronica giggling: Then get serious once you're done playing around.
    Veronica: Oh and Tiffy… I'll let you know when you're in for a big load because I want it to all go right in your mouth. I want you to taste how good it is and swallow every drop.
    Veronica: After you make me cum I'll put it up your ass. So just be a good girl and lay on the bed once you get a mouthful.
    ! Tiffany took Veronica's advice and started deepthroating a mere 10 inches which she thought felt really good but once she took down the full 15 she understood what Veronica was saying. There's just so much more dick…
    ! It was her first time sucking a dick but Tiffany was a natural. It only took her a few minutes before Veronica gestured her.
    ! Veronica: Up. Time for cum.
    ! Tiffany stopped deepthroating and started sucking on the head of Veronica's cock, wrapping her tongue around the first several inches like a corkscrew and working it as she sucked on it.
    ! Veronica excitedly: Ohh, good girl…
    Veronica happily: Here it is.
    ! Tiffany knew about the volume of cum futas had, especially being one herself, but it still caught her off guard. She barely managed to swallow before she choked on it.
    ! Veronica: Just let your throat open and drink it.
    ! Tiffany swallowed again, still leaving her with a mouth full of cum. Veronica pulled her dick out.
    ! Veronica: Don't worry, you'll get plenty of practice. Your must has only just started.
    ! Tiffany swallowed her mouth full of cum as she crawled onto Veronica's bed on all fours.
    ! Veronica: We have all week and believe me.. by the end of it you won't be able to get enough of it.
    Veronica: That's good. Stay like that.
    Tiffany: You were right. Cum tastes really good.
    Veronica giggling: That's right, cutie.
    Veronica: Man, you have a big ass
    ! Veronica got up onto the bed behind Tiffany. Against her better judgment Tiffany decided to make her ass lightly clap to tease her.
    ! Veronica excitedly: Ohh, you are a little slut…
    Veronica grinning: Just wait until I have my big dick up your butt.
    ! As Veronica began to slide her huge dick up Tiffany's tight little asshole Tiffany realized that Veronica's dick felt way bigger than she had imagined.
    ! Tiffany embarrassed: O-Omigosh it's big.
    Veronica: Holy fuck, your ass is soooo tight! Are you serious? This is insane…
    Veronica: This is literally like my cock sliding through the gates of heaven.
    Veronica: I've fucked a lot of girls Tiff but your ass is out of this world.
    Veronica: It's not just super fucking tight… the texture! The way it sucks on my cock... holy fuck.
    ! Veronica's dick passed the 8 inch mark.
    ! Tiffany surprised: O-Oh wow!
    Veronica happily: Yeah? That surprise you?
    Veronica grinning: I guess I'm your first dick up the ass, huh?
    Tiffany: Yeah. It had to be you.
    Veronica: Oh?
    Tiffany: I think about your dick a lot. You're always saying how you'll slide it up my ass and make me cream all night so it's hard not to think about it.
    Tiffany: And um… You're really hot and have a 15 inch dick, so it has to be you.
    Veronica: You're a fan of big boobs too, aren't you?
    Tiffany: Yeah. Of course.
    Veronica: Well, I'm glad you thought of me. Here's your reward.
    ! In that instant Veronica stopped sliding her dick slowly up Tiffany's ass and instead rammed it all the way in – an entire extra 7 inches all at once. Tiffany experienced her first truly earth shattering orgasm.
    ! Tiffany surprised: Oh my god! That was…
    Veronica: That was just an appetizer. I'm sorry cutie but you aren't going to be talking much for the rest of the night. Try not to cum too hard. I hear you can black out.
    Tiffany innocently: W-What? Really?
    Veronica grinning: Yep!
    ! And just like that Veronica began pumping Tiffany's ass. It was like Tiffany's world just shattered. Constant climax, even stronger climax… In seconds she was flat on her stomach because her legs got weak. Veronica was pumping her ass even harder in 4 inch strokes. She also did it so Tiffany'd entire body got pressed against the bed and pushed back and forth with each stroke. The bed sheets were rubbing against her slit, her breasts were rubbing against the bed, and Veronica was working her ass so good that her butt slit was practically cumming the whole the time as well. Doing a girl like this made her want it up the ass so bad it was mind shattering but at the same time she had it up her ass so it was instant fulfillment.
    ! The only thing more submissive than accepting a dick sucking offer and showing up in Ritual 1 is to have your throat tongue fucked then lick your own throat lube from her tongue. It was the sign that a girl wanted it purely up her ass and that she was accepting you as her dominant lover. It was a long term sexual relationship sort of thing. And well... While fucking Tiffany up the ass Veronica turned Tiffany's face to the side and slid her tongue down her throat and throat fucked her before leaving her tongue in Tiffany's mouth to see her reaction. Tiffany sucked on it. Veronica did it again and again, affirming their relationship. Tiffany had agreed without saying a word to take Veronica's dick up her ass any time she wanted and that it would be one way. Veronica's dick, her ass.
    ! True to her word Veronica made Tiffany cream all over her big cock through the entire night. Not just a few hours but the entire night. Tiffany hadn't thought she was completely serious about that but it turns out that she was.
    ! Throughout her must Tiffany would go on to fuck Monica up the ass every day and let Veronica fuck her up the ass every day as well. Of course, days 8 and 9 rolled around and Tiffany's must should have ended but it was still going strong. This wasn't usual for a girl that wasn't extremely horny all the time. You see, the longer a must goes on the more intense it becomes. Most girls can't control themselves by day 9. By day 12 Tiffany had stopped sleeping which was not unusual for a girl in this long of must. She had begun to fuck Monica 12 hours a day and be fucked by Veronica the other 12. By day 16 Tiffany just wanted a dick up her ass.
    ! Unfortunately Veronica had to sleep and could not give it to Tiffany up the ass every hour of the day. So, Tiffany went to a girl's room she knew had a 15 inch cock. She wasn't as voluptuous as Veronica or as cute but she was known for fucking girls hard. When the door opened Tiffany was completely nude and musting so hard that not only did she look as if she were covered in body oil but she was so wet that she was dripping.
    ! Tiffany: Up my ass, now .
    Girl: Holy shit, how far along is your must?
    Tiffany: Day 16. Your dick's going up my ass 12 hours a day until it's over. Tiffany: I'm not taking no for an answer.
    ! Tiffany entered the girl's room.
    ! Girl: Wow. I've never seen a girl this far along. I can't do you for 12 hours though. We can do 4 then I've got class.
    Tiffany: Fine! Just hurry up and get your dick up my ass!
    ! Tiffany would visit two additional 15 inch girls with a similar arrangement before going to Veronica and really getting fucked. This went on for 4 days. Tiffany's must was an unusual one. Even the worst ones only lasted 16 to 18 days but hers was exceptional like every thing else about her body. Hers lasted a full 20 days.

    edit: Or not… the forum thinks it's funny automerging my post and cutting the entire thing out. Well, shit... Here's part 2 in BBCode: http://pastebin.com/ANa2dtfY

    edit: Also, bonus content...



  • @'aguinness':

    "Tiff likes to get buttfucked by big dicks."

    yeah, wheres the "Tiff like to suck big dicks"? ;)

    (couldn't resist plugging my fave fetish)

  • Well, it's because this is a forum for erotica. I don't share my non-sex stuff here.

  • Finally got around to reading all this. In terms of your writing style, it's an interesting approach, utilizing a hybrid script/prose format. It takes a little getting used to, but then doing that sort of thing, it should be expected that one should take some time adjusting. I'd be interested in seeing you write in third-person with that format.

    In terms of content…while your ability to invoke visual imagery works very well, and your dialogue is decent, the thing that sticks out is that you use the same subject matter repeatedly, which is to say "Tiff likes to get buttfucked by big dicks." There's nothing wrong with writing about anal, but it's all you really seem to write, with only some variation. "arranged" was the one significant exception, but still. (I still would like to see a full version of that though, just sayin')

    Furthermore, sometimes your stories essentially remind me of Eddie Izzard's Champagne bit, except replace the "CHAMPAGNE!" with "BUTTSEX!" Even when there's some "hey, I don't want anal right now," two lines later it's anal. It gets to be repetitive and boring when almost every scene is simply anal or double anal. Like, I was kind of hoping that Tiffany in the first story would finally say enough and just blow off one of the mercs' heads with a ray gun at an opportune time in response to to the many times they butt-fucked her and refused to let her escape (she is a criminal, after all).

    Your futa succubus story could present something interesting, but you should probably attempt to write something more than just anal as your basis for sex scenes. Your preface presents a unique variation on succubi (particularly the whole breast egg thing), and offers a lot of ideas besides anal to work with. Try using them. I would love to see what you do with them.

  • Here's a prologue to the story that prefaces a detailed description of the succubus creature so that the reader knows what to expect in this universe's version of the succubus. It should be inserted prior to Chapter 1.

