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  • OF COURSE!!! Each year in the city of Cordoba Argentina we celebrate Cosquin Rock, a lot of bands (rock, reggae, metal) playing in a giant place, since I went the first time in my 19 birthday I go all the years with mi friends, they are only 3 days but the experience is incredible

    here is a little preview

  • I guess the Swedish championships in hockey qualify. It was great, our team faced off against their biggest rivals in the finals and won. The first time in 35 years so the town went crazy, where I live people are devoted fans of the local hockey team. Aah, memories for life. :)

  • I've been to a few different gigs over the past few years, and had varying experiences

    I've been to a few you have nowhere to sit, and you find that they overcrowd the place, while arenas with seating are only sold to the number of seats available.
    Went to see Evanesence at the end of 2011, and even though the room was only a fifth full when I arrived, people were already crowding the dance floor right in front of the stage, and by the time the first opening act had finished, it was difficult to move around, just trying to go from one side of the room to the other (The bar and toilets were on opposite ends of the stage) could easily take a whole song, when your trying to get past people who will leave you no space to walk by.

    Compared to when I saw Slade last Christmas, where we were in a seated arena, it was far easier to get around, people were more respectful of each others space, and you didn't have to plan ahead if you wanted a toilet break.
    Because seated gigs are generally a calmer affair, I tend to stick with those, so tend to see a lot of comedians rather then musicians now.

  • Went to see Bon Jovi (don't judge me :P ) in the mid 90's, got squashed, had to be lifted out of the crowd lol
    Saw Iron Maiden (fear of the dark tour) a couple of days after, was surprisingly much more civilized

    Only other concert I've been to was a Smiths tribute band called These Charming Men, that was in a pub, and was great

    As for sporting events, I think one gets a better view of the action watching it on TV

  • Been to both. Sporting events were about like highschool stuff except more people and more energy.

    The concert was cram packed with like a bazillion people who had way too much energy. That, and there was a very strong smell of ganja in the air. In fact, I may have gotten a little contact buzz just being there.

    It's different going backstage at a concert though.

  • CFL games, plenty. That's Canadian Football League for yankees. Hockey games, a couple back when Gretzky was still an Oiler. The CFL games are fun, but not all that much energy where I was (up in the nosebleeds) but the hockey games, those were WILD FUN!

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