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  • Gabung layanan situs judi bola server terbaik bermodal murah 25 ribu deposit bisa via ovo dan pulsa, dapatkan games list unggulan yang tersedia oleh bandar judi online yang populer sebagai tempat bermain taruhan olahraga games yang terdapat secara live dengan sistem prediksi akurat.

  • I often let people vote for their favorite characters out of selection. Most likely, each character receives some votes, which mean they are each individually enjoyed by some people and that makes me feel good!

  • I think that, as you say, everyone creates their own image of a character. Sort of like how a lot of people got upset when Samus spoke for the first time in Other M. Most people felt like it didn't fit "their vision" and you know what? That's okay. If something isn't really story heavy (I.e. 3DX usually isn't) then I don't see the problem in letting people view the characters in a fashion they most enjoy. As long as it isn't totally unreasonable, anyway.

  • err, for a moment, the question read as: do i dream of a butterfly or is a butterfly dreaming me

    whatever the audience feels, if it does feel anything, it means:
    1- they saw the creation, which is the proeminent part as a creator: having your work seen.
    2- they felt something, which means they didnt remain indifferent, which is the point.
    if those 2 check, its all good for me.

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