    ! The succubus. A beautiful magical creature, able to change its appearance at will. In their truest form they are the most beautiful beings in existence, having the appearance of voluptious young women with ideal features and proportions.
    ! Beyond those obvious character traits, in their truest form, they also sport a pair of horns in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. They also have two sets of fangs on both the top and the bottom, their laterals and cuspids. They are sharp and able to both extend and retract. They also have tails, generally, in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and textures, though the most common of which being a long smooth tail coming from the small of the back with either a heart or spear shaped tip.
    ! Like their large bat-like wings that many and perhaps most sport, they are a smooth rubbery black in color and texture. While wings vary greatly, it is of course the most common. They are able to be shrunk, expanded, or even completely retracted. Their tails similarily share the ability to extend or retract completely, as do their horns.
    ! In fact, their nails which we've yet to get to, also share this characteristic to a certain point. Their nails are generally about an inch long, though they could easily be called razor sharp talons instead of nails. They can change shape and appearance, retracting flush or extending many inches to perhaps even 10 inch long razor sharp nearly unbreakable weapons, which can prove to be quite lethal. It is their weapon of choice if forced to defend themselves, aside from magic and depending on the individual.
    ! Though regarding their nails, it's important to mention that they also have prehensile feet, which is a little known fact. Though shaped like human feet they are able to grasp with them completely as if they were hands. They can also opt for quite long toes, changing the shape of their instep to accomodate for the increased length and even sporting a talon-like heel completely capable of prehensile grasping with the precision of a hand and deadliness of a raptor's talons.
    ! Their tails too are entirely prehensile and strong enough to hang from. They can even be used as a weapon, spearing enemies or prey. Some have even taken to morphing the tip of their tails to the shape of a human penis and using it in a similar fashion, should the opportunity present itself.
    ! Though most opt for growing their own penis from their pubic mound, just above the vulva. In general, they tend to be quite large. The smallest likely being no less than 8 inches and by choice alone. As much as 20 inches and with the thickness of an arm is entirely plausible and not outside the realm of possibility. Most tend to opt to a more comfortable size of around 9 or 10 inches when dealing with humans while a more liberal size of around 13 to 15 inches when dealing with fellow succubi.
    ! It's a largely unknown fact among non-succubi that succubi even possess schlongs rather attributing said members to the incubus which despite common believe do not even exist. A succubus can, at will, change its genders to accomodate its prey or its own preferences though very few ever do take on the appearance of a man instead opting to remain entirely female save for the addition of a rather large cock.
    ! A cock, which, is completely prehensile itself though they tend to use them much like a human, albeit with a few additions. Vibration, pulsation, and so on. A succubus can even have sex entirely stationary with even more verocity than the most active of human men by extending and retracting their cocks at any desired speed and strength while already inserted. They can even use it to supplement their movement to appear to be going much faster or harder than they actually are or to move against their own movements creating an entirely unique sensation. They are masters of their art.
    ! But speaking of masters of their art, it would be a grave crime not to mention their prowess with their tongues. Their tongue, much longer than a humans, able to extend to incredible lengths of around 12 to 13 inches on average, can be used with great skill during cunnilingus as the greatest orgasm induction in existence. They tend to play with one another this way, and their lovers. Human females are caught completely off guard being quickly sent into an ecstasy of rapturous delight.
    ! While it is believed succubi feed on the ejaculate of human males, it is not entirely the case, though they do greatly enjoy the taste. What they actually feed on is the feeling of pleasure and climax. Ejaculation is only a byproduct of orgasm, which is what they are truly after. And despite popular belief, most succubi seek out human females as they experience much more pleasure and intense orgasms which can be sustained and repeated for long periods of time. Few things are more filling to a succubus than making cute little girls cum all night.
    ! And despite popular belief, while a succubus can drain lifeforce it can also give it or do nothing to it at all. Lifeforce is something completely different than what succubi feed on. Lifeforce is used for immortality, eternal beauty, and eternal youth, all of which they are also able to confer to mortals, should they desire it. A particularly pleasing lover may even be made effectively immortal.
    ! They can do other things as well as an almost second nature, such as causing instant arousal or even substantially increasing the size of a man's member, or a girl's breasts or butt. They can even give off a pheromone that will attract others to an individual or location, like an extreme aphrodisiac.
    ! They also possess extreme magical powers, able to travel in shadows or by magical rune circles, should they prefer to use magic rather than physical flight. They have potent magic of other kinds as well, some of the most potent among all creatures.
    ! In regards to a succubi's ability to reproduce, true to legend they are indeed capable of becoming inpregnated and spawning hundreds or even thousands of offspring in a single night. Though, not everything about that particular legend is true. Firstly: A succubus spawning young is by choice. There is no involuntary process that makes them become pregnant. Instead, the genetic information from every partner they've ever had is taken and its best traits are incorporated and passed down along with a potentially vast genetic memory.
    ! Unlike humans however when a succubus becomes pregnant it is not its stomach that grows, rather it is their breasts. They start being filled by eggs not dissimilar to fish eggs, and can grow to several times their original size or not change at all depending on how large they were originally. Of course once made they have to come out and unlike humans and other animals they do not come out of neither their vagina nor their anus. Instead, it is their mouth that they come from. They spew them forth like a dam bursting from their mouths, filled with tiny eggs.
    ! Once spawned, the eggs quickly grow and rapidly develop. In a single night they develop from the size of a frog egg all the way to mature adulthood where they will remain for the rest of their lives as once hatched their life cycle is complete - one of the benefits of eternal beauty and eternal youth. Education and training of their young is not required due to the extensive genetic memory passed down. The young know what their mothers knew and are quite prepared for the world.
    ! The succubi's reproduction is the little known reason as to why a succubi's throat is always lubricated which makes the task of deepthroating effortless and simply second nature. Their throats and tongues are quite errogenous themselves and it's not uncommon for succubi to throat fuck one another while kissing, which… would likely be rather surprising to a human.
    ! Their breasts that generate the eggs for their youth are also quite errogenous and even capable of orgasm, nearly as much so as their vulva, which is quite different from a human's. The clitoris, clitoral hood and labia minora are not present whatsoever on a succubus. Rather, the nerves for these parts line the interior of the smooth pink slit between their labia minora which has the appearance of two plump little butt cheeks and even spreading out into the labia majora itself. Suffice to say, cunnilingus for a succubus is even more stimulating than for a human.
    ! A succubi's vagina is much more texturous than a human's as well and indeed much much deeper. Their textures can change and true to legends their vaginas can become like razor sharp teeth and completely shred and tear off a man's cock, should he be brazen enough to attempt insertion with a succubus that is clearly not willing.
    ! Their rectum is similarly equipped, and even more errogenous than their vaginas are. And like their vaginas, their rectums are always lubricated and become even moreso when aroused. Both of which are incredibly tight but can stretch to incredible sizes to accomodate rather gifted partners. Barring a giant's cock larger than the succubus herself, it's unlikely one would come across a cock so large a succubus could not conquer it and leave its owner drooling.

    I also started on Chapter 3 last night but I'm not done with it yet.

  • I like your style Tiffy!

  • administrators

    very hot :)

  • Hmm… surprisingly little interest...!

    Here's one I did last night, both blondes with green eyes, one futa and one not. Maybe it'll pique your interest. I've opted not to bother with formatting though so some italicized words aren't present and the bolding of names isn't done.

    I call it... "Futanari Succubi"

    ! I'm 18 years old. I'm the hottest girl in the country, not just my school. I've never said it myself but everyone seems to think so. They either say hottest or cutest so I guess it's pretty interchangable.
    ! I have a really cute face everyone says, and I know I have pouty lips and a nice smile. I have emerald green eyes and golden blonde hair, about breast length and in that typical style that models wear their hair.
    ! My breasts started growing when I was 9. I've had the biggest breasts in my grade ever since and after a few years they've been the biggest in the school. They're already up to a big full F cup now. My aureoles and nipples are the perfect size for them, if a bit on the smaller side. Despite having so much volume, I mean they're really full, they're still really nice and firm… almost gravity defiant a little bit for their size.
    ! I'm 5'5, I have a really small waist and wide hips. My thighs are kinda medium-ish, a bit on the thicker side a little. My tummy's really flat and you can kinda see that line down the middle a little bit but I don't really have a six pack or anything.
    ! That aside, I have really nice lower back muscles for some reason. You know, the one in the little "v" above your butt? I almost wish I didn't. I've always had a bubble butt even when I was little but when my breasts started getting bigger so did my butt. It's... well, it's pretty plump now. It's almost like a perfect half circle looking at it from the side, maybe a little more even. It's a pretty big booty. I've always wished it was smaller cause I think I have a big butt but all the guys like it. Everyone tells me that guys love girls with big butts like mine so I don't know, maybe they're right.
    ! Despite starting puberty at 9 periods never started and neither did pubic hair or any other body hair for that matter. I saw a doctor and they were astonished right away that I don't have a labia minora, clitoris, or even a clitoral hood! It's just like two little butt cheeks with a deep pink slit leading all the way down to my vagina hole. I was a virgin though so they couldn't look inside without breaking my hymen and the doctor was pretty puzzled so they did some MRI and ultrasound and whatever else they did and apparently I'm sterile and can't have kids because I don't have the part where the eggs go. But on the flip side I have way more girl hormones than most girls which is why I have big breasts and a big butt and my body developed so... voluptiously... and probably why everyone thinks I'm just so incredibly cute.
    ! I'm already set up with a bunch of magazines to be a glamour model, super model, and especially a butt model. I work on weekends with them sometimes, doing some shoots. I can't do anything nude or provocative but I can do swimwear and some other stuff and I'm already getting kinda popular.
    ! Everyone in my school calls me "Miss Perfect." I don't know why because I'm not. I get good grades without ever really studying and I never really try but I have straight A's. I'm good at sports, at least the ones I play. I mostly do swim and track. They're at different times of year so it's okay. A lot of people think I should do cheerleading but I think it's stupid and watching football is a snore. Playing sports is fun but watching them, I don't know how people enjoy that... I never have.
    ! I guess track may attribute a little bit to my butt being so big since a lot of the track girls have nice butts but none of them have butts like mine. Everyone's always talking about it. We wear booty shorts and sports bras so it's kinda hard not to see.
    ! For swimming it's those one piece rubber spandex or whatever swim suits. Mine's one that has cleavage and since my breasts are so big everyone always talks about them. A lot of girls are envious. Some of the flatter girls jokingly say if I told them I wish I had smaller ones or I'd trade them that they'd have to kill me... I understand though. It would probably feel better without big ones but it's hard to know what it would be like if I had small ones since you'd be embarassed and you'd know that boys like big ones and even girls like big ones. It's kinda like guys being worried about having big dicks. I guess girls win on that field though since breast implants are a heck of a lot easier than bigger penis surgery. I don't think it even works out so well.
    ! Anyways, I'm pretty popular but I don't have any real friends. I have a lot of friends at school but I don't hang out with anyone at my house or go to their houses or anything. I've gone out a few times with some friends from swim or track in groups but it's not like any of them are good friends of mine that come to my house.
    ! A lot of guys and girls have asked me out. I'm not really sure which sex has asked me out more but I guess I'm okay with either. I'm still not really all that sure which I like so I guess I like them both.
    ! If they look good and they're nice and not jerks or weird or anything I'll let them take me out on a date but there usually never ends up being a second date. They want to usually, but I can tell pretty well when I'm not really all that interested. Sometimes I'll have two or three dates, but nothing ever really happens. I always make sure there's a chaperone of some kind nearby even if they're not immediately nearby so I don't get raped. I know how it can be for cute girls.
    ! My other nickname around school is "Miss Pure." I guess since I dated enough people and I'm popular enough that everyone knows that I'm a virgin and nothing ever happens when I go out on dates. I think it's probably good though. I wouldn't want everyone to think I'm a slut. They would only be disappointed and I think it probably makes people want me even more knowing that I'm still a virgin.
    ! Well, I was anyways...

