Can Cash App Support Representatives Help You Send Money?

  • • Want to send money from another debit card?
    • Failed to make payment because your Cash app is down?
    • Looking for Cash App Support to add debit card without OTP?
    The cash app professionals are available all the time to address your queries and sort out persisting problems well. Approach them for solutions without considering time as a factor.

  • I'm a gamer, first and foremost, so I suppose that could be my main addiction. I can't not play games. You could say I'm addicted to porn in general (not like crippling though) considering at most I can go a few days without enjoying it…and even then I usually just look something up for the hell of it. Um, Pepsi. My favorite drink and the only drink I'll buy. I'm sure there are others, but I don't need this post getting long.

  • administrators

    I was addicted to gaming, probably still am, but have stepped away from it for probably a couple of years now.
    Funnily enough was never addicted to porn, but never stopped enjoying it either.

  • I would say I've become a bit addicted in the same way Morfium has. Other than that I REALLY like gaming :D

  • alcohol, but been sober for over 3 years with only few short lived (3 days max) episodes.
    tabacco & coffee, strong and black, like my italian better half taugh me to brew.
    gaming, ever since i was presented to my 1st teddy bear i guess,

    sum up: blasted liver, brains, and lungs, deviant libido, sociopathic autism,
    feeling good !

  • mhmmm…
    Checking updates by deviantart, Affect3d, hentai-foundry and some bloggers. By dA and A3D it is really worse, only today I logged in more than 20 times.
    By other things, like chocolate, the problem is, that I like it so much, that you can say that I'm addicted to it, but I don't buy it so much/or got the chance to do it/eat it... what ever. oh man I hope someone understand what I want to say.^^

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