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  • @'fredfred5150':

    … "I can't end up poor and in the gutter, I have to succeed" type mentality ...

    even tho that fear exist, specialy now the medias serve economic terror on every channel, i think success stories are built by individuals or teams who want to, are driven, and with that, a portion on shark and unealthy competion involved (and that could very well be the by product of the economic fear as well as its cause).


    … so they become complacent and lazy ...

    then when success shows up, the fittest shark swallows it all, usually destroying what made the project successfull (you know, the creative process costs too much, and sack me those artists, etc..). and that wouldnt be complacent…

  • I think, for individuals a lot of the drive to succeed comes from a "I can't end up poor and in the gutter, I have to succeed" type mentality, but once they succeed and are financially secure, that mentality is no longer needed, so they become complacent and lazy.

    Nothing motivates like having "the wolf outside the door"

  • Don't think that this only it happens to the companies, that also happens to the people and that's called in my country "[] goals achieved []" leading to loss of hunger of success and inspiration to get ahead, so sometimes is good a healthy competition with other companies or individuals that take you to improve yourself more and more n_n

  • Success is fleeting. It is also subjective and open to interpretation.

    Once you've gotten there, you have to continue to maintain it. Be careful what you wish for. Also it is subjective; what may be someone else's dream nay be merely climbing to the top of a heap for another.

    I will say this much, a company with enduring business success is driven by vision and motivated by more than just money. It's one thing to be fiscally conservative/spending prudent, it's another entirely to be stingy/greedy. You get what you pay for and that includes for running your business. When you stop seeing it as anything more is when it starts dying. Take care of employees and customers as a shepherd tends to his flock, and you'll be okay. I've had entrepreneurs as role models throughout my life.

    Never lose track of why you went into business in the first place!

  • From indie to major developer, there are so many of these emerging lately. In the past, it was a lucky chance some even made it in the long run. And sometimes they do stray from notoriety that made them famous and push more to gain attention. (+$)

  • It depends a lot on the industry and the current motivations of upper management. When people begin to see 'their' company as nothing but cashflow, then it almost guarantees they'll lose the passion that caused them to start the industry in the first place.

  • Sol's got part of it. Also, once a company becomes big enough, which usually happens when they are successful, they get more people on board, and more management, and as such, have a harder time changing. They get into a way of doing things, and without a management change, they don't WANT to change, because that means they might not be as good at their new jobs, which in turn leads people to think they will lose those jobs.

  • They get fond of their money and perhaps don't want to take risks because of fear of losing that money. That's one probability :D

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