    ! It was a Friday night. I'd already showered after I got home from school and I re-did my hair apnd put a little bit of makeup back on. I was hanging out in my room without any clothes on just laying on my bed on my tummy watching TV, which is pretty normal for me after school. I keep my door locked and my mom doesn't really bother me and I'm more comfortable naked. I always sleep that way and I'm always like that unless I need to go out of my room.
    ! But everything irrevocably changed from anything but normal in an instant. My TV turned off and the ceiling lit up with this pink glowing magical runic circle and then after a second a blur streaked down to the ground and there was an identical pink glowing magical runic circle there on the floor too and then the one on the ceiling slammed to the ground merging into the other and as it did like a blur a girl suddenly appeared before me and then the circle slammed up past the ceiling and disappeared.
    ! This girl standing there before me wasn't normal. Se was as pretty as me but a bit older. Maybe in her early to mid 20's to mid 20's at the most. She had golden hair like me but in a hime cut and had emerald eyes but the blacks of her eyes were slanted like a snake's and the whites of her eyes were black. She had huge bat-like wings and a good sized tail that came to a heart shaped almost spear-like tip, both of which were black and rubbery looking. she also had demon-like black horns from the upper sides of her head that came out and up going in a very tight circle going somewhat forward before coming back up again to a sharp point above her head. She had long 2 inch long black nails on both her hands and feet which were more like razor sharp claws than nails. She had two sets of fangs on both the top and bottom rows of her teeth which I only knew because she was grinning at me very lewdly.
    ! Succubus grinning: Are you ready for a big fat cock up your ass?
    Tiffany surprised: Eeeeh?!
    ! The girl's wings, tail, and nails receded back into her body as if she was transforming into a normal girl except she retained her fangs but her eyes went to normal. Her nails looked as if she had a perfect french manicure.
    ! I watched on in total disbelief as suddenly from about half an inch above her pussy a gigantic cock started to emerge as if it was growing right out from her pubic mound from nothing. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen in my life. Huge, long, thick. It had to be as thick as my forearm and a good 13 inches long. It looked like it was already a bit wet like it was coated in some kind of cloudy gel.
    ! As she walked over from in front of me to the side of my bed that's when I realized that I couldn't scream and I couldn't move. I was completely paralyzed.
    ! I felt the weight of her body around either side of me on my bed as her knees pressed into it behind me somewhere between my hips and knees.
    ! And then I felt her hands… They were so soft and warm... she only placed them on my lower back just above my butt, very gently.
    ! Then, I felt a the head of her huge slippery cock slowly spreading apart my butt cheeks as she slid it down between them and then there was a pause as I felt it touch my asshole. I couldn't even see her since I was stuck looking forward but I could feel her lewd grin looking down at me.
    ! Tiffany embarassed: Oh god...
    ! I was thinking it and it just came out. I'd been trying to talk and say things but that was the first thing that I'd managed to say. I surprised myself a little when I heard myself actually able to say it.
    ! But it had nothing on the surprise I felt when she applied force and I felt a ginormous huge thick cock start sliding up my ass so slowly and firmly with so much force she had to be exerting but so controlled and smooth... so very slow...
    ! Whatever it was that coated her enormous cock acted as some kind of super lubricant. Her cock was way and I mean way too big for me. There is no way that it should have fit but I felt it slowly sliding inside, my ass stretching around it. It felt just as enormous as it looked... It felt like my insides could rip apart at amy moment but it wasn't painful. I expected a lot of pain but there wasn't. It was... strange.
    ! She slowly slid her enormous cock deeper and deeper up my ass. I could feel her in my stomach.
    ! Tiffany moaning: aa-ahhh...
    ! I let out a moan as she slid it deeper still until I felt her mound pressed against my butt, squishing it with her force as she had me filled completely with her cock.
    ! It was then that I felt her soft gentle hands move from my lower back and I felt weight again on my bed as her elbows rested down on my bed. First I felt her erect nipples graze gently along my back and then her breasts squishing apart on my back with the weight of her body being lowered onto me somewhat but not nearly all of it. Most was still supported by her elbows and knees.
    ! Just then I felt her soft warm hands again as they slid down my squished breasts until they were directly beneath them ever so lightly grasping and then she squeezed gently and began to massage my breasts with her hands.
    ! I felt tingling go down my back as I felt her warm breath on my neck and then her warm smooth wet tongue licking around my neck just behind my ear until I could almost feel her plump lips on my ear as she whispered to me in a seductive but gentle and sexy voice...
    ! Succubus whispering: Good girl.
    ! And just like that her hips started to move, slowly sliding her behemoth cock back out and then in, working up her speed ever so gradually until it was clear she was pumping my ass. It was on the slow side but with every massive stroke I felt her incredible strength as her mound slammed down against my ass pushing me deeply into the bed as her cock explored my insides.
    ! Tiffany moaning: aa-aa-aahh~
    Succubus whispering: Do you like it?
    ! I heard her whisper with her warm breath against my ear as her tongue teasingly caressed around the rim of my ear and then licking and kissing behind my ear almost like a kitten.
    ! Succubus whispering: Hmm?
    Tiffany embarassed: Y-Yes!
    ! I could feel her smile by my ear without even seeing her. My answer delighted her.
    ! Succubus whispering: Yeah?
    Tiffany embarassed: Y-Yes.. I-I...
    Tiffany moaning: aa-ahh~
    Tiffany moaning: mm.. mmhh!
    ! She kissed and licked along my neck so tenderly and lovingly I forgot what was happening and lost myself as I started being overwhelmed with ecstasy.
    ! Tiffany embarassed: L-Love it!
    ! This went beyond pleasing her. It excited her. I could feel her grin and how her heart beat that I felt from her breasts against my back increased and her cock... oh god, her cock... it actually pulsated and grew even bigger! Not just a little bit either. I mean a lot..! It had to of grown to an even thicker huge throbbing 15 inches now!
    ! Tiffany moaning: aa-ahhhh!!!
    Succubus grinning: You love my big cock in your ass?
    Tiffany embarassed: Uh.. Uh huh!
    Tiffany moaning: mm-mmh! mmmmm~!
    ! Her heart started beating even faster and her cock grew even bigger! She must have gained all the way to 16 inches and she was throbbing! It was so much thicker!!!
    ! Succubus whispering: I like you.
    ! She started speeding up and I felt myself on the verge of cumming. I was close, so close... and she sped up further and showed me even more of her monstrous strength slamming down even harder.
    ! I started to cum and I was crying out but she didn't stop. She continued even harder and faster, even her hands now were groping my breasts without restriction.
    ! I was so sensitive from cumming that I'd barely even finished cumming before I found myself cumming so hard it was like a rapture. My mind went blank and all I felt was everything she was doing to me.
    ! Succubus whispering: Cum for me.
    Succubus whispering: Cream all over my big cock.
    ! She went harder and harder until my bed posts were coming off the ground with every amazing push with her terrifying strength. It was fast too and I was cumming so hard that I was screaming...
    ! Tiffany screaming: Ahhhh!!! I love your guge cock in my ass!!!
    ! She was reveling in it. She was so elated you could practically cut her delight.
    ! I don't know how long we went... it seemed like hours... Every time she came up my ass it was such a huge volume and she praised me sweetly and gently - practically the opposite of how she was fucking me. But still, even with it getting so rough... I could still feel her gentle carefulness of it as if she was being especially sweet and gentle with me even if she was slamming me so hard it nearly shook the entire house.
    ! After she'd finished with me she walked around to the foot of my bed, gently lifted up my chin with a single index finger and kissed me deeply with her long smooth pink tongue and plump lips caressing mine. As she took her lips from mine a string of saliva stretched between us before breaking.
    ! Succubus happily: You were a good girl, my litle Tiffy.
    ! She stood back up.
    ! Succubus: We'll play again. I hope you don't miss me.
    ! She walked out in front of me facing away from me with her head turned to the side looking at me as a glowing pink magical runic circle appeared at her feet and then another on my ceiling and then all the sudden the one at her feet slammed into the one on the ceiling taking her right along with it and the one on my ceiling disappeared like being pushed by a great force.
    ! I looked over at my clock and only a single minute had passed... Could what had happened only been a single minute with her? It's impossible... The night hadn't changed to morning and my alarm hadn't changed from PM to AM... the day was the same... it was almost as if she had never been here aside from my heart still racing and my bed thoroughly wet from my pussy juices trickling down as I got pounded.
    ! I put my sheets in the laundry and changed them to an extra set. While out of my room I took the opportunity to ask my mom, who was preparing dinner, if she had heard anything... and she was completely oblivious to anything having happened at all! She hadn't heard a single noise... omigod.
    ! Did I dream it all? No, it was real... And in a single minute? How could I?! It's not possible, not even as a dream. You can't experience that much perceived time that quickly... It was her, something she did... she slowed down time and that's why she could be as loud and rough with me as she was. There was no evidence of it happening other than my account, sheets aside... which could have happened regardless of anything happening.
    ! I was no longer a virgin and I didn't even know her name... Well, I guess technically I was still a virgin... you know, down there... but I had sex with her so I wasn't anymore... What the heck just happened!
    ! More importantly... how was I not dead from taking a 16 inch cock? I didn't even feel bad... In fact, I felt great! Happy and completely laid back... flooded with endorphins.

  • @'Tiffany':


    which is why I ask….any stories about blonde haired green eyed identical twins? :D

    Girl on girl incest or two girls on a guy?

    I'll have to ask them, but I'm pretty sure my twin characters (Amy and Julie) would happily do either, and no-one would get left out ;)


    Maybe I could do an image to spark your inspiration?

  • @'Tiffany':

    Maybe actually some sister/sister(futa) incest ones.

    Ok, I am SO ready to read that one!

  • @'fredfred5150':

    I think miro has found a new script writer.

    I dunno. I don't think I could ever do it with something planned. It just sucks my creative juices right out. My inspiration is such a fleeting thing, and so random… My writing is very spontaneous and sometimes I'll start writing a story for a few minutes then start a new one and I may do that a few times before I get to one I like.


    which is why I ask….any stories about blonde haired green eyed identical twins? :D

    Girl on girl incest or two girls on a guy?

    I don't think I've done the former, but the latter I've written a lot of. Sometimes even 4 or 5 of them, but generally not at the same time. It's more of a harem love polygon thing.

    See, I don't like threesomes with two girls. With two guys everyone has a hole to stick something in but with two girls… there's always one girl left out and almost always someone being so much of an attention whore that you just wanna bitch slap them.

    Sooo... no FmF threesomes. But lots of love polygons/harems with twins, triplets, quadruplets, and sometimes even doppelganger mothers on top of that to boot. Lots of brother/sister incest too. Maybe actually some sister/sister(futa) incest ones.

  • Hahahaha…Great stuff Tiffany. Love the humour in your writing style. Keep them cumming :)

  • Very sexy and hot Tiffany :)

    I was hooked when I read the line "I was voted Best Ass in the Galaxy", had to read the rest after that!

    I think miro has found a new script writer.

    and in answer to the last question, yes I am…..and its all your fault.... which is why I ask....any stories about blonde haired green eyed identical twins? :D

  • I…I think I just found my muse! :)
    Awesome work Tiff!

  • Miro, I think you've got a lot of material to work with here, Tiffany can be your script writer for upcomig projects :D

  • I call this "jog":

