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  • Really the plugin makes or breaks it for me. Octane made the most sense based on how seamless it is within Poser. I assume the Daz version is similar. I think paul / Faceoff writes both of them. I have not pressed the native firefly button in months. Octane is deeply embedded. Now that I have a gk110 based card in my system my rendering speed increased about 7 times faster than a single 650ti.

  • Just want to add another factor to consider - whether or not the renderer have exporter support for your application of choice.

    If you're using only DS or Poser, your choices are very limited (the built-in renderers, Luxrender and Octane via plugins). To use other renderers, you need another host app or export raw OBJ files to the standalone version of your renderer of choice.

    If you don't have apps like C4D or Max, you'll have to put aside some serious dough to get them (excluding the amount you pay for the renderer).

    DS does support exporting to RIB files, which you can use with Renderman compliant renderers like the standalone 3delight, Pixie or Aqsis. I never could get them to work though.

  • I agree with this. V-Ray is definately the most versatile render engine on the market currently, and it can get very very close to the quality of an unbiased render engine, but in a fraction of the time when youre aiming for almost noise free images.

    Unbiased engines are all nice and fun to use, especially in the case of Octane, but I expect V-Ray and others to catch up with the tech and you will see more realtime previewing capabilities and gpu support over the next few years I am sure.

  • I tried a few renderers. Nothing beats V-Ray if you can set it right. I'm working on 3ds Max. Can render an ultra-quality, high-res scene in maximum 2 hours (usually leave the computer rendering at night or when I'm not home). Got 16gb or RAM, and i7 2,8GHz processor.

  • vrayforc4d is actually using the vray 2.0 core and just has their own version number scheme, but yes its not as updated as the max and maya versions. If you want to always have the most up to date version you should aim for max. But if you prefer to have a comfortable application around everything, then nothing will beat cinema4d. HOPEFULLY the vray plugin will get the long overdue update sometime this year.

  • I've had no problems with Lux thus far, works pretty fast for me. However it comes down to how the scene is lit and the materials settings, I usually set every material (except the characters) as a matte material and then make changes from there. My PC specs are quite a lot higher than yours though, have no idea how well Lux runs with those specs.

  • @'Evolluisionist':

    ok i seriously had it with luxrender taking forever to render out an image for me. maybe it's my computer that just can't handle it idk but does anyone know of a render engine that is quick and looks good?

    really can't deal with luxrender anymore :(

    PC Specs
    Model: XPS L502X
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410 [email protected]
    Installed memory (RAM): 4.00GB

    Luxrender will keep on rendering until you stop it manually or hit your requested number of samples. It also takes a lot of time to clear up noise and fireflies. Short of throwing more horsepower, (CPU and/or GPU) you could try using other modes/samplers. If you want to use the GPU, be it SLG or Hybrid, get AMD cards. In my opinion, it's useless using NVIDIA cards with Lux.

    Octane is quite cheap (compared to vray or mental ray), produces good results, but only runs on NVIDIA GPUs. It's also an unbiased renderer, so it needs time to clear up noise and fireflies. With direct lighting, it is relatively quicker than Luxrender. If you use PMC, it's about as fast or as slow :). I would say it's about the same as NVIDIA's performance in Luxrender.

    Vray can be fast and the results can be very good to excellent. It also has vray RT, which uses GPU(s) to render. Vray RT uses path tracing, so if you're using it for final renders, there will be noise and fireflies. I would suggest using Maya or Max with Vray, since they tend to have the most updated versions. Vray for C4D is still at 1.2 I believe. VrayRT is only available with version 2 and up.

    Cost wise, I think of all three, Lux is the most affordable option. Two Radeon HD 7950 3 GB (costs about USD 300 now) and a fast CPU (Core i7 2600/3770/4770) with hybrid path tracing is pretty fast. With about the same budget (around USD 1000), you can get one GTX 580 (the 1.5 GB version), Octane and the CPU. Vray's license is about USD 1200-1300.

    I'm keeping my eye on Redshift a biased GPU renderer. still in alpha. Others I've seen are Indigo Renderer (OpenCL and CUDA), Arion 2 (CUDA) and Spectral Image (OpenCL). There's Blender with Cycles, if you don't mind the UI (I do). If you don't mind the quality, realtime 3D engines (Source, CRYEngine or Unity) are free and render speed is very fast.

  • I am a full time Octane whore these days. I just dropped another 780GTX into my box and can do 12000 samples on pathtracing in about 2 hours. That… is pretty epic.


  • My suggestion, is C4D with vray, awesome realism, in a very short time. extreme short renders, with a relative good quality, can be done in 3 minutes.

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