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  • I think its gonna be a case of writing out all the morph settings, and starting from scratch :(

    My enthusiasm is taking a beating tonight

  • I feel your pain, I always run into trouble when I have to do something like that :)

  • I tried what you wrote above, and the results were not good, many things did not come back as before. I think this is gonna take more than one attempt to get right :)

  • Before starting this, make sure you read everything beforehand. So if you are confused about something, don't start on it until you get a clearer answer.

    1. Select the figure with the morphs.

    2. In the file menu, go to Save File As>Deprecated>Pose Preset. You could also the + button on the content library tab at the bottom and follow the same steps.

    3. A window should pop with two things. First is Animation Range. You don't need to worry about that, so keep it checked on Current Frame Only. The second item is Data. If you record all, it will save the entire pose (including the morphs and the position).

    If you're only looking to save just the morphs or the translations, then select record customs. On the right of that is a menu button. When you click that, it will give you some quick saves with select all. Tranforms will have any movement (Translation, Rotation, Scale) you put the character. Morphs/Modified will save the shape of the character.

    Normally, what I do is save the transforms of a pose, but zero the figure's pose and and just record all. That way, I have the pose saved up for future use and the character's morphs are saved.

    1. After clicking OK, save the pose in a place that you know you can find in your DAZ directory (Like a new folder in your save folder). After that, load up the new figure and then add the changes.

  • The easiest way I think would be to use the Poser Format Exporter (the same thing I was cursing at earlier :D) and save your characters that way, and then inject them into your V4.2

  • Ok, I just got v4.2, can one of you give some kind of step by step instructions on how to convert my old v4 custom characters into shiny now v4.2 custom characters? (Sincyprine, I think you missed out a few steps I think, care to expand you answer a little? :))

  • Nothing should happen as 4.2 is a different character than 4.

  • not really sure but i wouldnt worry much.
    a quick look here:
    seems to say that v4 aint much different from v4.2

    history channel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_(3D_figure)

    in any case, you can always save your character.
    easy way: place her on the stage - save // or save as… scene sub-set. (you can find their icons in Categories > Default > Unassigned for quick reference)
    paranoid way: (File >) Export her as a .Cr2 (poser format) with the Save Binary Morph ticked. Reimport when needed (that Cr2 file is pretty usefull for other stuff as well but thats away from the point).

    but once again, i wouldnt worry.

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