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  • FYI, here's a simple trick if you want to show just a select set of dials in DS4.

    Select the 'Actor' section in the Parameters Tab. Then type in a word - in this example, length - to have morphs with the word show up. This also works with other words like scale and volume. Beats clicking and navigating the entire groups/morph list to hunt down these morphs.

    Oh yeah.

    A long time ago, hzr mentioned wanting to have just positioning sliders for each joint. For this, you can use the Posing tab. When you select the limb or any body part, it only includes rotation and scale controls, with rotation in view. If you don't see it, it's probably been set to hidden.

    If you have both Posing and Shaping tab in view, you can make changes to the pose (with the limbs selected) and morphs (via the Shaping tab) at the same time. With the Parameters tab, you have to do this in two steps - pose, then navigate to the root node to change the morphs. This will work with any object, not just figures.

    Here's an example shot

    My customized colors, so all text are clearly visible.

  • @'lothar33333':

    The Genesis evolution:body morphs has no such morph

    Ah, my bad then.

    I'm pretty sure the Genesis in my runtime has such a morph, but one niggle of the whole Genesis system is that it's impossible to trace where any single morph came from.

  • I made a simple morph for shins length. If You would like to try it out let me know how I could send it to You?

    The Genesis evolution:body morphs has no such morph

  • You might want to try "Genesis evolution: body morphs", that has length and thickness morphs for several bodyparts at least, not sure about seperate shin and thigh length, but at least leg length, foot length, arms, etc.

  • I'd just like to say that I'm looking for the same thing, for V4 though.

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