How do I use capital one 360 access code for Quicken?

  • I am a financial executive and using Quicken, financial software for managing the financial transactions in the systematic ways. Quicken is the easiest and efficient in using and quick in performing well. This financial software has amazing features and advanced functions, so everyone wants to use it for accounting tasks. I want to use the capital one 360 access code that protects the personal information fully. This special code cannot be accessed by others one excluding me and my bank. I am new to this amazing feature, so I don’t have much experience of using it. Can anyone suggest the easiest tips to use this amazing feature?

  • ouch, well good to hear you're still alive, and yes, every man of a certain age has to get comfortable with the fact that your doctor is gonna need to stick his finger up your bum every now and again

  • Well here's mine.

    On June 27th I went to take a shit and ended up shitting 2 liters of blood out of my ass all over the floor. I woke up the next day in the ICU for a 7 day stay there and another 6 in a regular hospital room. The doctor told me that I had come as close as a person can to actually dying without passing away.

    The moral of that story is if you're over 40+; go get your ass looked at with a colonoscopy.

    The scary part? 200k worth of hospital bills coming down on my head like the fucking sword of Damoclese!

    Now THAT is a nightmare, a waking one.


  • Well i have had two dreams that where simply put odd.

    First one was when i was a kid, around 6 or someting, and i dreamt i was with captain hook and his fat friend on a small boat riding down a river in a city, and I was to shot down peter pan with a …. stapler mini-gun... as he was hidden inside a big bar like this one, i had to shot down the entire building, but instead of killing peter pan, i just managed to kill some of Hooks crew... so he shot of my arm with the stapler mini-gun. I woke up with a soaked pillow..

    TL;DR tried to kill peter pan with a stapler mini-gun, but failed and Cpt. Hook shot my arm off.

    Second one was actually scary and weird as fuck!:
    I was about 20 years old, and i was sleeping over to a friend in a different village. or hamlet ( I don't know the exact definition). While I was brushing my teeth before going to bed, I saw a small mirror,(those small turn-able mirrors with one flat side and one side that pushed slightly inn for magnification) I remember seeing one of those at my first of many homes(we moved a lot), so it felt a little nostalgic.
    So what i remember from that dream is that I was in a really dark room, and was looking at the exact same mirror as the one in the bath. But then suddenly a small girl with a white sundress in the mirror behind me(think Alma from f.e.a.r, and the girls from the Japanese horror movies), and she was screaming REALLY loud.

    Then I woke up... home.
    I realized that this was wrong and immediately woke up again, now in my friends room.
    That was my first dreamception

    TL;DR had a dreamception, saw a small girl in the mirror, she was screaming, woke up in wrong place, woke up again, this time in the right place.

  • Prolly my first post but I could use the therapy of getting this out. So get past the first depressing paragraph for the meat.

    My worst nightmares are of nuclear holocust variety, very vivid, very mater of fact. The worst of these have occured lately where my kids and wife ar lost in the flames. I spend the rest of the dream in a state of mortal grief and have I been woken up because I was wimpering. I actually have trouble holding back tears when I wake up. And that's the end of sleep for the night.

    Coolest nightmare was an alien abduction where they were chasing a group of us through a forest (trees had no branches, just straight poles) and trying to take us with tranquilizing, mind control darts. It was easy to avoid and counter attack as I had my super dream abilities. The aliens were regular human shape dressed in tight neoprene of various dark colors. They wore tight head gear but it was non descript and humanish like a power ranger.

    Here is the cool part. I was sleeping under the stars, in a canyon, next to a river (where the dream was taking place) when two osprey (not the kind with feathers) buzzed the canyon. They came upon me without warning and I popped awake to see these massive aircraft full of lights and incredible sound (imagine helicopters and jets rolled into one) maybe 200 feet up. The lights were in my whole field of vision. The shriek of those four massive turbines combined with the loud popping of the oversized props was made all the more intense by the canyon walls. It was AWESOME! And then they were gone. Nothing but a fast fading roar that died down to a rumble that eminated from no particular direction. Then silent except for whispers and tent zippers.

    I was guiding a trip down that river at the time so I was exhausted beyond the norm and easily fell back to sleep. Many of the customers on the other hand did not fall back to sleep and started to mill around. They talked and stumbled around in the dark and that might have triggered my dream to pick up where it left off. But it got better.