    ! I went for a jog one Saturday afternoon. I had on a pink sports bra and white booty shorts, wearing white running shoes.
    ! After awhile, I felt pretty tired… I saw some benches, which I noticed because a really hot guy was sitting all alone at one. So I stopped running and walked up to it.
    Tiffany: Is anyone sitting here?
    Him: Ahn? Ah, no.
    So, I sat down on the other end of the bench and stretched, yawning.
    Gosh, I'm so tired…
    ! The next thing I know, I'm having this really hot dream about well, it was really hot. And anyways, I wake up and realize I'm in this guy's lap and I have a hand wrapped around his boner and there's drool on his pants where my mouth was, which happened to be right on his cock…
    Tiffany innocently:
    Oh, man… you totally have a boner...
    I leaned up on my elbow, finally getting a look at it. It stretched nearly all the way down to his knee!
    Tiffany excitedly:
    Holy crap, it's huge!
    My eyes focused.
    Tiffany embarassed:
    I wiped my mouth, realizing the drool, and the fact that he even had a boner was probably my doing.
    Sorry about that…
    Tiffany innocently: Hey um… are you seeing anyone?
    He seemed somewhat bewildered at my question, but he answered all the same.
    Oh, um… no, no I'm single.
    Tiffany: We should totally go out. Wanna take me on a date? How about tonight?
    Him: Oh, yeah. Sure. Tonight's good for me.
    Tiffany: Kay well, we'll meet back here at like 5. That sound good?
    Him: Sure, sounds great.
    ! So, we met back there at 5. I was wearing a white silk dress shirt and red plaid skirt this time, knee high hose and some heels.
    ! We went out to some restaurant, lots of small talk.
    So you gonna walk me home?
    Him: Yeah, definitely. Of course.
    ! So, he walked me home.
    Come on in. I'll give you the guided tour.
    Him: Oh, okay.
    Tiffany: This is the livingroom.
    Tiffany giggling: Of course…
    Tiffany: And this is the kitchen…
    Tiffany: Closet.
    Tiffany: Bathroom.
    Tiffany happily: Aaaand…
    I hopped down on my bed, sitting.
    Tiffany happily:
    This is where the naughty stuff happens.
    She tilted her head.
    You into naughty stuff?
    He just nodded silently.
    Tiffany excitedly:
    Then let's get naughty.
    ! Moments later we were butt naked when he noticed something.
    Hey, um…
    Tiffany innocently: Hm?
    I looked down where he was looking. Tampon string.
    Tiffany (thoughts):
    Oh, fuck!
    Tiffany embarassed: ahaha… I totally forgot about that...
    Tiffany innocently: Um…
    Tiffany (thoughts): I got this hottie here… god, look at his huge cock... I can't stop now.
    I crawled on my bed on all fours, reached in my dresser and produced a bottle of lube.
    How about anal?
    Him excitedly: Oh _fuck yeah!
    _Tiffany (thoughts): Okay, he's excited…
    So, I squirted some lube on my hands and lubed up and down his huge cock generously.
    Tiffany innocently:
    Gosh, your cock is so big…
    Him: 13 inches.
    Tiffany: Holy crap…
    Him: Yeah, you're gonna feel it baby…
    Tiffany: I've only had 2 other boyfriends… one had a 7 inch cock and the other had an 8 inch.
    I started lubing up my hole, even squeezing a good amount inside.
    You'll like it baby.
    Him: Girls with big asses love long cocks.
    Tiffany innocently: Oh, you know… that may be true, cause I really do have a thing for big cocks...
    Him: Stick your ass up for me baby.
    I crawled on my bed on all fours then laid down with my ass sticking up.
    Like this?
    Him: That's perfect.
    Him: Have you taken anal before?
    Tiffany: Yeah. Both my ex's.
    Him: You like it?
    Tiffany: Yeah sure, I love it. No complaints on my end.
    Tiffany: It feels really good and I cum really hard. So I won't deny it.
    Him: A girl that loves anal. Now that's hot. You know, with a body like yours though…
    Tiffany embarassed: Omigod
    Him: What?
    Tiffany: They both said the same thing. My body was designed for anal and with such a delicious round ass it would be a crime not to hit it.
    Him happily: That's very true.
    Tiffany embarassed: Gosh… maybe it was.
    Him: You think so?
    Tiffany: It seems like every time I turn around I'm getting stuffed up the ass. It has to mean something.
    Tiffany: I've had it in my pussy like 3 times. It's like every time the stars just somehow align so I'll get a cock up the ass.
    Him: Really? Just 3 times?
    Tiffany: No condoms, I won't take birth control, periods, the list goes on and on.
    Him: You know… They don't make condoms this big.
    Tiffany innocently: What..?
    Tiffany: Oh crap, you're right!
    Him: So you're against birth control, baby?
    Tiffany: Yeah, I can't take it.
    Tiffany pouting: Aww man…
    Him: What's wrong?
    Tiffany: I finally found a hot guy with the perfect cock and it's already decided that it's a pure anal relationship.
    Him: Hey, y'know… I can pull out.
    Tiffany: That's sweet, but… it's not worth the risk.
    Tiffany innocently: Are you okay with a pure anal relationship?
    Him excitedly: Fuck yeah I am baby.
    Tiffany: Kay. I'm cool with it too then.
    Him: You ready for a big cock up your ass?
    Tiffany happily: Yeah!
    And up it went.
    Tiffany excitedly:
    Omigod that's big!
    Him: That's 8 inches baby. Now let me show you what you've been missing.
    Balls deep. Mound to mons.
    Tiffany moaning:
    Tiffany innocently: Omigod I came…
    Him innocently: Really..?
    Tiffany: Yeah…
    Him: Let's try it again.
    Tiffany moaning: A-ahh!! Holy fuck!!
    Him: Again?
    I nodded. He did it again.
    Tiffany moaning:
    Him: You cum every time I slide it up your ass. This is interesting baby.
    Tiffany: Oh god… I'm gonna go crazy aren't I?
    Him: Yeah. You might cum your brains out. Try to hold onto your sanity.
    ! 8 hours later…
    My sanity's gone, but I am soooo sold on anal.
    Him happily: Ah yeah? You like that?
    Tiffany: I've never came so hard or so much in my life.
    ! Every day he started coming over and sodomizing me into a drooling mess.
    Him: Hey baby…
    Tiffany: Yeah?
    Him: Put your ass up.
    Tiffany: Like this?
    Him: Yeah, that's good.

    I call this one "exec2":

