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  • for me my Character Lir (Red ??? Girl)i have a real specific of limits on her….

    no sex with anyone. i actually can't see her having sex with any male characters...but me of course.:blush:

    i know it may sound strange but i just can't see her in a situation where she is having sex one or more men. she in a way has my personality. where she well only have sex with the the right person. she has moral about things.

    where as my other character Labelle (Purple Drow Women) is a lot more loose and corrupt. i see her more as the very domineering type of women.

    and my last character Runi(Yellow Elf Girl).....completely shy's away from sex. in my mind she is the ultra innocent of the group.

    even though i do depict them in a sexual way that is how i feel about them.

    as far as fetishes go...light bdsm.

    i really don't want them in any sort of extreme situation. i care a lot about the charcters i crafted they are sort of part of me :shy:

    i don't do images involving sex anyway not really at least. :-/

  • When I makd/made on of my OC's I usally have automatically a Personality in mind, and with this Personality there are limits given. For example I planned Elaviel, as a very strong alpha woman, friendly but…, so I won't let her do pics where she is in a submission role. So it depens on the personality I gave them, for what I use them or not. But I have general limits for all girls, like scat with faeces or guro. By guro I have the Probelm, I can't amputee something of their bodies or kill one of my girls, its like ... hard to discribe, I mean they are only bits on my computer and idears in my head and I could bring them back to life everytime, but they are my girls, you know...

  • Sure, who doesn't like a cock puppet… (hehehe, cock puppet! Sounds like a party favor at a rowdy bachelorette party!)

  • My non-artist opinion on this…

    I like artists who impose limits on what their characters will or wont do, or have an idea of their characters personality

    It shows there is a higher level of creative thought process is going on, more so than those who just create "cock puppets"

    (but I do like cock puppets too :D )

  • I know how you feel. With my recuring characters I don't want to see them hurt or mistreated and even when a story calls for it, I still hesitate to see anything bad happen to them. When it comes to the sex part of the stories, I can't help but have them shy away from things I don't find sexy or that seem degrading beyond what I feel is tolarable. If anything, I catch myself trying to give my female characters the psychological upper hand (and sometime the physical upper hand to) so that I don't feel so bad about putting them in peril. I think alot of 3D Artist develop an attachment to thier characters and get rather protective!

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