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  • 3D is improving. After seeing the likes of what several artists here have created, it was enough to make me interested and to shift from the 2D equivalent.

    3DX is really like any other medium in the regard that anything can be porn but it takes more than that if it is to be art.

    I could browse sites all day and night looking at porn and get little to nothing from it. Then once I saw Zzomp's "private dance" with nico robin and subsequently got acquainted with Supro's Lana and her other girlfriends, I could honestly say I value those images more than the majority of raunchy doujinshi, hentai, or ecchi.

    If something creates a feeling and an atmosphere within people beyond the obvious subject matter, it's art. If it's just fapping material, then that's all it is.

    So back to 3D art: I think this medium is improving all the time, and with it I believe I could reproduce things within my own mind which I have trouble representing any other way. As a personal achievement.

    Sure it'd be nice if other people liked it too, but I won't depend on that for my own sense of accomplishment. Hopefully what I leave behind is something which could be appreciated.

    I think 3D has just the right mix of technology and realism that you could do things with it that you couldn't otherwise.

  • updating this thread with this article.

  • everyone can make a porn movie with our couple
    but not everyone can do that a visual art

    everyone can make renders and 3DX (with a good pc obviously :P )
    but not everyone can do that a visual argasm

    Believe than is just porn, will be how an depreciation of the hard work than take do it
    Remember that porn movies are easy to forget, but when a scene is made with love, enthusiasm, lust, eroticism, looks that pierce the senses, kisses, fluids and much more, that! my friends, will be remembered by many and in the future will serve as inspiration for a lot of more…. I believe than in the 3DX this rule works in the same way :cool:

    :heart: Its both, and thats why its awesome! :heart:

  • For me, it's definitely porn and mostly bad ones at that.

    I do agree with what hzr wrote, it's mostly a matter of personal opinion. For me, to be called art, be it animation or still images, they have to be able to provoke emotions (other than sexual) and not just appeal to the most fundamental of instincts.

    Take for example Watchmen. There's a reason why it's referenced as a graphic novel and not just 'a comic'.

    When 3dx is capable of telling stories that capture the entire span of human emotion than I will gladly reconsider.

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Doesn't the naked female form have a long history as a subject of art?

    So what about a high quality, tasteful nude of a 3dx girl…would that count as art maybe?

    In the end thats always in the eye of the beholder, however I personally would consider tasteful nudes as art, also tasteful act fotography is art to me, if its not just in a basic everyday setting. For example if you look at sites like met-art and nubilefilms etc. Some of the images they take from their high quality movie shootings come across very tasteful and quite close to being artful.

    But even the everyday setting with two persons having intimate sex, shot a bit differently, maybe focusing a little on the actual beauty of the moment instead of just the mechanical side of it. Shooting it black and white, with an angle that aims through a window, where you can make out dust particles inside the cone of the light coming in, making it appear in slow motion, to show the weight of the moment and the passion that is happening between the two people. I would call something like this art. Watch some Andrew Blake movies for example, these might be considered art too and in these movies there are quite a few of comparable moments like I just described.

    If it is not just about the act of sex itself but it shows the emotion, in whatever form, be it blunt and raw desire, passion, love or any other type of emotion, then I consider it as a work of art.

  • I think it depens on the motivation, you can display a lot of things with these 3d-Programs, and even you make more nude and erotic pics, you can build in something which could have a hidden meaning or make the viewer think about it or it only looks nice without beeing offending, you know without this cheap: "awwe … Sex"
    So if the creator of the pic had not the motivation, to make only fap material, you mostly see it. That is the same everywhere, photo, film, drawing or 3dx.

  • Doesn't the naked female form have a long history as a subject of art?

    So what about a high quality, tasteful nude of a 3dx girl…would that count as art maybe?

  • In my oppinion it is mostly porn, but it can take on the form of art, which is rarely ever the case though. The bulk of 3dx is often just cheaply and quickly produced fap material, but it sometimes changes while the "artist" learns new things and improves his talent. Some just stay with the quick stuff while others aim for something better, although most of us just stick to the rather quick themes, or comics, which are very different from what I would call art. That does not mean I find them bad though, theres quite some good ones around but that does not make them artful :)

  • It can be both, I think the real question is which one is it mostly. LOL
    I think of it sort of like the difference between TV Drama and reality TV (which I hate) or comparing regular porn to the work of Andrew Blake. In regular porn they find a location, get two people and a camera person, an then turn 'em loose on each other (I'm sure it's a bit more involved then that but you know what I mean), were as in Blake's work there is lighting, multiple camera angles, slow motion (and Blake used to work mostly on film so he had to plan this out in advance) etc. so he at least has artistic sensabilites. The point being that to be artistic requires a certain level of intent and vision, but to be porn you just have to show the facts of the event (i.e. people fucking).

    I don't claim anything I've done is art, but I don't call it porn either because Im usually trying to tell a story or a joke (with or without words)

  • Andre Breton (french surrealist poet) said pornography is somebody else's erotica (in the novel Nadja)

    now the Art stuff brings me back to college years & philosophy classes… what defines Art ?
    i guess History's the true judge and not many sexually explicit works have entered the Art museum, even less pornographic material. Courbet's Origine du Monde maybe… Monumental indian shrines from days old, and that would be for archeological curiosity in the mainstream occidental_colonialist-wooden-cross-in-the-ass way of thinking...

    anyways, i dont think 3dx is art.
    i think we gather creative, artistically oriented talents but what is produced is nothing new.
    as in nothing new since our ancestors drew dicks & pussies in their caves.
    we're not questioning order or clichés, we're basically endorsing & multiplying them, in a society where sexual imagery as never been so easy to get.

  • Generally it's porn, but it can be something more.

  • I would think that depends on the quality of the work. I see ton of poor quality 3DX and I am like… it is pr0n of a poor quality. Now, take a look at Umemaro3D's work. Besides the renders themselves, there is cinematography and visualizing how everything is going to look in the end. Which in my mind is an artist at work. Based on Miro's new previews... looks like he may have transitioned into artist territory, as the cinematography in G4E looks off the chain.

    Personally, I am probably still sitting in hobbyist territory. /shrug

  • technically speaking porn has to be consider art form. porn depicts the same thing as erotica just in a different way. therefore if erotica is art so is porn.

    but much like anything else 3dx can be seen as both in my eyes

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