• Are you confused about the difference b/w MBA Vs PGDM. PGDM is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and can be given from autonomous institutes or Private colleges. The colleges which don’t come under University are not authorized to provide degree and hence they will provide the Post Graduate Diploma and it is considered equivalent to an MBA in the industry too.MBA is a Master of Bussiness Administration and can be given by Universities and Colleges under Universities. This degree is considered a Masters degree and can help you in organizational growth.PGDM is a diploma and in the industry will consider it as a degree only. Even if you try to find jobs on you will see the options as an MBA/PGDM. So, it is confirmation that the industry will consider it as degree, but in case if you are planning for a Doctorate program or Higher studies in foreign countries then they may consider this degree as a Diploma. So, please make your plan and choose the program as per your future goals. For more details visit our website.

  • I'm curious about the last bit of soundtrack that was used near the end around 2:10, anyone knows if there's a full track of it somewhere?

  • I like this track! I found it on Audiojungle and buyed it…

    Oh, btw: It's on youtube, uploaded by the guy who made it:

  • administrators

    Yes the author made it available via a stock site. The song is called High Speed Output :)

  • It's music he got from a royalty-free stock sites.

  • I'm pretty sure miro mentioned in one one of his comments early on in the release diary. Otherwise just send him a massage here on the forum.
    And welcome btw :)

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