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  • Option #1 and #3 only. A "good girl" that isn't good in bed is just bad. I'd rather have a slut than a prude, that's for sure.

    But as far as things go, it doesn't matter which one it is between those two options so I'll abstain.

  • I like a slut like any other guy, but only for a fuck and nothing more, good girls can be fun especially if their shy and want to be shown the way of doing things.

    But I mostly like a lady who's a freak in bed, that way I can have a nice time out of the bed room, and she can give me a good fuck when we get back home, strange enough there was a guy who I've done a lot of art for recently who's wife is just like that, prim and proper out side the house, but a real whore behind the closed doors.

  • Well I think the goal (and I could be wrong) is a character who is confident and comfortable enough with herself and her sexuality to openly enjoy sex and being desirable, but doesn't give it up to just anybody she meets. She knows what she wants, what she likes, and she goes after it with out shame but is not simply a "slut"… Not sure there is a simple definition for that, but whatever your definition is, you don't usually want your characters to be one. And being a "good girl" is misleading. They're usually just a repressed "freak" waiting to happen.

  • none of the above,
    all of them, at once:

    i want my girls to look sexy, attractive but definitively not in the pejorative slutty way.
    i want them to feel comfortable with their seductive potential, but not abusive,
    to enjoy the depicted sex life i create without the scorn of being treated as a whore.

    note that its what i want to be able to depict but its very possible i enterelly fail at it.

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