    Monica happily: Happy Valentines baby.
    Kiss her cheek gently.
    Tiffany happily:
    Happy Valentines.
    Monica: Here.
    I hand her a bag of Lindt white chocolate truffles.
    Tiffany happily:
    My favorite.
    Tiffany giggling: I know just what you want. C'mon.
    Monica happily: _Oh?
    _I follow her up to the bedroom and we close the door behind us.
    ! She drops her skirt to the ground, walks over to the bed and gets on her hands and knees and pulling her panties down just below her pretty little asshole, still covering her pussy.
    Are you sure baby?
    Tiffany giggling: It's Valentines, isn't it?
    Tiffany happily: Show me some love.
    I take off my suit and skirt. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties. All I have on now are heels. My massive cock slowly emerges from just half an inch above my pussy, already fully erect.
    ! I sit down on the side of the bed for a moment and slip off my heels.
    Tiffany excitedly:
    God, your cock is hawt…
    With my full length of 11 inches, I walk over on the bed, point it down and slide it **right up her ass.
    Tiffany moaning:
    _Tiffany happily: Yeah daddy.
    Monica giggling: It looks like someone's enjoying it up the ass today.
    Monica: Take your top off baby, it's gonna get all sweaty.
    Tiffany: Ah.. yeah, you're right.
    She takes her top off, unleashing her big perfect jiggly DD's, perfectly shaped, nearly gravity resistant and natural. I start pumping her ass. I get a nice solid pump going. Up, down. Long, deep strokes. Firmly pounding her, but not too hard. Her round ass still jiggles a little when I slam into it. Such a nice big ass…
    ! So at this point, you're probably wondering just what the hell's going on. That girl just pulled out a dick and slid it up that other girl's ass.
    ! Well, I'll start with the suits and why it looks like we're in some kind of palace.
    ! We're both Chief Executives for Longevity. It's a Genetics Bioengineering Pharmaceutical. We make things that change people, every aspect of someone. We do that with area specific stem cells. We also have all but eliminated aging, and nearly all known diseases. We've granted a near immunity to viral agents. And on top of all of that, we're in the body part business.
    ! Organs, man. Organs. You have a bad heart? We'll take a sample of yours, or if you started out with an inherently weak or bad heart, we'll make you one! Then the doctors just slide it on in there, and use some stem cells so that it doesn't even leave any scarring. We're saving lives here.
    ! It's not just the basic orgran transplant organs either. Skin, and muscle. We can completely recreate entire muscles and regrow someone's own skin, regrow someone's own limbs. We can even grow someone else's limbs or skin on them.
    ! Area specific stem cells. Not only are we helping people out that get injured, but we're also in the business of gender reassignments and cosmetic procedures. We can make you look like anyone. Literally, anyone. We can make a girl a boy or a boy a girl. Any of either gender to any of the other gender, or their same gender. We can even make impossible or very unlikely things possible. Like a woman with a nice huge cock right above her pussy. I think the Japanese call it "Futanari." In other words, very well hung very attractive hermaphrodites. Or hey, not attractive if you want. Whatever floats your boat.
    ! One of our newest breakthroughs is a very basic user interface system that is mentally controlled and connected right into one's optic nerves - their eyes. The interface is everything. It can be in just one eye too so you can still see everything around you if you want, or you can overlay it on everything. You can hide it as well, of course. You just have to issue a little mental command to bring it back up, or to minimize it.
    ! For security reasons, it isn't networked, and it's on a base system that is… quite literally... unhackable. It does allow for seamlessly generating content right from one's thoughts or dreams though, ones that would be difficult or impossible to produce by other methods. You can create complex 3D models just from a mental image. Sounds, even entire scenes or songs. Have a perfect tune in your head but could never do anything with it, or a beautiful picture or awesome movie scene? Now people can. They can send it right to their computers in realtime. You can even record events and take notes right in your own head, and pull up the files too. It's great.
    ! We can even make little girls that want to sing but don't have the talent into amazingly talented vocalists, or give existing vocalists a range they could never achieve naturally.
    ! But the biggest benefit of this new technology is that it allows for a certain kind of combination of technologies. We can have cells that react to a specific chemical signal sent from the brain, and any number of things can happen based on the issue of this command. A swimmer for instance could go from having normal lungs to having amphibious lungs. Or an athelete or military personnel could get greatly increased strength for a given period, as one's stamina allows within limits that are safe. Oh you can bet the Military just loves that.
    ! But there's also cosmedic things as well. For the ladies, you could never have to do your hair or makeup ever again. You can make presets and just pull up the interface and switch or mix and match or create new ones on the fly and have your body itself change colors, or yoru hair itself change shape. It's revolutionary.
    ! In fact, not just that. We're also enabling entirely alien parts to be created in realtime. For instance, like I have myself as you've seen… I'm 100% female, and then when I issue the mental command, suddenly I have a massive near footlong cock right where it belongs, Futanari style. A nice big thick one. It can cum too. And well, you've already seen how I make use of that.
    ! There are other things as well, like harder nails. Replacing the natural nails with diamond for instance, retaining the same shape but being near unbreakable, and able to cut through most anything. Never break another nail. Same for teeth. Never chip a tooth again.
    ! And even for the bones themselves. Diamond bones. Your arm can get jackknifed by two cars, and your bone will remain intact. They're that strong.
    ! Not only that but we're improving the texture of muscle and skin as well, weaving synthetic materials into the flesh itself to create much more durable protection. Law Enforcement can have slice and cut resistant skin, and not only that… but even be bullet proof! Even in the head! It's really an amazing breakthrough.
    ! Of course, that's all being very heavily regulated. Can't have crimminals running around all bullet proof and super strong or anything, can we?
    ! As I said at the start of this, Tiffany and I are Chief Executives of Longevity. CEO and COO. We're also identical twins.
    ! One of us went into Genetics and Biomedical Sciences and the other went into Nanotechnology and Advanced Programming. We are not only the founders of Longevity, we made all of this a reality. We had a vision for the future, and we're making it happen. And if you're wondering, the name Longevity, the initial goal was to prolong healthy human life indefinitely, and we have achieved that. From what we can tell, an average person should be able to easily live a thousand years or more, and that's just right now. With proper care, it's feasible that one could live indefinitely. It's a great name that we've chosen.
    ! Tiffany and I have always done everything together. We've always had a very close relationship growing up.
    ! Our parents died when we were 11 and our Grand Parents, although extremely wealthy, didn't have the time nor particularly care to take care of us. Instead, they just sent us money. A lot of it.
    ! We were smart girls though… We took care of ourselves. We learned how to cook and clean rather quickly. How to buy groceries and pay bills. We helped one another all along the way.
    ! It is a little odd that our parents died only a day after we proclaimed that we loved one another. We had always been close, but… we were in love and we wanted to take it further.
    ! Our parents didn't really approve of that, as you may imagine. They were very upset. They even intended to separate us because it was "unhealthy." But well, 17 hours and one rather nasty car accident later, and we were free to do whatever we wanted.
    ! We were broken up over it, of course. But we started to take advantage of our newfound freedom very early on.
    ! We'd always held hands and did things like taking baths together, but... now, we were making out and sleeping in the same bed together like a married couple. We even took it further. Licking and finger banging were short to follow.
    ! It may be unnatural, but... we've never cared. Me, I've always been gay. Well, I guess it's fair to say that I was born with my mind a little different. My mind is more like a guy's than a girls I think. And as for Tiffany, well... She really likes guys, at least... their cocks. She's not attracted to anything else, beyond her love of cocks, she's an absolute lesbian. She gets wet thinking of girls just like me and even has dirty thoughts about licking another girl's pussy or playing with their breasts, and she too is a fan of nice round asses.
    ! Luckily, we were born practically God's gift to the world, as far as our appearance is concerned. You'd be hardpressed to find two more attractive women. In fact, you'd probably be shit out of luck. Everyone's wanted to fuck us our entire lives. Both guys, and girls.
    ! But… we've been pretty obvious with our affection. We'll feel one another up or even make out in public.
    ! It's created some problems, of course... But... we've managed to get legislation changed as per the legality of incest among two consenting individuals. It was passed into law at a Federal level. It's now legal in all 50 states, and in over 50 countries worldwide, including the entirety of the EU.
    ! You gotta love having the money to have Politicians in your pocket. It makes things so much more easy... And well... given who our Grandparents are, and how much money we could throw around in bribes, everyone looked the other way as we were growing up. Or at least... those that didn't, they never got anywhere with it.
    ! At this point, we're celebrities and world icons. Everyone knows we're together romantically and even sexually. We've given interviews and have gone on talkshows and we've went into great detail. We've been very open about it.
    ! We don't mind turning to the side or the back so they can get a shot of our asses (which everyone is entirely obsessed with) and playing with one another's tongues for the papparazi. Hell, we'll even grope each other for the camera.
    ! Yeah. Everyone knows. But given how much power and influence we have now, it's in everyone's best interests to not get in our way. News agencies only paint us in a positive light, always talking about our accomplishments and gossiping about our relationship. Of course, there's a few haters, but they never see the light of day.
    ! Around this time last year, a video leaked of our Valentines together. We'd went to a hotel, and well… let's just say someone thought it would be a good idea to put high definition cameras all around the bedroom.
    ! Suffice to say, the entire world saw me plowing Tiffany's ass ever which way. Oh yeah, it was pure anal.
    ! Missionary, then with one leg to the side, then from behind flat on her stomach, then with her butt lifted up, then in doggy, then just lifting her straight up and onto my lap and having her ride it, and then turning her around hanging off the bed with her ass up in the air and shoulders on the ground, just completely plowing her ass like that. We even did doggy against the wall, and she even rode it right in my arms and making out with me while I was standing up.
    ! Needless to say… there was a lot of it. All shot in high definition from a ton of angles. Everyone's wet dreams came true.
    ! And well... Everyone was surprised to find out I used a cock. Not only that, but how Tiffany never did, and how the whole thing was just pure anal. Well… minus that part at the end with us fingering and making out, then eating one another out.
    ! We had interviews, and we explained how I was always the man in the relationship so to speak, and when it came up... Tiffany even said that she loved anal, but... she only did it on special occasions. Of course... the whole "only on special occassions" always seemed to get cut off by most people, and everyone was fanatical about Tiffany loving it up the ass.
    ! There was a, um... Well, a really big fan following for our asses. A few years ago it was all about Kim Kardashian's ass, but... now, it's all about ours. Ours are nicer, and our figures make it stand out even more. Small waists, and both of us have big natural perfect shaped DD's as well. Our butts are perfectly round, and we both have innies. Our pussies. Just a fat mons and a deep deep crease. can't even see a labia minora. Perfection.
    ! Tiffany has this thing, that... well, it increases the pleasure of anal, and also self lubricates. That went massively popular after that video, and so many girls wanted to have pussies just like ours.
    ! As for this year, we're already calling this year "The Year of the Futa." We have mind boggling numbers of people wanting the job I had done. A cock they can pull out or make vanish at will. A significant portion of the male population are even becoming full on females with cocks.
    ! Honestly though, I really put it in her tight perfect pussy a good 9 out of 10 times. She loves it and so do I. She does tend to find lots of special occasions for anal though. And sometimes, she just really feels like it.
    ! My cum is just a filler seminole fluid without sperm. Completely sterile. Actually... it tastes exactly like sweetened condensed milk because she absolutely loves the stuff. God, you know that became popular…
    ! We're a little different, Tiffany and I. I never wear panties, and I won't wear a bra unless it's neccisary either. Usually I have tight supportive outfits and don't have to. I only exercise or do sports with a sports bra. Tiffany on the other hand, she loves lingerie. She usually has the full thing. Bra, hose, garter belt, and panties - usually a thong.
    ! When she rolls her panties down just like this... she knows exactly what she's asking for.
    ! She even has some panties that are backless and stop right after her pussy. They only cover her pussy. When she wears those... she doesn't even have to ask for anal. It goes straight up her butt. No questions asked.
    ! She does it just to tease me. She knows I have a severe anal fetish.
    ! This one I call "Club 8":
    ! >! There was this hot new club called Club 8. Everyone was talking about it. Apparently it's really exclusive - only the hottest guys and girls get in.
    ! Girls have to be cute, have big tits and round asses. They check your pussy before they let you in too. You have to have an innie pussy, and it has to be waxed.
    ! Guys have to be hot and have perfect bods. They check their cock size with a ruler before they let them in. Here's a hint: It's called "Club 8" for a reason. Get it? If you don't have an 8 or higher, you aren't getting in.
    ! That's the kind of club it is.
    ! None of my friends were hot enough to get in, but they told me I should try to get in since I'm the hottest girl they know and I could tell them all about it and pick up a total hottie.
    ! So, I went. Most people were rejected right at the door, but they let me in.
    Bouncer: Alright, c'mere sweetie.
    I walked over to him.
    Are these tits real?
    I looked down at my cleavage innocently.
    Tiffany innocently:
    Bouncer: How big are they?
    Tiffany innocently: Double D's…
    Bouncer: Do you consent to my touching of one of your breasts to confirm the authenticity of your statement?
