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  • Well for me the difference is simple, you can have sex with many people, but you can only make the love with one, and that person is the one you love… When you have sex many things can go wrong, but when you make love everything is perfect, both for her and for him, always keeping in mind the touching, kissing on the neck, when you breathe near the ear, the eyes, wet kisses, little pats on the butt, oral sex :P.
    When you do the love and if you are concentrate you can go on for hours, and have many orgasms. The problem with this is that you need coordinate with your partner, and should be someone you know and who knows you.
    For that reason, one can never make the love with a stranger who met on the bar a saturday night, but yes one can have sex with a stranger who met on the bar a saturday night

    :D have a good night :D

  • That is an excellent point FredFred5150! Guess I should have been more specific, but you hit the nail on the head I think.

  • For me the difference is if I'm making love I'm more concerned about the other persons pleasure than my own (love is a "giving" thing after all)

  • I think the only distinction that remains constant would be motivation. Whether or not you love the person you're with or do they just have conveniently contrasting naughty parts. But in common language one is slow and tender and romantic, the other is harder, faster, and stickier… Just my two cents.

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