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  • The flame is probably too small to act as the key light in the scene, use it to give the flame a bit more life and try using a mesh light as a fill light. That's probably how I would go about it.

  • i am quite satisfied with flame Texture -> Light results but…
    the texture become a white splat of white which aint candle-y enough for me (see attachment)

    @supro: more experiment with daz point of light led to the same awkward shadows

  • Decrease the strength of point light and use a mesh light in the back of her with a lower setting.

  • excelent, just changed flame texture to light, looks better: now unto tweaking… more soon with picture

  • Hm, have never tried mixing reality lights and Daz lights, did you know you can convert the flame material into a light then set the color, temperature etc? I think you will get a better result faster and easier that way. Just make sure the flamelight is in a separate light group for easier control.

  • the scene is lit by a point of light & a mesh light, the point of light being above the flame, with the glass mesh.
    will try tweaks :)

  • I can't recall that I've had shadows looking like that, yet, so I'm not sure what's causing it. Is the flame the only light source? If so I'd say it's the glass material around the flame that needs some tweaking.

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