    Tiffany innocently: Um… is it... required?
    Bouncer: If you wanna get in, you gotta be natural.
    Tiffany: Oh, fine… cop a feel.
    He put his big hand on my left breast, squeezed and moved his hand around a little.
    Huh.. guess they are.
    Tiffany: ..told you.
    Bouncer: Alright, can you turn to the side?
    I turned to the side.
    Like this?
    Bouncer: Uh huh. Yeah, okay. You've got an ass.
    Tiffany laughing: Of course I've got an ass…
    Bouncer: I mean a big round one.
    Tiffany: Oh.
    Bouncer: One more thing now sweetie. You're gonna have to lift your dress up and show me your pussy.
    Tiffany: What? Seriously?
    Bouncer: I've gotta make sure you have an innie and that it's waxed.
    Tiffany innocently: Is it-
    Bouncer: Gotta check to get into the club.
    Tiffany: Ugh… fine. But you can't touch.
    Bouncer: Of course not. That would be inappropriate.
    Tiffany: Fine… here...
    I hiked my dress up so that my pussy was showing.
    Can you spread your legs shoulder width apart?
    Tiffany innocently: Huh..?
    Bouncer: Your legs. Shoulder width.
    Tiffany: Oh, um… okay. What for?
    He kneeled down and looked at my pussy.
    Ah, wow… that has to be the most perfect innie I've ever seen...
    Bouncer: Alright. Now you're gonna have to go into that room over there to the side and take off your clothes and have your picture taken for your ID card, and then you'll just show that next time and we'll let you right in.
    Tiffany: I have to do it naked?
    Bouncer: Yeah. And they're gonna have to ask you a couple questions for our database too. Just answer as truthfully as possible.
    Tiffany innocently: …okay, I guess.
    Bouncer: It's real easy. You already did the hardest part. Welcome to Club 8 sweetie.
    Tiffany innocently: Thanks…
    Tiffany: That door?
    Bouncer: Yep. Right through that door.
    Tiffany: Okay.
    ! And so… I walked in the door and it locked behind me. There was a girl inside dressed in a labcoat.
    Picture Girl:
    You can go ahead and take your clothes off and step over here.
    Tiffany innocently: Um…
    Picture Girl: Don't worry, it's just the two of us. The door's locked. You're perfectly safe. We're just going to take a couple pictures and I'll ask you a few questions so we can set up your profile.
    Tiffany innocently: Well, okay…
    So, I stripped and walked over to where she told me.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay, legs shoulder width apart, arms down to your side about 2 inches off your legs.
    She lightly touched my wrists and moved them where they should be.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay, that's good. Now hold it.
    Chichichichi… It seemed like a lot of pictures were just taken...
    Picture Girl:
    Okay now hold your arms up horizontal like this.
    I did it like she was.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay, that's good. Now hold it…
    Chichichichi… more pictures.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay now stay like that for just one moment so I can take your measurements…
    She came up to me with a measuring tape and measured my band, my bust, my waist and my hips.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay, looks like 38DD-22-38. Very nice.
    Tiffany embarassed: ehehe… thanks.
    Picture Girl: Okay, now put your hands on the grey circles right there, and your knees on the black ones.
    I blinked and looked down. They had me getting into doggy on all fours basically.
    ! Chichichichi… more pictures.
    Picture Girl:
    Now go ahead and lay down flat on your stomach.
    I laid down.
    Like this?
    Picture Girl: Legs spread shoulder width.
    She moved my legs with her foot.
    Picture Girl:
    Good. Hold it.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay now go ahead and roll over on your back.
    I rolled over on my back.
    Picture Girl:
    Okay, now put your knees up. Feet on the ground. Legs spread wide.
    Tiffany innocently: Seriously..? How many of these are there?
    Picture Girl: This is the last one.
    So, I did it… a full spread. Chichichichi.
    Picture Girl:
    Alright. You can go ahead and get your clothes back on.
    Tiffany: ..kay.
    Picture Girl: Can I go ahead and start asking you some questions?
    Tiffany: Uhh, sure.
    Tiffany giggling: After that, I don't see why not!
    Picture Girl: hahaha…
    Picture Girl: Okay. Your name?
    Tiffany: Tiffany (censored).
    Picture Girl: Can you spell your last name for me?
    Tiffany: (censored!)
    Picture Girl: Okay and do you have a Photo ID with you, like a Driver's License or Student ID?
    Tiffany: Yah. Here…
    She took it from me and recorded some information.
    Picture Girl:
    Picture Girl: Now do you wax your pussy regularly Tiffany?
    Tiffany innocently: Um, well… I do a thing called sugaring...
    Picture Girl: Oh yeah? Sugaring? Nice, nice. I do that myself. Do you do it regularly?
    Tiffany: Yeah. Every 2 weeks or so.
    Picture Girl: Always totally hairless?
    Tiffany: Yeah.
    Picture Girl: Okay, and do you like anal sex?
    I blinked.
    Tiffany innocently:
    Um… I don't know.
    Picture Girl: You've never taken it before?
    Tiffany: No.
    Picture Girl: Okay, well we do require that the girls that we let into the club like anal.
    Picture Girl: If you hook up with someone from the club are you willing to do anal?
    Tiffany innocently: Um… well… I guess...
    Picture Girl: Okay, great.
    Picture Girl: Now, can you deepthroat?
    Tiffany: Yeah.
    Picture Girl: Okay. And are you straight, bisexual, or lesbian?
    Tiffany: Strai… well, bisexual I guess.
    Picture Girl: Bisexual? Okay.
    She asked me several other questions while I got dressed…
    ! Picture Girl: Okay, now do you consent to STD testing? It takes about 30 minutes. But, you will have to be cleared before we let you in. We do require that you do the testing here.
    Tiffany: Um… okay. Does everyone do it?
    Picture Girl: Absolutely. We have a very clean club and we want to make sure that all of our patrons are worry free.
    Tiffany: Kay.
    She strapped a rubber thingy on my arm and flicked my vein a few times.
    Picture Girl:
    It's going to be a tiny little sting.
    I barely felt anything… she's really good at this.
    Picture Girl:
    Alright, and like I say, it'll take about 30 minutes.
    Tiffany: Kay.
    Picture Girl: Are you on any kind of birth control Tiffany?
    Tiffany: I am, yeah.
    Picture Girl: Do you happen to know what kind?
    Tiffany: Oh um, I have it in my purse right here, lemme check…
    I dug in my purse and pulled out my container. She held out her hand.
    Picture Girl:
    Can I?
    Tiffany: Sure.
    She wrote some stuff down.
    Picture Girl:
    Mhmm, okay. Yeah, this is a pretty good brand.
    She handed it back.
    Picture Girl:
    We can actually get you a discount on those when they run out, and if you need any condoms or lubricant, we have those too. We're about 30% cheaper than you'll find in retail.
    Tiffany innocently: I guess maybe some lubricant, if I'm gonna have to try anal…
    Picture Girl: Okay. Just see me on your way out and I can get some for you. Or if you use one of the rooms downstairs, there'll be some already there in the room supplied for you.
    Tiffany innocently: There's rooms?
    Picture Girl: Oh, yes. We have several rooms here at Club 8, in case patrons decide they want to take things to a bit more… intimate... level.
    Picture Girl: It's covered by the membership fees, and there's always rooms available. So be sure to make use of them if you'd like. You just slide both your cards in and it opens right up.
    Tiffany: Kay.
    Picture Girl: Oh…
    Picture Girl happily: Sucker?
    I blinked.
    Picture Girl:
    Tiffany: Yeah, sure.
    She pulled a strawberry cock-shaped sucker from her pocket and handed it to me smiling.
    Picture Girl:
    It'll be about 30 minutes.
    Tiffany giggling: …it looks like a...
    Picture Girl: Yeah.
    Picture Girl: You can relax in the waiting area until I have your results. It should be pretty comfortable.
    Tiffany: Kay.
    Tiffany: Hey, are we gonna have to do this test again?
    Picture Girl: This test, no. There's a, uh… finger scanner, and it'll detect any changes any other time you come in. So that way we can be sure you're STD free without having to poke you all the time.
    Tiffany: Ohh, that's cool.
    Picture Girl: Yep.
    And with that, she left and I walked into the rest area.
    ! The rest area was impressive. Really fancy looking, and bean bags and really fancy couches, and laptops all over the place.
    ! I plopped down on a bean bag, unwrapped my sucker and put it in my mouth. It tasted pretty good.
    ! The laptops had all kinds of magazines and movies and music and stuff. There were earbuds for stuff that required sound. There was a lot of porn too… even the desktop of the laptop was porn.
    ! So, I was waiting... I listened to some music for awhile and I started feeling kinda hot.
    Tiffany (thoughts):
    Gawd, I'm so freakin' horny…
    I could feel my pussy getting really wet between my legs.
    Tiffany (thoughts):
    Why am I so freakin' horny?!
    About that time…
    Picture Girl:
    Alright Tiffany. Your test results came up clean. I have your card and you're ready to go.
    Tiffany: Oh, sweet.
    She handed me my card.
    Picture Girl:
    Go ahead and just go through that door there to get into the club. You'll have to slide your card.
    Tiffany: Kay.
    Tiffany: Hey… this sucker...
    Picture Girl happily: Have fun!
    Tiffany (thoughts): …she didn't answer.
    So, I went in.
    ! The club was soooo cool!
    ! I went up to the bar and I was maybe standing there about 5 seconds when a smoking hot guy came up to me.
    Tiffany (thoughts): God I'm so horny!!!!
    Guy happily: Hey.
    I turned my head.
    Tiffany (thoughts):
    Ohh, he's hot.
    ! A couple minutes later we were at one of the rooms, we slid our cards. An LCD screen displayed my picture and it was blinking "ANAL ONLY."
    ahaha, anal only huh?
    Tiffany embarassed: aha..ha…
    Tiffany (thoughts): Freakin' club…
    ! A couple of seconds later, I was down on the bed with a cock up my ass. This guy, I don't remember his name, but he had a huge cock. Like, 11 inches or something. Holy fuck... All up my ass too.
    Guy: What do you think? You like it?
    Tiffany: It's big.
    Guy: Yeah baby.
    He pumped my ass.
    You like it?
    Tiffany: It hurts…
    Guy: Then you're a good girl. Just relax and cum for me baby.
    ! The guy pumped my ass hard. I was moaning loudly before I realized it. And my pussy… it was so wet it was running down in streams onto his cock. That just made him fuck me harder.
    ! ...I came really hard.
    ! He came up my ass like 5 times then said...
    Guy: See ya, baby.
    …And left.
    ! I was totally out of it. I had cum running out my ass and I was drooling.
    ! An LCD panel lit up on the nightstand.
    ! Did you have anal sex?
    Yes - No
    ! Did you enjoy yourself?
    Yes - No
    ! Would you do it again?
    Yes - No
    ! Are you content with anal only sex?
    Yes - No
    ! Rate this experience 1-10:
    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - (10)
    ! Thank you. Your profile has been updated.
    ! Then it pulled up my profile…
    ! Tiffany (censored)
    ! I was looking over it, and I see...
    ! Sex Preference: Anal Only
    Details: Extreme anal love
    Tiffany (thoughts): What the crap….
    Tiffany (thoughts): Ah, that stupid survey!!
    Tiffany (thoughts): …I'm gonna have to have them fix this shit.
    ! Here's a random one I never named:
    ! >! Sex with my boyfriend is amazing.
    ! The way we met was kinda cool. You see, I have this motto… "If you like a guy, then suck his dick." It's always gotten me in so much trouble...
    ! I mean sure, sucking guys off is fun and all, but suck a guy off enough, and eventually they take the hint.
    ! Suffice to say, I go for guys with big dicks. I mean really big dicks. I date guys for their length. I don't care about thickness... I love long cocks. I'm super tight, so... about 2 inches thick is the most I can take. Maybe a tiny bit more.
    ! Well, I started sucking this guy off that I like. He had a 13 inch cock. Fuck yeah. I'd deepthroat that bad boy too. And well, whattayaknow… go through life with a motto like this and you end up a world class dick sucker. I mean, not to brag... but I was a natural from the start.
    ! I sucked my first guy off at 9 years old. Babysitter's boyfriend. Hottest guy that was in the school at the time. He had a 10 inch cock and no problem filling my mouth up. Got my first taste of cum from that guy. I was a tenacious little thing. Deepthroat and all. Best he ever had. Best anyone's ever had. I always hear that.
    ! With that said, I'm pretty much the cutest girl that's ever lived. On top of my adorableness I have pouty lips, nice big full marshmellowy breasts, a tiny waist, perfect tummy, perfect pussy - no really, it's just a slit no matter how you look at it. And a nice big perfect round ass. I'm small too. Tight body, petite, but crazy good figure. Pretty much the perfect suck n fuck. Guys love getting sucked off by a 5ft tall girl with a DD rack and an ass like damnnn. Tighter throat. Tighter holes. Better movement, lighter. Crazy good fuck. I'm a regular little ball of energy too. Energizer bunny has nothing on me.
    ! Right! So, my boyfriend. 13 inch monster. God, I love this guy. He has such a big cock.
    ! He tells me it's too big for me, I tell him to suck it up and fuck me.
    ! My boyfriend has this fetish. He didn't think I'd let him do it either, but I was totally down with that. He has this thing for big asses, right? And more than anything he just wants to stuff the fuck out of a bitch's ass. I'm more than happy to oblige.
    ! I'm a little slut, but I'm a good little slut. Boyfriend wants some ass, boyfriend gets some ass.
    ! After the first 7 times, he doesn't even ask anymore. It's just straight anal stuffing. It's so hilarious. I'm like completely his little anal slut.
    ! He brags about it too, and I tell all his friends he slams me up the ass. In vivid detail. Fuck, he loves that.
    ! So now I'm the only girl that can get his dick hard. And I can get it hard in under 3 seconds flat. One stroke along his cock with my finger, "daddy... I need your big cock in my ass." Straight to attention, every single time. Of course, then I get a big cock in my ass... but hey, skill is skill.
    ! I can suck it hard too. My tongue once along the length of his shaft leaves him rock hard and ready to slide down my throat.
    ! So, he slams me up the ass. But I'm totally cool with my boyfriend slamming me up the ass, because I'm all about the cock. Long cock is fucking insane. I'll do tricks for that shit.
    ! He caught me masturbating one time. He put it up my ass and made me finish sitting there on his cock. Balls deep. Do you have any idea how hard it is to schlick your pussy when you have a 13 inch cock up your ass?
    ! He hammered me good and made me promise not to touch my pussy again. hahaha! What kind of shit is that? Yeah, fuck that. I schlick it in his face.
    ! I'm very prideful and I don't take "no" very well. And by not very well, I mean I don't. Well, usually. I mean if a cop tells you to take your panties off his hat or you're going to jail... I guess you've kinda got to listen. Damn homo cop. What the fuck was his problem anyway? Ah, whatever. He was ugly anyways. Probably pissed about that.
    ! Oh there was this one time... that I got out of a ticket by sucking a cop off. Oh and this other time, I just got off because I'm cute. Or maybe cleavage... probably both.
    ! Oh hey, where was I? Right, right... boyfriend and his big cock. Right, so like... that's fun.
    ! Sooo… horny yet? lol! :P
    ! I write this stuff in my free time. It's kind of a hobby of mine. I'll usually do at least a few a week, sometimes I'm even writing them daily, or even multiple ones daily. I have 1000's! :cool:

