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  • I would say that most of my female characters have changed a few time since I originally thought them up. My character, Abbey, is in her third iteration (possibly fourth can't remember). Her friend Hannah is at least on her third as well. Over the last three years I've changed alot of little things like hair, makeup, stuff like that. But for Abbey atleast, only minor details have changed in the last two years (her tatoos for instance, weren't a deliberate change, I just kept forgeting them. LOL)

  • Yep, my character has changed a lot and is still evolving.

    Why just say when I can show:

    This is that first image of Analia that I uploaded to this site right next to a test of the new DAZ Studio subsurface shader that I ran last night.

    I'm in the process of once again redesigning Analia, so even more changes on the way.

  • my character has changed a alot over 2 years. i probably just be better if i just link my DA account.

    She has done a lot of changing for awhile now.

  • I have one in the works for a long time, and I am happy with her. There's always room to improve tho…

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