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  • Okay okay I'll share one since I can't do anything with it. Last night I had this dream… and I looked over at the TV in this dream...

    starts out like a buffy commercial then suddenly the vampire turns around and is staked and the camera pans over... BLADE is right there grinning like a badass and he's all like "i bet you didn't expect me motherfucker"


  • The Drakon's Ballad

    A short story i wrote years ago that I've wanted to revisit for some time. It's about a twenty-something year old man named Victor; a meek, dumpy, sexually repressed and almost breathtakingly mild mannered computer software engineer working in Los Angeles, who becomes the magically imbued slave to a modern day dragon after finding himself infatuated with the dragon's half-human daughter. Dragons once ruled the ancient world, and were feared and worshiped by many during the Dark Ages, but were almost extinct with the rise of the industrial movement, when mankind relinquished (for the most part) their collective belief in magic and replaced it with a faith in science and technology. Because of this lapse in power and their dwindling numbers, the few surviving dragons (less than a dozen) went into hiding, magically masking themselves as humans to blend in with the population. Victor finds himself smitten with the half human daughter of Mr. Azure, one of the oldest and most powerful of the remaining dragons. Victor is so into her that he offers his soul and eternal servitude to the dragon in exchange for the daughter. he makes the pact, and in a ritual eats the scales and drinks the blood from Mr. Azure's true body, thereafter binding himself to the ancient creature. however, like with most Faustian pacts, torment is what follows.

    though physically altered from a tubby, pimply, sweaty twerp with frumpy brown hair into a tall, ridiculously handsome, beyond cut bad-ass with a mane of stark silver, and granted superhuman strength, speed, endurance, agility, a command over the element of fire, and a number of other fringe abilities from his bond to the elder dragon, the daughter of Mr. Azure flat out rejects Victor, calling him 'hideous' and is repulsed by the mere idea of them being together. the folly of Victor's deal with Azure? one cannot magically bargain away a human's - half-ling or otherwise - right to free will, or promise one a human's affections. Now a slave for eternity to a dragon who bears a grudge against humanity, Victor is forced to be Mr.Azure's slave and attack dog, commanding him to kill revolutionary scientists, researchers, geneticists, and anyone else who is on the verge of discovering the dragon's secrets. receiving his orders from a crude and foul-mouthed imp shade named Mortus, Victor is made into a destroyer of the human race, and in a downward spiral resulting from heartbreak, manipulates and sadistically toys with beautiful women before discarding him in the same way he was discarded.

    so yeah, not exactly a 'happy' tale, but there are a couple twists that could be perceived as a 'silver lining'.

  • I like mostly making parodies because it has lots of fun. Though making a script from scratch requires tremendous writing skills and dedication I have not currently available. :)

  • Idea 1: (untitled)

    Inspired by Big Money Hustlas, Marylin Manson's Holy Wood album and Star Wars Attack Of The Clones.
    An investigator goes through a town of an insane world to uncover the man responsible for "stuff".

    This was over 10 years ago when I was a senior in high school.

    Idea 2: Weasel horn.

    Some nimble motherfucker is up to antics out in the woods.He lives to annoy people. With a weasel horn.

    Idea 3: Purfashunal Hoarseybang'r

    Some guy who gets drunk, goes out, bangs horses and pisses off farmers.

    I wish I was joking…:(

  • Although it's not my "idea" in any way, I'd really like to see Hollywood take on Dune again, as a film series. Specifically, as the first novel is itself is divided into three "books", I'd like to see a trilogy made out that first Dune Novel. Even in the 4 hour miniseries that came out a while back, there's a ton that was left out.

    The downside (although for me it's an upside), each book ends on a bittersweet note: 1.Utter destruction albeit with a faint hope for survival/revenge 2.Ambition leading to the edge of ruin 3.The fulfillment of potential leading to unleashing forces beyond anyone's control.

    It's not much in the way of a hollywood ending for each film, but I think it makes for a better story that way.

    As for a more original idea, A time travel movie where, to save humanity, time travellers try to make as many paradoxes/alternate realities as possible. That way, the chances of human survival in at least one those universes increases.

    Also, it would be fun to see people go back and screw with history, just for the sake of screwing with it.

    There may have been a comic book with the same premise a while back.

  • @'Supro':

    Have you ever had an idea for a movie that you thought would be awesome? Post them here! I promise none of us will take your idea. :P

    Jajaja you liar, you want to become rich with our ideas :)


    Wow. You'd think that with all creative people around here, we'd get a few more posts… I guess people don't wanna let thier ideas go. ( how rude )

    n_n totally agree

  • Mighty Five

    Five teenagers with attitude were granted mystical powers by accidentally unearthing a magic crystal at a student excavation in some vague location. Transforming into costumed heroes known as the Mighty Five - Red Five, Yellow Five, Blue Five, Pink Five, Green Five - they banded together to defeat an evil that was also unleashed unwittingly by activating the magic crystal. But to defeat the evil, they have to sacrifice their powers.

