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  • noted.
    also, metadatas (& smart content) is featured in carrara 8+ although the ui isnt as appealing as daz's.

  • Just discovered through research that user data I've added (e.g., categories and tags) will be additive to DAZ changes in updates; however, DAZ's categorization process will also be additive… so all those shallow categorizations return.

  • I've gone through the process of adding metadata for all the non-DAZ stuff (like Rendo, RE, etc.) and changing DAZ's infuriatingly shallow categorizations. So, two questions…

    1. Anyone want my metadata to import? You'll be stuck with associations that make sense in my head, but at least it should speed things up for you. if there's enough response, I'll post the compilation in some way that makes sense.

    2. Does anyone know if the updates pushed by DAZ also updates the metadata in any significant way? In other words, when a product update is pushed, can I safely reimport my old metadata on top of the updated product?

    Thanks, all!


  • some extra in depth reading regarding metadatas:

    i admit i just glaced over it but the reference is probably worth having here.

  • Awesome, this might come in handy :)

  • i've created a visual guide to create metadata:
    hope it helps you & feel free to shoot questions !

  • quick update: i think i got it… gotta practice some more.
    here is the tutorial that made it clearer for me: http://forumarchive.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?p=2913353

  • yes… the few tutorials i've followed failed me (or did i fail them ^^)

  • administrators

    as in how to create the meta data?

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