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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while I believe that women in my experience are all beautiful in the own way, I believe sexy is the extent that they take that beauty to the next level to really bring attention to them.

    A good example, you meet a girl at work and she's beautiful, you ask her out and when you meet her again she has her make up on, that special dress and that amazing perfume, that is the point she goes from just beautiful to being sexy.

  • Two different words, two meanings, yet some can count as both. There are classic beauties that retained credit for being unique, exotic (and the two main words) And now words can't seem to be enough. I feel that if a word defines someone, let it be so, its how we feel when we express ourselves.

  • I think beautiful is more a state of having certain qualities, most of which can be scientifically defined and categorized. We can analyze and assess beauty, and we can learn to identify characteristics that most humans in our culture will find beautiful. We can create an image of feminine beauty based on composition and proportion. That all sounds very clinical, but our reaction to beauty is a sense of awe and interest and compassion, reactions that are far from clinical.

    Sexy, on the other hand, is raw sex appeal, and is far more personal. Though you can find actresses 9-out-of-10 straight men will agree are beautiful, it's not always the case with "sexy." You might personally find some actress hot as hell (sexy) while plenty of other folks say things like "she does nothing for me." For some, sexy is largely in the eyes, others the body, others the attitude regardless of physical features, etc. It's simply a far more subjective and erotic classification.

  • At a very basic level (to me at least, maybe I'm over simplifying) "Beautiful" is when you are so facinated by a person features that looking at them makes you feel good. Almost as though you can't get enough of them. "Sexy" is more of a simple "I'd like to do her" kind of reaction. It's more instinctual… I think. Some people manage to be both, but based purely on visual information, most attractive people trigger one reaction or the other. Think of a bunch of famous actresses and list 'em by whether (based solely on appearance) you want to get to known them/date them or just pile drive them through your headboard. Thats a big part of the diffence. LOL

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