Activities That May Help To Control Sleep Apnea

  • Several diseases affect a person’s control over their body parts. We may have heard of a brain stroke that paralyzes the body and renders us incapable of performing our essential daily activities. Stroke is indeed an extremely debilitating life-threatening condition that deteriorates the quality of life in individuals. There are certain sleep disorders like sleep apnea that may lead to a brain stroke.
    Apart from diseases, there could be other causes that may affect the daily activity of an individual like accidents. A person may have a fatal car accident that may cause injury to his limbs. He may even suffer a mental trauma due to the accident. Such trauma can affect his daily activity including sleep. Sometimes trauma in the brain may affect the control systems of certain limbs or muscles in the body. It may also alter the process by which the way the brain sends signals to the body. So, an unfortunate accident can trigger a boutiques of health issues in individuals. Sleep is one area that may be gravely affected by such incidents.

    We may have heard of different individuals suffering from sleep issues like narcolepsy, hypersomnia, insomnia, and sleep apnea. All these sleep diseases often lack proper diagnosis. This is because a person may abstain from visiting a doctor. He may do so only if the problem reaches unsurmountable proportions. Complications at his workplace and social life may coerce him to consult a physician. Physicians may recommend a person affected by a sleep disorder to visit a sleep specialist.

    Sleep apnea is characterized by a condition where a person experiences an episode of stopped breathing. This could be due to the inability of the brain to send signals to the muscles that control breathing. (central sleep apnea). It may also be due to the reason that the lung passage may experience a blockage due to the failure of the muscles to control the flow of air in the passage (obstructive sleep apnea).

    Ways to remain active when dealing with sleep apnea.

    Patients suffering from sleep apnea can try their hand in following a few simple activities. Some of the activities you can do are mentioned below.

    Aerobic Exercises

    People suffering from sleep apnea can try different types of exercises that help in maintaining adequate body weight. Aerobic exercises can help obese persons in shedding extra weight. In fact, obesity is one of the main causes of sleep apnea. Exercise can alleviate the need for surgery in sleep apnea patients. To get rid of sleep disorders buy Modafinil online Australia.


    Yoga entails the practice of pranayama and asanas. There are several pranayama and asana that help in controlling obesity. These pranayama exercises also help the body to function properly. Pranayama exercises that target the oropharyngeal region help to strengthen it. These exercises also ensure the proper flow of oxygen in the body. Mind exercises such as meditation also relax the mind and promote sleep.
    There are other oropharyngeal exercises and breathing devices that strengthen the muscles around the airway passage and also helps it to keep it open. Proper diet can also control obesity and improve the debilitating effects of the disorder.

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