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    K, I've read all these Tiffany, time to post more! :D

  • Here's another… I call it "whathow":

    ! Hot Guy: Hi.
    Tiffany happily: Hey.
    ! A few hours later…
    Tiffany (thoughts): How did this happen..?
    ! I was at my place, completely naked on my bed with my legs spread wide.
    ! That hot guy I met earlier, he was on top of me, totally naked too. He has an amazing body, by the way.
    ! Oh, and his cock… it's huge. So freaking long. Like, I'm not even kidding.
    ! So, I'm getting fucked missionary style. I have been for awhile now. But the thing is... It's not just missionary. It was never actually missionary.
    ! It's all anal. It has been the entire time. It's not like I signed off for it or anything. It just… went right up my butt.
    ! I opened my mouth to say something, but then he kissed me and started in. By the time his kiss ended, we'd already went so far with it... I mean, he was already so deep and pumping so hard... It's not like I could say something. It was already too late for that. We were having sex. Anal sex.
    ! Oh… I think I may know why. Before all of this started he asked me if I liked taking it from behind. I told him I love taking it from behind, and in fact... it's my favorite way to have sex.
    ! He had been hitting on me, talking about how nice and round my ass is, how it's so big and perfect, how he loves girls with nice round asses... I don't know why I didn't make the connection.
    ! Tiffany innocently: H-Hey, uh…
    Hot Guy: Yeah?
    Tiffany innocently: You're really deep in there, huh…
    Hot Guy happily: Yeah.
    Tiffany innocently: Um… how about... we do it the other way?
    Hot Guy: Oh… yeah, of course.
    Tiffany (thoughts): Okay. There, I said it. Now we're getting somewhere.
    ! A few seconds later, I found myself on my stomach. He was behind me, laying on top of me. His cock was still all the way up my ass. He was already pumping again, kissing up and down my neck.
    ! Tiffany (thoughts): I'm… really getting it up the butt. His cock is so far up my ass…
    Tiffany (thoughts): I'm getting anal from behind…
    Tiffany (thoughts): He's so hot though…
    Tiffany (thoughts): Why the hell does this feel so good?!
    Tiffany moaning: mmh…
    Tiffany (thoughts): Am I..?
    Tiffany moaning: ahh…
    Tiffany (thoughts): Omigod… I'm moaning!
    Tiffany moaning: mmh… mmh...
    Tiffany (thoughts): I can't even control it!
    Hot Guy: I love the way you moan.
    Tiffany (thoughts): Oh god… even he noticed…
    Tiffany (thoughts): No, no… of course he'd notice...
    Tiffany moaning: mm-mmhh!!
    Tiffany (thoughts): God, what is he doing back there..?
    Tiffany (thoughts): I feel like I'm about to cum. He's up my ass… it shouldn't feel this good.
    Tiffany moaning: a-ahh… daddy
    Tiffany (thoughts): Did I just moan and call him daddy?!
    Hot Guy: That's a good girl…
    Tiffany (thoughts): There's no coming back from this. If I really cum with his cock up my ass…
    Tiffany moaning: mmh! Ahh, yeahh!! mmmhh!! _Daddy!!
    _Tiffany (thoughts): …too late.
    Tiffany (thoughts): Maybe he won't notice…
    Hot Guy happily: Did you just cum?
    Tiffany (thoughts): No! Say no!
    Tiffany innocently: …yes.
    Tiffany (thoughts): Fuck!
    Hot Guy: Good girl… cum for daddy.
    Tiffany (thoughts): Well if nothing else, this guy definitely knows how to talk to me.
    Tiffany (thoughts): …and I do love a guy that can make me cum.
    ! It wasn't the first time, but it was a lot more intense now. Now that my thick butt was cushioning the full force of his impact, he was pumping me a lot harder. He got really into it after I came like that from it, and the sex became really intense. He started pounding me really hard.
    ! He was pushing down and up, so every time it rubbed my clit against the bed, which just made it all that more intense for me.
    ! Once he started going in hard like that, I just totally lost it. I was cumming hard and fast, just like he was pumping my ass.
    ! I tried to control myself, but I just couldn't hold my intense moans and cries of pleasure. I was cumming hard and he knew it. My insides contract tightly and tremble when I cum, and I know he noticed. He'd usually tell me I was a good girl when I came, or something else reassuring.
    ! He lifted my chest up so he could massage my breasts while he plowed me. I didn't resist it, even if it was a little embarassing to have a guy fondle my big breasts like that. He was already so far up my ass that it didn't matter.
    ! It was an all day thing, and after it was over… I invited him to come over the next day. He did, too.
    ! He wasn't even over for 5 minutes before I was down on my bed with a cock up my ass. It didn't help that I answered the door in a towel, just after getting out of the shower. The towel dropped and I found myself on my bed remarkably fast. He stripped on the way, and by the time we hit the bed, we were both naked and he forced his ginormous cock right up my ass.
    ! Tiffany moaning: w-wh.. ahhhh..
    Hot Guy: I know how you like it baby.
    Tiffany (thoughts): Why is he up my ass!!!
    Tiffany innocently: …so hard.
    Hot Guy: You want it rough, baby? Okay.
    ! It was anal missionary again, but this time was different. He wasn't conservative at all. He started in incredibly hard, slamming his mound right against my pussy every time.
    ! I was cumming so hard in under a minute that I could barely think.
    ! He was having his way with my breasts again, but I was cumming so hard I couldn't stand it. I was very vocal in telling him that I liked it.
    ! I kept calling him daddy and he kept plowing my ass. His hands were on my breasts. He was either kissing or licking my neck, whispering things to me, or kissing me directly, sucking on my lips.
    ! It was the most intense sex I'd ever had, and it was pure anal. He didn't even stop when I came, he just kept going. It made me cum even more intensely. I was already having multiple orgasms. Sometimes I'd even cum 4 or 5 times in a row. He kept it up so hard, too.
    ! With the way I was screaming, I was sure my neighbors knew I was taking anal.

    Here's another… I call it "hornytime." I'm not even gonna pretend... this one's dirty as hell:

    ! I was super horny one night, so I went to the club and walked up to the hottest guy there.
    Tiffany: Hey.
    Max: God damn girl, look at that ass…
    Tiffany happily: haha, you like it?
    Max: Hell yeah… I love skinny girls with nice big round asses.
    Tiffany: Yeah? You like round asses?
    He reached around my hips and grabbed my ass with both hands.
    Mmh! Fuck…
    Tiffany excitedly: So you likey, daddy?
    Max: Yeah baby…
    Tiffany: Wanna go to my place?
    Max excitedly: I am so gonna fuck you in the ass!
    Tiffany giggling: You think so?
    Max: Oh, I will
    Tiffany happily: I guess we'll just have to see about that.
    Max: No, you don't understand baby… I'm sliding my cock up this big fat ass tonight. You're gonna take it all.
    Tiffany excitedly: Confident are ya?
    Max happily: Yeah baby.
    Tiffany: Well, I say it won't happen, but… let's head to my place and see what happens.
    Max excitedly: Uh huh. You'll see baby.
    ! So we head to my place and he pulls his cock out.
    Tiffany: Wow that's a huge cock!!
    Max: Lemme see that big ass baby…
    ! Seconds later, he had me upside down with his cock up my ass. I don't mean a little bit either. I mean all of it. We're talking like a foot long cock here. I don't even know how he got me in this position. I was so surprised at the size of his cock that everything just happened so fast… I have baby oil all over my body and his massive cock up my ass.
    Tiffany: H-Holy fuck!! _That's huge!!!!!!
    _Max happily: Yeah. You're gonna like it baby. What'd I tell you?
    Tiffany: F-Fuck it's so big…
    Max: Your ass is tight baby… does my big cock hurt all up in your tiny tight little asshole?
    Tiffany: W-What do you think!
    Max happily: Good baby. You can scream for me.
    Max: Let your neighbors know your man's plowin' your tight little ass.
    Max: Ah, I'm sorry baby… your big fat round ass.
    Tiffany: S-Shit dude, it's so big!!
    Max: You feel me in your stomach, baby?
    Tiffany: Fuck yeah.
    Max excitedly: Why don't you just be a good girl and cream all over my big cock?
    ! He started plowing my ass. I mean hard.
    Tiffany screaming: Ahhhh!!!!
    Tiffany screaming: Oh my god!!!!
    Max: That's right baby. Take it.
    Tiffany screaming: A-a-ahhh!! Such a big cock in my ass!!
    ! And this was only the beginning… We went at it in all kinds of positions. All anal... And he didn't even have a hint of remorse for fucking me up the ass. He didn't even put it in my pussy once. The jerk.
    ! Unfortunately, it still left me horny because my pussy didn't get any. So, the next night instead of going out I called him.
    Tiffany: Hey, come fuck me. I'm so horny I can't stand it, all because you only fucked me in the ass last night. You're such a jerk.
    Max: Be right over babe.
    ! So, he came over.
    Tiffany: So you gonna put it in my pussy tonight daddy?
    Max: Not a chance babe.
    Max: Bring that big ass here to daddy.
    Tiffany innocently: Wait… what?!
    ! Seconds later... I had his huge cock up my ass.
    Tiffany: Fuck! Why's your cock so big?!
    Max: For big asses like yours baby.
    ! I didn't give up though. I called him again the next night.
    Tiffany: Hey.
    Max: Hey, come over to my place.
    Tiffany: I don't know where you live.
    Max: I'll give you the directions.
    ! A few minutes later I'm at his place. He's laying on his bed, I'm on top of him with his cock up my ass.
    Tiffany: I don't get why I'm doing this…
    Max: Oh c'mon… 3 times baby? You like it.
    Tiffany: I want it…
    Tiffany: hnnf!
    I slide all the way down.
    ..in my pussy.
    Max: And where is it?
    Tiffany: My ass.
    Max: That's right. Now move that big ass for daddy.
    Tiffany: You know.. if you don't give it to me in the pussy this time then this is the last time.
    Max: No it's not. You want this cock. You'll call me.
    ! Despite what I said, I went back every day for the next week.
    Tiffany: Oh come on! Be fair! I've had it in my ass every night for like the past 2 weeks now. Why can't you just put it in my pussy?
    Max: I'll make you a deal. If you can take it all the way balls deep in your pussy then we'll do that.
    Tiffany: That's a stupid deal.
    Max: Oh?
    Tiffany: You're too long. There's no way I can do that.
    Max: Not gonna take the deal?
    Tiffany: Oh, fine. I'll try it.
    ! Tiffany: I told you it wouldn't go all the way.
    He slid it out of my pussy.
    Now baby bend over. Bring that big ass to daddy.
    Tiffany: Omigod.. you're… really?
    Max: I made you a deal babe.
    I bent over on all fours for him.
    Tiffany pouting:
    This deal sucks…
    He forced his huge cock up my ass.
    Omigod why's it SO big!
    Max: Just to make you cream.
    ! He plowed my ass so fucking hard…
    Max: Call me tomorrow if you want some cock.
    Tiffany: I won't call you.
    ! The next day…
    Tiffany: Hey.
    Max: Hey.
    Tiffany: God damn it… come over and fuck me.
    ! He came over and fucked me in the ass right in my bed.
    Max: You invite me over to fuck you in the ass, babe. Admit you love it.
    Tiffany pouting: …no.
    Max: I'm gonna fuck you in the ass until you just admit it.
    Tiffany moaning: a-ahh… no, never...
    ! 3 hours later...
    Tiffany moaning: …too shameful. I won't.
    ! 2 hours later, he had me riding it on my own.
    Max: If you don't love it then stop.
    Tiffany: I'm not stopping… I'm about to cum.
    Max: Look at this babe. My hands are behind my head. You're fucking yourself up the ass. You won't stop because you want to cum on my cock.
    Tiffany: Hey, that's not fair.
    Max: Still riding it.
    Tiffany: I told you, I'm close to cumming! I'm going until I get off!!
    Max: My my. Yeah, you tell me baby.
    Max: Work that cock up your ass.
    ! I came, and he came.
    Tiffany pouting: I'm such a slut…
    Max: Keep going baby. You're doing good.
    Tiffany: I'm tired. You do it.
    Max: Do what?
    Tiffany: Roll over and fuck me in the ass.
    Max: You want me to fuck your big ass, baby?
    Tiffany innocently: …yeah.
    ! Max: You admitted it.
    Tiffany softly: ..shut up.
    Max: Face it. You met a guy with a nice big cock, and now you can't get enough of it.
    Tiffany: Long.
    Max: Huh?
    Tiffany: It's long.
    Tiffany: A nice long cock. That's what I can't get over.
    Max: If you like the length, then why complain baby?
    Tiffany: Because that length is going right up my ass.
    Max: That extra 4 inches that you love so much, we've already demonstrated you can only get it up your butt.
    Tiffany: I'm only getting it up my butt!
    Max: One word for you, baby.
    Tiffany: What?
    Max: Anal.
    Tiffany pouting: _Oh come on!
    _Max: You'll learn to love it. Look at you already. You just keep coming back for more knowing it's going to go up your ass.
    Max: If you aren't my little anal slut then why is that?
    Tiffany pouting: That's not fair…
    Max: It is.
    Tiffany: You're hot! And your cock's so big!
    Max: You know you're getting it up the ass. You come over for pure anal booty calls. You invite me over knowing you're just going to get it up the butt.
    Tiffany: You can fuck me in the butt. Just shut up, okay?
    Max: Tell me you love it.
    Tiffany embarassed: I… I can't.
    Max: Well, I'm not coming over again until you tell me.
    ! I called him the next day.
    Tiffany happily: Hey…
    Tiffany: Wanna come over?
    Max: Not until you tell me.
    Tiffany embarassed: I am not telling you that!
    Max: Alright. Well, I'll catch you later then.
    ! Tiffany (thoughts): Omigod… he hung up on me!
    I call back.
    Tiffany: Hey!
    Max: Tell me.
    Tiffany: Not gonna happen!
    Max: See ya.
    ! Tiffany (thoughts): Omigod…
    So, I waited 2 hours and only got increasingly horny and flustered.
    Tiffany: Please fuck me! I'm so horny!
    Max: Tell me.
    Tiffany: I love it, okay! I love it!
    Tiffany innocently: Come fuck me now?
    Max: What do you love?
    Tiffany softly: …you know.
    Max: Say it.
    Tiffany whispering: I… love it up the butt.
    Max: What kind of sex is that?
    Tiffany: …anal sex.
    Max: Say it.
    Tiffany: I love anal sex.
    Max: Tell me you're my anal slut.
    Tiffany: I'm your anal slut. Please Max, I am so freakin horny, you don't even know!
    Max: Beg me.
    Tiffany embarassed: Omigod…
    Tiffany: Max, please…
    Tiffany embarassed: Omigod.. fine…
    Tiffany: Please come slide it up my butt, daddy.
    Tiffany: I want your big long cock up my ass. I can't stop thinking about it.
    Tiffany: I love it so much… I admit it! I love your big cock up my ass.
    Tiffany: I'm an anal slut and I love it.
    Tiffany: Please come slide it up my big round ass.
    Tiffany: You can go balls deep and make me your little bitch. I want your cock so bad…
    Tiffany: I'm addicted to anal. I can't get enough of your cock. Just please keep giving it to me.
    Tiffany: I know you like it up this nice big ass… My ass is so fat, there's no way you don't love it.
    Tiffany: I make you cum so much, c'mon! I know my ass is tight. Just come slide it up my ass!
    Tiffany: I won't even ask anymore. I submit. You get my ass as much as you want. Just…
    Tiffany softly: …please come over right now.
    Max: I'm coming over. And baby…
    Tiffany: Yeah?
    Max: I just recorded this and sent it to everyone at the club. Everyone knows now. You don't have to hide it anymore.
    Max: Be a proud anal slut from now on.
    Tiffany: Omigod… please tell me you're lying.
    Max happily: Nope.
    ! He came over and fucked me in the ass.
    Tiffany: That's not cool. I can't believe you told everyone.
    Max: You're a pure anal slut from now on baby. There's no going back to before.
    Tiffany: But omigod, what if we break up?
    Max: It's a part of you now.
    Tiffany: You're an asshole.
    Max: An asshole in your asshole.
    Tiffany: Yeah ha ha that's really funny, but you shouldn't fuck somebody's life up like that.