    Flash forward about twenty years. The five teenagers have grown up. Most have families, all have jobs. Accountants, convenience store managers, etc. They have faded into obscurity, and the world, somehow, has mostly forgotten them, swept away in the ever-evolving pop culture stream. But then something unexpected happened; the evil thought banished makes a return! It's up to Will Cranston, the one who wore the mantle of Blue Five, to reunite his former comrades - all now middle-aged, of course - to finish off the evil once and for all!

    Basically it's a midlife crisis action-comedy specifically tailored for guys like me who grew up with Power Rangers.

  • Chadwyck:
    A ranger takes his aging saber-toothed cat, Chadwyck, out for one last hunt.

    I'm not worried about anybody using my ideas. Ideas are worth the electrons it takes to transmit them, if that. What's valuable is the skill & work it takes to forge them into actual art.

  • Wow. You'd think that with all creative people around here, we'd get a few more posts… I guess people don't wanna let thier ideas go. ( how rude )

  • I've had plenty but on the off chance that I may at some point in the future be able to actually use them…. I'll withhold that information. :D

  • Slightly off topic, but has anybody ever seen the movie "Flesh Gordon"? ( not Flash, Flesh) A good 3D artist could have a field day with that premise, and a lot of laughs too! LOL

  • @'Apocalypse':

    Cool ideas mattdark. (especially the Immortal. Waiting around for the end of time would suck, but it would make some beautiful imagery).

    I agree, theres a few things that will happen billions of years from now that will look great (our sun becoming a red giant, the andromeda galaxy colliding with our milky way)

  • ill shoot the xxx version of the movies listed above. (lazy me)

  • Nice. Not a big horror fan myself, but it remind me of the "Tales from the Crypt" type story from when I was a kid. Could also make a cool comic. Don't if anybodies done a online horror anthology comic yet.

  • I had this dream about a week ago for something that would make a perfect horror anthology movie. It basically takes place at this new nightclub that's opening up called Sinner's Paradise. The movie starts off with the introduction of various characters, including the narrator (the bouncer), the owner, an eccentric German showsman (dunno why German, but whatever), a couple who are taking time off from their wedding plans, three guys who are turned down from entering (but one of them finds a way to sneak in while the others go off to play video games) and a few others.

    So we learned about the various characters and then eventually the German is trying to impress the crowd with his latest creation, but he ends up getting electrocuted (he's still alive-ish). And then shit goes down. The electrocution triggers a fire and the faulty construction starts to crumble. As people are panicking and trying to escape, we have those characters who are introduced and they end up dying.

    But before that happens, they pause before their death to explain why each of them are in this situation. And we learn they were not very good people to begin with. Owner dies for cutting corners on construction and essentially murdering the employee trying to expose him. With the couple, wife was a bridezilla who had her fiance kill to get money. German guy, he's revealed to be a fraud and was a serial killer in Germany before escaping to the US with a new identity and life. Guy who broke in, well he dies because he didn't heed the bouncer's warning. And so on with the others (except for the two friends, who lived). The whole idea is that the club has become hell and because of their sins, the wicked are left to die in its confines.

    I dunno why it came to me, but I thought it would make for a great horror movie.

  • Cool ideas mattdark. (especially the Immortal. Waiting around for the end of time would suck, but it would make some beautiful imagery).

    I had an idea that I called Ex Machina, where a soldier ends up getting sent 10,000 years into the future during a critical battle/alien invasion. Turns out the aliens won, destroy the human race, then having no real grudge with any other lifeform on earth, they leave. When he turns up again, the androids who survived the war have rebuilt a few cities into utopian perfection (building the world humans always wanted but could never manage to create)and the rest of the planet has gone back to nature. The environment is close to fully recovering and there is no war, hunger, or violence. The world is pretty much perfect (because of the utter lack of humans) but the androids (still being programmed to serve humanity) want to give him anything he asks for. When he asks if it would be possible to save humanity, the robots tell him that it is possible to travel backwards in time, but the hero realises that if he saves humanity, the world the robots have built will cease to be, so he has to decide which world has more right to exsist.

    Thought about writing it as a novel, but I never had time

  • I have had a number of ideas for movies, a lot of them when I was younger, and when looking at them again, realised how silly they sounded.

    There are a couple I still think about, which I've actually planned to write as novels.

    The Immortal
    A young man is 'blessed' with the gift of immortality, but after using his gift to become a hero to his people, he comes to realise that being immortal is not the great gift he thought it was.
    We see the man go through various times, from having to see his loved ones grow old and die, all the way to the days as he sits waiting for the world to end.

    Netherworld Chronicles
    This story follows a team of monster slayers working for a holy order to stop demons from entering our world and keeping their existence hidden from the public.
    The group use a realm known as the netherworld, a limbo-esque world between ours and the demons to fight them before they can break through.

    But things are turned around when a member of the group is infected with a virus that slowly begins to turn him into a demon.
    His team are forced to question their friendship as they try to decide if he must be killed, or if they will be able to help him control his growing power.

  • Porn or regular? LOL. Either way, it's a long list

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