    I was no longer chased but was believed, by the aliens, to be darted and tranquilized and just hanging around the forest at the camp site where I actually was sleeping. We were held loosley as a large group of about 50 people until landing craft decended from everywhere to pick us up. I managed to steal a small group away and was again chased but this time it was foot soldiers and the roar of unseen craft. I was frantic trying to get lethargic people to a safe location. With nowhere left to go we/I made a good stand but just gave up to spare lives. The craft that decended to pick us up resembled a silver gull with wings bent down. We entered a large door in the rear and sat on two benches facing inwards. I still had dream strenght and I now had a pistol … the fight was on. I never fired a shot ( I suck with a pistol in RL, better with a tomahawk at close range) but used the pistol and every hard surface of my body to smash, punch and break every alien I found. The fighting was blured and could have lasted hours till I found my wife. Her body was secured to a seat like a six flags coaster so it was easy to get her free. She stood and I could see she was her normal self (if you could ever call a physicist that). We now had a mission to rescue our kids. Her character had the furry that a mom has when fighting to find her lost kids. We kicked alien ASS!

    The ship had expanded to huge size as we hunted for our offspring. The aliens were fewer in numbers but were now persued and destroyed as they retreated through the ship. It was open but very tight with support structure, girders and pipes that had to be negociated. We explored and battled on catwalks and stairs till we found our kids in a room that I know is at their school. The dream turned to an earthly scene of school corridores and rooms that we ran through fleeing aliens till I awoke just before dawn. Fresh and ready to make breakfast.

    Not a nightmare but it sure beat watching helplessly as the atmosphere ignites and incinerates all that you know and love. It's really dreadful to know that in your dreams you were wishing you died as well.

    I'm KentuckyJelly and that is a small part of my story. I do write some uneducated fiction and have been, of lately, dabbling in erotica. Maybe I'll grow a big enough set to post some work. It's hard to share fiction, it reveals too much. And where's the fucking spell check!

  • jeez, that is scary

  • I was on my hands and knees in a ditch alongside a highway, in the middle of a driving snowstorm. Snow was pretty deep, and I was crawling along in this ditch in the snow. My legs weren't really working. If I tried to stand and walk, my legs would give out after a few steps. I could see cars going by on the highway, I could see people I knew in the cars, watching me crawl. I'd try to yell for help but nothing would come out but a low scratchy cry.

  • Strangely enough, the scariest dream I ever had was, I got married.

    I know it sounds strange but I remember dreaming about this girl I knew, I was going to ask her out (Did in the end), we got together in the dream, got married and had kids, last thing I remember was walking down a beach at sunset and then I woke up screaming, covered in sweat.

    Laid her but never married her lol

  • For the most part I don't really dream anymore. I've had so many I have lost count. It's weird. Probably the scariest nightmares I had are those which aren't so far-fetched.

    As I said in my intro, I was sexually abused when I was young. So the scariest are occasional flashbacks I get, or dreams which are variations on the incidents that start out differently but have a very awkward air about them which suddenly turn into the familiar situations. I usually always wake up as it's unfolding and about to happen. Either startled, reflexively defending myself, or it becomes a paused moment of stillness which fades into darkness and my awareness of my physical body at that moment is all I know–usually at that point I'm awake but takes me about a minute to realize it and open my eyes. It's recurring but it only happens once every few years. It'd be too soon if I never had one of these again.

    I have had others but I won't hog the forum.

  • When I was a kid, I once dreamt that my basement was a portal to hell. I had the dream twice a few years apart.

    For pure heart racing terror, my scariest dream happened four or five years ago. A bunch of us were at my friend's cottage. I had a dream that all of a sudden there was a commotion outside, a bunch of lights started flashing into the cabin, I turn over to look out the window, and BOOM! some alien pops it's head up staring at me. I woke up in pretty much the exact location and position as my dream. No aliens but I was still pretty freaked out. Everyone else was sleeping soundly and my heart damn near exploded.

  • Worst one I had was several years ago where I was in a plane as it crashed. My heart was jumping for a good minute or so before I tried to get back to sleep.

  • One that always stuck in my mind:

    2 demons had me corned and were closing in to do "demonic stuff" to me, but I realised I was dreaming and said something to them like "I'm just gonna wake up now, so haha"

    anyway woke up drank the glass of water on my bedside table, got up went to the bathroom, got back into bed and went back to sleep, but

    the dream started again, right were it had left off!!! and the demons said something like "thought you were gonna wake up and get away?"

    luckily the dream ended at that point, but when I got up the next morning the water glass was empty, so I didnt dream waking up and drinking it!!!!

    Supposedly its not possible to re-enter a dream after waking up, then falling back to sleep…so wtf happened that night????

  • the girls had razor blades on their tongue…
    enough said

  • Scariest one I can remember was when I was still an infant.

    I was stuck in a maze being and couldn't find my way out, and all the time I was being chased by two monsters, a dragon, and a giant eye that moved around via tentacles.
    No idea how a creature like that got created in my mind when I was that young, so it scared the life out of me, and has been the one dream/nightmare that has always stuck with me.

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