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  • @'Supro':

    -A commission of Justine by Cris De Lara (I didn't get a digital one, so can't post it up :()

    You could always use that shiny new phone of yours to take a picture of it :angel:

  • -The Prestige Poster
    -A print of Power Girl
    -A CM Punk shirt
    -Fathom Poster
    -Lara Croft Poster
    -Borat Poster (probably gonna remove that one)
    -A commission of Justine by Cris De Lara (I didn't get a digital one, so can't post it up :()

    I'm thinking about getting me a Bioshock Infinite poster or wallscroll. Just have to find the right one. :)

  • Right now I got two images of Kandinsky in my livingroom. Just posters though, not real paintings.

    Oh and this one in a proper frame. Looks pretty nice when youre standing infront of it.

  • I did have a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 poster on the wall but it fell down because
    my wall's hate me, lol! ;D

  • Well i have

    A star wars original trilogy poster

    Watchdogs poster i got it when you pre-order the game

    Lastly Diablo 3 poster

  • Anime posters from: Tenchi Muyo, Agent Aika, Plastic Little, Countdown Stories, Rune Soldier, Dragon Knight 4ever.
    And two big posters from Masamune Shirow called "Steam Angel" & "Neuro Heaven"
    Oh, and the Stihl Calender from 2012…

  • The Witcher (1) wallpaper since 2008 I think :P

  • Axes and Swords

  • calendar, many Japanese words, I have tribals on my door made with pens ​​by my friends, a shelf full of CDs of music, and a poster that did my friends when I was 15 years, signed by all >_<

  • Posters, tools, photos, and a mail sorter.

  • Lemme see… in my living room I have a total of 4 movie posters: Fight Club, Matrix Reloaded, Sin City & The Two Towers. 3 game posters (only 1 of which is on the wall, DOA5. The other 2 are under the plexiglass protector I have on the coffee table: City of Villains D: and a Japanese promo poster for Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox). There are 3 Chris Achillios (sp?) posters in my house, cool dragon artist. A scroll I got from Taiwan of the Goddess Quanyin holding a lotus blossom while standing on some clouds and a dragon... umm... oh yeah how could I forget the Black Butte Porter (yum) poster and a pin up calender of Sophie Reade, a hot hot hot European model with big beautiful natural breasts :D

    Oh and I have one of those Galilean thermometers mounted to my wall.

    And that is what one would see on my walls sitting in my living room.

  • wall are crumbling in my old house ahahah !
    i have books, ie libraries.
    and a white board i use to map out ideas in the front of the pc.

  • I have photos of family of friends in the lounge. While my bedroom has a number of anime/game related posters, and a canvas print.

  • I have a painting that I had to hang sideways because when it was the right way up it creeped me out :D

  • The heads of my enemies….

  • Quite a few game posters (2 SC2, WoW Cata, GoW Ascension), 2 metallic fantasy prints, 1 hologram that moves, 1 simpsons poster (the one that looks like the memorex one with the guy in the chair and things being 'blown' back by the TV) 1 anime wall hanging, signed by one of the voice actors, 1 Canadian flag, two dreamcatchers, a flogger and a riding crop, 4 of the 5 speakers in my THX 5.1 speaker set, and one lady in her undies on a poster. If I had more wall space, I have a WHOLE bunch more to put up (the '1984' iPod poster, original Clockwork Orange movie poster, and a lot of art from local artists I like)

  • I have a few posters up (one of Lara Croft, Fathom, the movie posters for the Prestige and Borat), the very first WWE-made CM Punk shirt, and a commission I got of Justine that I never had a digital copy for. It's the best pic I've ever gotten of her, yet the artist never sent one (though they did send two prints, allowing me to keep one on the wall).

  • I have some fancy floral wallpaper, like every real man should have :rolleyes:

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