    I call this one… "arranged":

    ! I've known two things since I was little: 1, I would stop aging once I turned 20 because my family is immortal. And 2, I was going to have an arranged marriage.
    ! When I was 18, they introduced me to my fiancé. Neither of us had met before. We were to have our wedding in less than a week, and were expected to have sex. If I didn't have sex before I was 20, I would be eternally a virgin - at least biologically speaking, regardless of dirty acts.
    ! I was completely surprised when they introduced us. My father brought my fiancé into the room and announced…
    Father: Jen, I would like you to meet your fiancé.
    I just blinked in total bewilderment.
    Jen innocently:
    But…. he's a girl.
    ! Indeed, before me next to my father was by far the most attractive blonde girl I had ever seen. She had green eyes and pouty lips, and large breasts. Noticeably large. Triple D's probably. And she had a perfect hourglass figure too. Small waist, wide hips. Big butt. Everything about her was perfect. That is, except her gender.
    ! My father looked at me like I was talking nonsense. The girl looked to him.
    You didn't tell her?
    He looked to the girl.
    W-Well, we, um…
    Tiffany: That will be fine. You can leave us.
    Father: O-Of course.
    **And just like that my father left and it was the two of us alone.
    ! But that way my father acted… it was so strange and unlike him. he was never so submissive to a young girl my age. He was a very strong dominant man. He had a very strong and powerful air about him. Her family must be incredibly powerful and she must be very important within that family... But no wait, the more important thing... He's a she?! My fiancé is a girl!
    ! Tiffany: Well then, I suppose we have a lot to talk about. We should sit down.
    She waved her hand in front of her, as if offering me a seat on the leather couch in front of her.
    ! I sat on the couch and she sat across from me on the other identical leather couch several feet across from it.
    I must apologize that this has all been thrown on you so suddenly. I have known my entire life that we are to be bethrothed.
    Tiffany: I was told of you in great detail. Though I must say I am quite surprised that you are every bit as beautiful as you were described. Perhaps even far moreso…
    Jen: Well… I'm a little relieved myself. I thought I was to marry a man this entire time, and I tried to convince myself, but... I've only ever really been interested in other girls.
    Jen: But it doesn't make any sense. I mean, you're probably the prettiest girl I've ever seen, but… aren't we... supposed to have children?
    Tiffany giggling: We are.
    Jen innocently: Do they not know? I mean, they have to know…
    She smiled at me.
    Tiffany happily:
    They know.
    Jen innocently: Then..?
    Tiffany: My clan is entirely female, as am I. But, well
    Tiffany innocently: They really never told you?
    I should my head innocently.
    Well I suppose it would be inappropriate of me to tell you.
    Tiffany: Our wedding is in 3 days though, so you won't have to wait long.
    I blushed at the thoughts of having sex with her rushing through my head. She blushed as well when she noticed my blushing.
    Tiffany embarassed:
    I, um… well...
    Tiffany: Would you like to take a bath together? It was a very long journey and I fear I could use one.
    Jen: Is that really okay?
    Tiffany: We're fiancées. Besides, it's only for company. We'll talk, nothing more - not until our wedding night.
    Jen embarassed: Well, um… I'm okay with it if you are.
    Tiffany embarassed: Okay then…
    She stood up, blushing.
    Tiffany embarassed:
    ! So we went to the bath together. We stripped off our clothes. I wasn't surprised to see her pussy was just as perfect as the rest of her, but I was slightly surprised that she had it completely hairless.
    Tiffany: You keep a strip.
    Jen embarassed: I, um… I do.
    Tiffany: Would you remove it for me, like mine?
    Jen embarassed: Well… if that's what you want.
    Tiffany: I could help you with it. Do you mind if we do it now?
    Jen embarassed: I-If you want to…
    Tiffany: It won't hurt. Can you sit down?
    Jen innocently: Okay.
    I sat down with my legs spread in front of her. I was so embarassed… She crawled down in front of me.
    Jen embarassed:
    Y-You didn't mean…
    She looked up at me innocently and shook her head.
    May I?
    Jen embarassed: Okay.
    She ran her finger from my clit all the way up to the top of my pubic hair strip, saying something as she did.
    Tiffany (magical):
    Pseudos pfias.
    Jen embarassed: E-Ehm…
    Tiffany happily: All done.
    Jen embarassed: W-Wha?
    Tiffany innocently: Look.
    I looked down… the hair was gone. Just gone. It was perfectly smooth down there.
    Jen innocently:
    Tiffany happily: Magic.
    She stood up and held out her hands and helped me up.
    Tiffany happily:
    C'mon, we're going to catch a cold.
    ! So we went and entered the bath. It's a very large indoor bath in a beautiful enclosed garden. We sit and the water goes up just below our breasts. The water is nice and warm.
    Tiffany innocently: It's very cute… your... I um, I don't know if it's appropriate to say, or... but since I just saw, and... I think maybe it would be rude not to... I, um... I.. I don't know.
    Tiffany embarassed: I-It's very cute though…
    Jen embarassed: I.. I like yours too.
    Tiffany embarassed: O-Okay, so um… Food! What's your favorite dish?
    Jen innocently: Oh, um…
    ! We started small talk and the tension eased. Well, except for the fact that we kept glancing down at one another's breasts and then we'd both blush and quickly try to bring up another subject or answer the question we were asked. With hers being what must be triple d's, and mine being D's... It's hard not to.
    ! We spoke very much the next two days, spending much time together. We were hardly apart a few moments. We would eat together and take walks or sit around and talk for hours on end.
    ! She was staying in my room, and we were sleeping in the same bed. Neither of us wore anything to sleep, it's been like that since we were born. That's just how we're taught to sleep.
    ! Suffice to say... the nights were very nerve wracking. Both of us completely embarassed and nearly too nervous to even sleep. We tried to keep our distance, but both mornings we woke up wrapped around one another. I was a little surprised the first morning when I woke up facing away from her with one of her legs between mine and her arm wrapped around my waist with her breasts on my back, but even more surprised the second morning when I woke up with my face between her breasts, one of my legs between hers and an arm wrapped around her waist. She was even more surprised, considering one of her breasts was wet with my saliva…
    ! The third morning we woke up facing one another, nearly kissing, with our breasts pressed together, arms and legs wrapped around one another's. Our fingers were even locked in one hand. We awoke with our mouthes inches away from one another's, our breath heavily flowing into the other's mouth. I was completely shocked when she give me a kiss on my lips before sitting up.
    Tiffany: Today's our wedding. Don't be too nervous!
    Jen embarassed: Y-Yeah…
    ! We went separate ways after breakfast and our wedding was around 5 in the evening. After which... we were left all alone.
    ! In my room, we both fingered ourselves in front of one another in our wedding attire. Both of us in pure white.
    ! She had a corset that only went just below her breasts, a white collar, gloves that went to her arm pits, frilled hose, and panties. She slid her hand under her panties to finger herself.
    ! I still had on my dress, with my breasts free from the triangular cups just barely covering my nipples, wearing similar gloves, a tiara with a veil, my hose was smooth and white up to the top with a lace edge, connected to a lacey garterbelt. I didn't have panties and fingered myself directly. She thought it was incredibly hot that I didn't wear panties.
    ! Tiffany innocently: That's so hot…
    **We were both so wet it was visibly running down our butts in streams. Especially me since I didn't have panties absorbing anything.
    ! Tiffany embarassed: Well… I guess I should show you.

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