• The difference between MBA vs PGDM is PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management while MBA translates into a Masters of Business Administration. Hence, PGDM is actually a diploma course while MBA is a degree course. Naturally, not all colleges can offer you an MBA but many can give you a PGDM. Although there are similarities between the curriculum of both, differences exist as well. A student pursuing an MBA will be studying more of the theoretical aspects of management. An MBA institute will be following a fixed curriculum as it will be based on the university guidelines. A student pursuing a PGDM course will be gaining knowledge regarding building soft skills and the program is more industry-oriented. An autonomous institute does not have to follow university standards, so it is free to change its curriculum according to industry standards and change in the business environment. The course will prepare you for a senior-level position in a company.

  • i invite you to browse my blog, i got a few (very) short animated loops.
    you can also visit visivius's site, he's got very nice (lots longer !) animated shorts stories

  • Currently, just G4E and any animations miro has posted up in his production diary. The previous set (Ayako and the Tara's assignments) were not animated.

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