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  • Ah it's about Browser shortcuts…
    stuff I use enough to actually remember:
    Cmd+Klick - open link in new Tab
    Cmd+Shift+Klick - open link in new Tab and focus
    Cmd+W -close Tab
    Cmd+L - select address bar
    Cmd+G - next search result
    Cmd+Shift+G - previous search result
    Cmd+Shift+R - reload page without cache
    Cmd+Opt+I - open dev tools
    Cmd+Opt+J - open javascript console
    Cmd+Shift+N - open incognito window
    ...and more
    ... that's for Chrome ... and Mac
    I'd use Firefox more often if Googles dev tools weren't that much better (than FFs integrated tool and Firebug...)

  • Yeah, funny how most people seem to forgot that the scroll wheel is actually the third mouse button.

    If you have a customizable browser, you can use left/right/middle click with the Ctrl, Alt, Shift or a combination of them to do a lot of navigation tasks. I find it more helpful than mouse gestures.

    That is one reason why I will always use Firefox. The other reasons is the addons.

    The most important ones:
    ImgLikeOpera - allows for wildcard filtering of images before they are loaded.
    No Script - blocks unwanted scripts. You can use whitelist instead of blacklist
    Cookie Whitelist - blocks unwanted cookies, except those in the whitelist. You can choose between two policy - always accept and accept for session only.
    FlashBlock - blocks unwanted Flash

    Properly configured, makes browsing safer and almost 100% ad free. Works better than those adblockers.

    The ones that makes browsing easier
    Tab Focus - switches tab on mouse hover
    Undo Close Tabs button
    Permanent List-All-Tabs button
    Textarea Cache - caches all text in a text area
    Textlink - makes URI text into URL
    Context Search - right click a word/phrase/sentence and perform a search with multiple search engines
    Download Statusbar - list all your downloads in a toolbar instead of a new window. Only appear when you download something
    Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Oneliner - combines the tab bar and navigation bar as a single toolbar.
    Addons in Urlbar - puts the addon bar inside the address bar. Appears only when you hover your mouse.

  • Ctrl +T to open a new tab, Ctrl + Shift + T to open a recently closed tab. Great for when you close the wrong stuff :)

  • Using alt+tab to quickly switch to a different open folder or program has saved my life once or twice ;)

  • Huh, I never knew that. And here I been right clicking all these years like a chump! LOL

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